Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Mets 15, Reds 11 (15):
— Mets made 4 errors in first two innings, trailed 7-3 early.
— Mets are 2nd team EVER to hit back/back homers in first inning, then hit back/back homers again in extra innings of same game. Last time it happened? Pirates in 1950.
— Cincinnati’s bullpen is freakin’ terrible. 

12) 136 teams have had walk-off wins this baseball season; if you wagered on those teams in their next game, you’d be 78-58 (+14 units).

11) Last week, Juan Soto said Home Run Derby would help his swing in regular games; turns out he was right. Soto homered twice Monday, has five taters in his last four games.

10) Tigers 14, Rangers 0— Texas lost its last three games by a combined 29-0.

9) Want to win a bar bet? Only one major leaguer EVER has 500+ hits for four different teams. I’ll post the answer near the end of this space.

8) Colorado Rockies P Jon Gray could be traded in the next few days; he’s had an unusual season for a Colorado pitcher:
— He has a 3.14 ERA in 10 home starts, which are at Coors Field
— He has a 4.54 ERA in seven road starts

7) Last four years, Northwestern’s football team has an 11-3 record in conference games that were decided by one score (8 or fewer points). On the other hand, Iowa Hawkeyes have a 6-11 record in one-core games over the last four years.

6) 31 states and Washington DC currently have legalized sports betting.

5) Favorites to have the fewest regular season wins in the NFL this fall:
5-2— Texans
7-2— Lions
15-2— Bengals
8-1— Jets
11-1— Raiders

4) Jets don’t have a quarterback on their roster who has thrown an NFL pass.

3) Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo turned down a 5-year, $70M contract this spring; will be curious where he winds up next season and how much money he’ll be making.

Trivia answer:
Rusty Staub was a great hitter; he had:
— 792 hits for Houston
— 709 hits for the Mets
— 582 hits for Detroit
— 531 hits for the Montreal Expos.

Only player ever with 500+ hits for four different teams.

2) When NFL teams make their final roster cuts, if there is a close decision between two players and one player is vaccinated and the other isn’t, could that be a deciding factor?

Teams that get to the 85% threshold are going to have advantages as far as how normal their day-to-day operation runs. You wonder if that will factor in at all.

1) In his first 10 starts this year, San Diego’s Joe Musgrove was 4-4, 2.59; then, on May 30, the Padres scripted that Musgrove would relieve starter Blake Snell in a day game in Houston, due to the San Diego bullpen having been overworked the few days before.

But Houston led 7-0 after three innings; Musgrove relieved Snell anyway, even though the game was a lost cause- he blanked the Astros for five innings in a 7-3 loss.

Since that day, Musgrove is 0-2, 5.06 in eight starts. Any connection? Impossible to tell, but it sure didn’t help any. 

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