Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

I’m going on the disabled list for a couple days; am having eye surgery Tuesday morning. Will be back as soon as I can.

13) Watching NBA games on TV from Disney in Florida reminded me of when I used to go down to Florida in July every summer 15 or so years ago, to watch AAU games in that same building.

Toronto Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse was wearing a pullover while he coached; you might think, why a pullover when it is so hot down there, but the air conditioning in those places is very strong. One year I had to go to a mall to get a sweatsuit to wear in gyms because of the A/C. 

Think the school was Cypress Creek HS outside of Kissimmee; Amare Stoudamire played there. They have a sign above the door to their chilly gym:

“The coldest winter day you’ll ever spend is a summer day in our gym”

12) Miami Marlins get back on the field tonight, but now the Cardinals have had an outbreak of coronavirus, so their games this week with Detroit have been postponed.

11) The healthy Marlins have been on the road for 17 days; the Marlins who tested positive had to be bused from Philly to Miami a while back, where they’re being quarantined.

What poor bastards got elected to drive that bus? Did they go rock-paper-scissors, and losers had to drive?

10) Watching the Milwaukee-Houston NBA game on ESPN Sunday night, high quality game. Could listen to Jeff Van Gundy/Mark Jackson talk all night; they’re great together.

Houston plays a different style of ball; they took 61 3’s vs Milwaukee, only 30 2-point shots.

9) Was surprised to see Portland’s Damian Lillard play all 24:00 in the 2nd half of the Blazers’ 128-124 loss to Boston Sunday; he scored 22 points, had 10 assists, just in the 2nd half.
8) Mets 7, Braves 2- Jacob deGrom gets his first win of the year. Was weird hearing thunder during this game; weather in Atlanta was fine, but the Mets’ announcers are working from Citi Field, and it was stormy there, so you could  hear the thunder on TV.

Three Mets’ infielders were scratched early or left this game with injuries; Cano, McNeil and Rosario. Atlanta P Soroka suffered what looked like a serious leg injury when he was trying to cover first base on a ground ball.

7) Shohei Ohtani has a strained flexor tendon, won’t pitch for six weeks, but he can still DH. Ohtani has faced 20 batters in two starts, got only five of them out.

Phillies-Bronx game for Tuesday has already been postponed by storms; it will be made up as part of a Wednesday twinbill in Philly, with Bronx as the home team in one of the games.

6) Seattle Mariners put a cardboard cutout of Cubs’ fan Steve Bartman in their stands down the left field line, pretty much where Bartman was in that infamous playoff game at Wrigley.

5) Actor Dwayne Johnson and some partners bought the XFL Monday, for $13M; “The Rock” was a defensive lineman at Miami FL back in the day, and played briefly in the CFL. Will be curious how that group runs the league.

4) Some prominent names on the disabled list: Votto, Hosmer, Tim Anderson, Homer Bailey.

3) Best wishes to Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy, who had a heart attack during a Brewers’ workout Saturday. He is said to be resting comfortably, good news.

2) Get well soon wishes to Eagles’ coach Doug Pedersen, who tested positive for coronavirus; he is asymptomatic, but will quarantine for a couple weeks.

1) Happy birthday to Hall of Fame coach Marc Levy (95) and Hall of Fame singer Tony Bennett (94).

Found a picture on the Interweb Monday of Bennett playing pinball with Lady Gaga backstage before one of Lady Gaga’s concerts in Las Vegas. They’re dressed up, looks like they’re ready to go on stage, and he is playing pinball. 

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