2018 armadillosports.com Golf Tour


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Congrats to PKel29, the 2017 Armadillosports.com champ

Armadillosports.com Golf Tour  resumes April 26. 

In 2018, we are once again using 18 tournaments, but will divide the Tour into two, nine-hole contests. Winner of each half gets paid; top three in each half advance to a playoff at end of year, a four-tournament event, where all eight people in playoffs get to pick three guys a week.

Who makes playoffs: top three in each half, the person who makes most money in the first three majors; after those seven people are decided, the person who has won the most money for the whole year (other than those seven) will also get in. If the person who wins most $$ in first three majors finishes in top 3 for a half, we will go to the next highest guy (or lady) who didn’t finish in the top three.

2018 golf schedule
Front Nine
April 5-8; Masters
April 12-15: Heritage
April 19-22: Texas
April 26-29: New Orleans
May 3-6: Wells Fargo
May 10-13: Players
May 17-20: Byron Nelson
May 24-27: Fort Worth
May 31-June 3: Memorial

Back Nine
June 14-17: US Open
June 21-24: Hartford
June 28-July 1: National
July 5-8: Greenbrier
July 12-15: John Deere
July 19-22: British Open
July 26-29: Canadian Open
August 2-5: World Golf Tour, Akron
August 9-12: PGA Championship

August 16-19: Wyndham
August 23-26: Northern Trust
August 31-Sept 3: Dell Computers
September 6-9: BMW Championship

Golf $$$ Standings (thru 3 weeks)
1) Snapper $2,388,640
2) Abby’s Dad 2,125,235
3) Welcome Back Cotter 2,011,904
4) Professor Goody 1,804,964
5) Tony D 1,803,391
6) KT Grinch 1,568,198 
7) Las Vegas Golfer 1,457,929  
8) PKel29 1,427,866
9) Slick Witkus 1,375,814 
10) FokkDr 1,359,321
11)  Top Cat 1,274,796 
12) Judge Kelly 1,233,261
13) Midgets 1,205,844
14) Chopper 1,121,874
15) Armadillo 1,118,035 
16) Danny the Glover 1,078,927
17) Trigga TC 1,052,959
18) FisherKing 1,041,889
19) Wisdom 935,333
20) Backstroke03 881,389
21) Harry the Handicapper 811,271
22) THawk 711,381
23) McCarthy 360,095

Players’ picks
Abby’s Dad

Masters— Noren-Spieth-Watson
RBC Heritage: DeChambeau-Kisner-Snedeker
Valero— Hoffman-Herschel-Moore
Masters— Casey-Rose-Thomas
RBC Heritage:Harman-Kisner-CSmith
RBC Heritage: Harman-Kuchar-CSmith
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-List
Masters— Casey-McIlroy-Poulter
RBC Heritage: Kuchar-Simpson-CSmith
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-Hossler
Danny the Glover
Masters— Casey-Mickelson-Watson
RBC Heritage: Harman-Poulter-CSmith
Valero— Horschel-List-Steele
Masters— Casey-Thomas-Watson
RBC Heritage: Harman-Kuchar-CSmith
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-List
Masters— Couples-Rose-Watson
RBC Heritage: DeChambeau-Donald-Kuchar
Harry the Handicapper
Masters— McIlroy-Noren-Pieters
RBC Heritage: Kisner-Kokrak-Kuchar
Valero— Senden-Snedeker-Spaun
Judge Kelly
Masters— DJohnson-Rose-Thomas
RBC Heritage: Cantlay-Donald-Kuchar
Valero— Hoffman-Palmer-Walker
Las Vegas Golfer
Masters— Kuchar-Rose-Spieth
RBC Heritage: Kisner-Kokrak-McGirt
Valero— Moore-Perez-Piercy
KT Grinch
Masters— Rose-Watson-Woods
RBC Heritage: Cantlay-Harman-Simpson
Valero— Hoffman-ZJohnson-Laird
Masters— Couples-Mickelson-Woods
RBC Heritage: Donald-Hadley-Marino
Valero— Lashley-Stefani-Summerhays
Masters— DJohnson-Kuchar-Stenson
RBC Heritage: Casey-Kaymer-Poulter
Valero— Horschel-McDowell-Snedeker
Masters— Molinari-Spieth-Woods
RBC Heritage: Hoffman-Kuchar-Lee
Valero— Herschel-List-Hiemann
Professor Goody
Masters— Spieth-Stenson-Watson
RBC Heritage: Donald-ZJohnson-Kuchar
Valero— Garcia-Horschel-Palmer
Slick Witkus
Masters— Casey-Rose-Watson
RBC Heritage: Cantlay-Harman-Kisner
Masters— Rahm-Spieth-Watson
RBC Heritage: Casey-Donald-Simpson
Valero— Horschel-Steele-Walker
Masters— CabreraBello-Oosthuizen-Rose
RBC Heritage: Casey-Donald-Harman
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-List
Tony D
Masters— Fleetwood-Rahm-Spieth
RBC Heritage: Kuchar-CSmith-Simpson
Valero— Garcia-Hoffman-List
Top Cat
Masters— McIlroy-Watson-Woods
RBC Heritage: Harman-Kisner-Kuchar
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-List
Trigga TC
Masters— Mickelson-Watson-Woods
RBC Heritage: Cantlay-Poulter-CSmith
Valero— Hoffman-Horschel-List
Welcome Back Cotter
Masters— DJohnson-McIlroy-Spieth
RBC Heritage: Kuchar-Simpson-Schneiderjans
Valero— Garcia-Hoffman-ZJohnson
Masters— Kisner-McIlroy-Watson
RBC Heritage: Casey-Leishman-CSmith
Valero— Hoffman-Palmer-Steele

Playoff participants:
1st half top 3–
1st half top 3–
1st half top 3–
most $ 1st 3 majors–
2nd half top 3–
2nd half top 3–
2nd half top 3–
Most $/others–

Armadillosports Golf Tour champions
2002- Big Dawg 2003- Mr Know It All
2004- Reverend Jack 2005- Reverend Jack
2006- Danny the Glover 2007– Slick Witkus
2008– Slick Witkus 2009– Reverend Jack
2010– Cardiac Keith 2011– Pat McCarthy
2012– Chopper 2013– ’93 Jays
2014– Harry Handicapper
2016– Pat McCarthy
2015– Abby’s Dad
2017– PKel29

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