Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) LSU 65, Kentucky 60:
— Kentucky is 0-2 in true road games, losing by 4-5 points.
— Wildcats lost PG Wheeler early in this game; he didn’t return.
— Just third win for LSU in last 11 series games. 

12) Heard John Calipari say the other day that he has an Italian passport and has dual citizenship. Didn’t know that. 

11) Duke is only ACC team in the basketball Top 25 this week; no other team even got one vote, which is really unusual. 

10) Mentioned few days ago how games are going to emerge on the schedule that weren’t there when the season started. Thursday in Salt Lake City, Loyola Chi will play San Francisco; two good teams that need quality non-conference games to improve their NCAA at-large prospects.

Long Beach State-UCLA also added a game for Thursday. UCLA hasn’t played since December 11; they beat Long Beach 100-79 on November 15. 

9) No one in the WCC (Gonzaga/San Francisco’s league) has played a game since Christmas. 

8) Not only have the Philadelphia Eagles clinched a playoff spot, they have three picks in April’s draft, so they should have a better team next year. They have to decide if Jalen Hurts is their franchise QB moving forward. 

7) Kansas State 42, LSU 20:
— LSU had only 38 scholarship players for this game.
— K-State outgained Tigers 442-308, converted 8-12 on third down
— LSU didn’t have a scholarship QB; they used senior WR Kirklin at QB- he was a QB in high school in Lutcher, LA. He has also played 12 games on defense for LSU.

6) Trey Young had 56 points, 14 assists in the Hawks’ 136-131 loss in Portland Monday. No one in NBA history has had that many points/assists in the same game. 

5) Baker Mayfield will have his left shoulder operated on, won’t play against the Bengals Sunday. Cleveland is out of playoff contention; the Browns have a deal with Mayfield for $19M next year, but nothing after that— curious to see what they do with their QB situation.

Case Keenum gets the nod Sunday; Cleveland won his only start this year. 

4) Chicago Bulls are 25-10; they’ve taken the fewest 3-pointers in the NBA, but also made the highest percentage of the shots they did take. 

3) Fanatics is spending $500M to buy the Topps trading card company, which began selling baseball cards in 1951. 

2) MLB Network should go to color bars until they settle the labor deal. They’ve put the kibosh on all their talk shows— old games are fun to watch, but talking hot stove transactions would be a hell of a lot better.

Figure this out people; there is NBA all spring and a spring football league is starting up that people will be glad to watch if there is no baseball.

1) We end today with a quick story:

I’m sitting in the MGM Grand sportsbook in Las Vegas during the NCAA Tournament, think it was 2010 and Northern Iowa is playing. Game is early; they weren’t even to the second TV timeout yet, and a kid on Northern Iowa makes a jumper- the three young guys to my left go nuts, start hugging each other, high 5’s and the whole deal.

I had no idea why., but they were really happy.  “Is that guy your brother or something?” I ask one of them.

I didn’t know there was a “first to 15” prop bet, where you could bet on which team got to 15 points first— that jumper put Northern Iowa over 15, and they won their bet.

MGM sportsbook is very good, a fun place to watch games, plus there is Bonanno’s pizza around the corner— Bonanno’s has tremendous pizza. I highly recommend getting a skybox in the MGM sportsbook; what a great place to watch/bet on games.

MGM is where I once bet on the Seahawks, just so I could find out what it was like to root FOR Russell Wilson. He drives me nuts when he plays against the Rams, but he won me money that day, which is always a good thing.

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