Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a busy Sunday

13) Should have mentioned this yesterday; Twins’ 3B Josh Donaldson scored the 2,000,000th run in major league history Saturday. Pretty big deal; Bob Watson scored the 1,000,000th run back in 1975. 

12) San Diego Padres played extra inning games four days in a row, then did something weird Sunday, to rest their bullpen.

Trailing 7-0 after the third inning, Padres replaced starter Blake Snell with Joe Musgrove, another starter who is probably their #2 pitcher. Musgrove threw five hitless innings, which is great, but they lost anyway and now he misses his regular turn in the rotation Monday, kind of a big deal.

San Diego couldn’t bring minor leaguers up to fortify the bullpen? Now Musgrove misses a start against the Cubs, good news for Chicago.

11) Weather has screwed up a lot of baseball schedules this spring; Indians played a twinbill against Toronto Sunday, and have another one with the White Sox today.

This is the first time since September 2000 that Cleveland has played doubleheaders two days in a row- they played four games in two days at Fenway Park back then.

10) Arizona 9, St Louis 2— Diamondbacks snap their 13-game losing skid; Ketel Marte homered, Josh Reddick had three hits against a lefty starter.

9) Chicago 3, Baltimore 1— Now the Orioles have a 13-game losing skid; they’ve scored a total of nine runs in their last five games.

8) Angels 4, A’s 2:
— A’s started the season 1-7; not good.
— Then the A’s won their next 13 games; very good.
— A’s are 17-17 since then; they lead AL West by 1.5 games.

7) Giants 5, Dodgers 4— LA lost four of its last five games, giving up 24 runs in their last three games.

6) Colorado 4, Pittsburgh 3— Rockies scored twice in ninth inning to break a 5-game losing skid; they’ve been shut out three times in their last five games. Now they go home to Denver, where they hit the ball way better than they do on the road.

5) Hawks 113, Knicks 96:
— Atlanta leads series 3-1; they led by 13 at halftime of the loss.
— Hawks were +29 with Bogdanovic on the court, minus-12 in 13:00 he sat out.

4) Suns 100, Lakers 92:
— Chris Paul scored 18 points, had 9 assists, played 32:00.
— Lakers’ star Anthony Davis missed second half with a leg injury.

3) Nets 141, Celtics 126:
— Brooklyn shot 57.8% from the floor, made 16-27 3’s- they led series 3-1.
— in first three quarters, Nets scored 112 points on 71 possessions, really good.

2) Clippers 106, Mavericks 81:
— Road team has won all four series games.
— Dallas made only five of 30 3-point shots.

1) RIP to former Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton, who passed away at age 64 after a bike accident. It was touching reading people praising Eaton as a kind soul who was nice to everyone- we need more kind souls in this world. He worked as a motivational speaker in his retirement.

Eaton played college ball at UCLA; he led the NBA in blocked shots four times in his 11 years with the Jazz, where he teamed with Karl Malone/John Stockton on some great teams. 

Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday, with some venting included

13) Major League Baseball has a great product, but they’re TERRIBLE at promoting it.

I watch baseball every night, at least 5-6 hours a night, more than that on weekends, but until Saturday, I had no idea that the 2,000,000th run in major league history was going to be scored this weekend. How is this possible? How could this not be promoted, talked about????

The commissioner should be fired for this; the 2,000,000th run would’ve been something they could’ve promoted all season, had contests as to who would score the 2,000,000th run. Instead, crickets.

What are they thinking about?!?!?!?!

12) I’m 61 years old; when I was 15, the millionth run in major league history was scored, and believe me, MLB made a big deal out of it.
— There was a cash prize given to whatever guy scored the 1,000,000th run.
— Couple guys hit home runs that last day and sprinted around the bases, thinking they might be THAT guy (this was way before the Interweb).
— A candy company was giving away stuff connected to the 1,000,000th run; it was fun.

Bob Watson of the Astros scored the 1,000,000th run that year; pretty sure he scored it on a Sunday afternoon, maybe in San Francisco?

Anyway, the point is that baseball is a great sport, but the people who run baseball act like they don’t like baseball— this is a problem. They’re the problem; the game is just fine.

11) By the way, Bob Watson was a .295 career hitter who drove in 989 runs in his career, yet the thing I remember him for is scoring that 1,000,00th run. 

It was a big deal back then; it should’ve been a big deal this month.

10) Padres 11, Astros 8 (12)
— Tatis his a foul pop that should’ve been the last out in the 9th inning, but it wasn’t caught; he then tied the game with a 3-run homer.
— Wil Myers hit a 3-run homer in the 12th for the win.
— This was San Diego’s 4th straight extra inning game; the record is five, set by the 1908 Tigers.

9) Astros played the Dodgers/Padres at home this week.
— Last two games, they’re 3-32 with runners in scoring position.
— This week, in four games, Houston’s bullpen allowed 25 runs in 16.2 IP.

8) There are some really bad teams this season:
— Arizona has lost 13 games in a row.
— Baltimore has lost 12 games in a row.
— Colorado is 3-22 on the road, shut out nine times in those 22 losses.

Maybe these teams should dump the over-educated imbeciles in their front offices, and hire some old-school baseball people who know how to construct a roster. Or maybe if Colorado paid Arenado, or Arizona paid Goldschmidt, those teams wouldn’t be so bad.

7) Bucks 120, Heat 103:
— Milwaukee sweeps series 4-0, winning last three games by 34-29-17 points.

6) 76ers 132, Wizards 103:
— Sixers lead series 3-0, winning last two games by 25-29 points.

5) Jazz 121, Grizzlies 111:
— Utah grabs home court advantage back, leads series 2-1.
— Jazz made 19-43 on the arc; Conley made 7-10.

4) Trailblazers 115, Nuggets 95:
— Series is tied 2-2; NBA office has to be relieved there is one good series.
— Worst plus-minus for the Portland starters was +16; they cruised in this game.
— Portland held Denver to 47 first half points, a big improvement.

3) If you’re on Twitter, follow former NBA player Rex Chapman; he gets some great stuff sent to him, and he retweets it, most all of it good natured, fun stuff.

Saturday he posted a video of a woman juggling, but the camera was over her head; it was a very unique way of watching someone juggle. Pretty cool actually.

2) Last time the NHL went thru a playoff season without at least one series going to seven games? Way back in 1977.

1) RIP to Gavin MacLeod, 90, who passed away this weekend. He had two great television roles:
— He was Murray Slaughter, a writer at WJM TV on Mary Tyler Moore Show. His job basically was to bust anchorman Ted Baxter’s chops.
— Then he graduated to his big role, Captain Stubing on The Love Boat.

168 episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, 250 episodes of Love Boat; the man was in our living rooms an awful lot, from 1970-1987. A terrific actor. RIP, sir. 

Tuesday’s Den: Trends for National League teams

— Lost their last 13 road games.
— 3-8 at home, if they score less than 7 runs.
— Lost nine of ten one-run games.

— 20-7 if they score 5+ runs, 3-17 if they do not.
— Lost last four home series openers.
— Lost five of six extra-inning games.

— Won 8 of their last ten home games.
— 11-3 vs lefty starters, 13-19 vs righties.
— Under is 6-2 in their last eight road games.

— Lost six of their last seven home games.
— 11-3 in games where winning run scores from 7th inning on.
— Over is 8-2-1 in their last 11 road games.

— Lost 17 of their first 20 road games.
— Won six of last eight home games.
— 8-5 vs lefty starters, 11-24 vs righties.

— 16-5 so far against their NL West rivals.
— Won nine of last ten home games.
— 5-2 in home series openers, 2-5 in road series openers.

— Won eight of their last 11 home games.
— 2-6 in road series openers.
— 4-9 in one-run games.

— Lost 10 of last 15 home games.
— 3-6 vs lefty starters, 21-17 vs righties.
— 8-5 in one-run games, 4-2 in extra innings. 

— Currently have 16 players on injured list.
— 11-5 at home, 10-15 on the road.
— 10-5 in games where winning run scores from 7th inning on.

— 15-10 at home, 8-15 on road.
— Under is 6-2 in their last eight road games.
— Scored in 1st inning in six of last ten road games.

— Lost 8 of their last ten road games.
— Lost five of six home series openers.
— 7-16 vs division rivals, 11-12 vs everyone else.

— Won six of last eight home games.
— 10-6 in series openers.
— 13-7 vs NL Central rivals, 13-14 vs everyone else.

— Won their last ten home games.
— 6-0 vs American League teams.
— Over is 12-4 in their last sixteen games.

— 13-5 in day games, 1-4 in extra inning games.
— 10-5 in series openers.
— Scored in first inning in six of last 11 road games.

— 12-10 at home, 8-13 on the road.
— 6-4 in games where winning run scores from 7th inning on.
— Under is 8-2 in their last ten home games.

Tuesday’s Den: Schedule notes for AFC teams

— Three of their first four games are on the road.
— They play in Denver October 3; their next road game isn’t til November 11.
— Weeks 10-14, they play four road games in five weeks.

— Four primetime games; three of them are on the road.
— Play in New Orleans Thanksgiving night.
— Two games with New England are late, in weeks 13/16.

— Only primetime game is Week 4 vs Jacksonville.
— Weeks 6-8; three straight road games.
— Four of their first six games are against NFC North teams.

— Go to Baltimore in Week 12, have Week 13 bye, host Ravens in Week 14
— Have three primetime games, including January 3 in Pittsburgh.
— Christmas Day at Lambeau Field should be nice and toasty.

— Four of their first seven games are in Eastern time zone.
— Only primetime game: Week 7 in Cleveland.
— Play Chargers/Chiefs in Weeks 12-13, then again in Weeks 17-18.

— 13 games at 1:00 Sunday; not a lot of faith from the NFL.
— Only primetime game: Week 3 vs Carolina.
— From October 11-November 27, have only one home game.

— Weeks 3-5: three straight road games.
— Three of their four primetime games are on the road.
— Week 14 bye; latest possible bye.

— Only primetime game: Week 4 at Cincinnati.
— Weeks 16-17 at Jets/Patriots, cold weather games.
— Week 6, they play the Dolphins over in England.

— From October 25-December 15, have only one road game.
— Three of their last four games are on the road.
— Week 16 Thursday game at Chargers is long trip on short week.

— First Allegiant Stadium game with fans; Week 1 Monday nighter vs Ravens.
— Play the Cowboys in Dallas Thanksgiving Day.
— Weeks 14-15, have consecutive trips east, to Kansas City/Cleveland.

— First SoFi Stadium game with fans: Week 2 vs Dallas.
— Have three primetime games, all at home.
— Play Chiefs in Week 3, then not again until Week 15.

— Play New England in Week 1, then not again until Week 18
— In Week 6, play Jaguars over in England.
— Have only two 4:00 games, none after Week 3.

— Host Tom Brady/Buccaneers in Week 4 Sunday night game.
— Patriots’ other two primetime games are on road.
— Four of their eight road games are in domes.

— Visit Sam Darnold/Panthers in season opener.
— In Week 5, play Falcons over in England.
— Only night game: Week 9 Thursday game at Indianapolis.

— Play the normal five primetime games, three of them at home.
— Play rival Ravens in Weeks 13/18.
— Host Las Vegas in Week 2, after Raiders played on Monday nite in Week 1.

— Week 16 Thursday game vs 49ers is tough spot for the visitors.
— Play 13 games at 1:00 Sunday; not lot of faith from the NFL.
— Week 2 at Seattle is their only 4:00 game all season. 

Friday’s Den: Schedule notes for NFC teams

— Three primetime games, all at home.
— Three of first four games are on the road.
— Their last game outdoors is Week 13,

— Play Jets in England in Week 6, have the early Week 6 bye
— Only prime-time game is Week 11 vs New England.
— January 2nd in Buffalo could be dicey for a dome team.

— Sam Darnold faces his old team (Jets) in Week 1.
— Week 3 at Houston is their only primetime game.
— Play division rival Buccaneers in weeks 16/18.

— Their odd-numbered games are all on road, even-numbered games all at home
— Three of their four primetime games are on road.
— Play division rival Vikings in weeks 15/18.

— Play three straight weeks on road, in weeks 13-15.
— Three of their last five games are NFC East road games.
— Have four primetime games, plus they play the Raiders on Thanksgiving.

— Only primetime game is week 2 at Green Bay
— Lions visit Rams and old friend Matthew Stafford in week 7.
— Road games at Green Bay/Chicago are in September; they visit Denver in Week 14.

— Play primetime games in weeks 2-3, have five night games overall.
— Host Detroit in Week 2, don’t visit the Lions until Week 18.
— Have only six 1:00 games; lot of national TV dates.

— First two games are against teams with new QB’s this season.
— Jared Goff and Lions visit in Week 7
— Host Arizona in Week 4, then have Thursday game in Seattle four days later.

— Three of last five games are at night, including games in Chicago/Green Bay.
— Don’t play Bears until Week 15, then play ‘em again in Week 18.
— Host old friend Kevin Stefanski when Browns visit in Week 4.

— In Weeks 12-16, play night games four weeks out of five.
— Have five primetime games, only four 4:00 games. Nine 1:00 games.
— Week 6 bye is an early one. 

— Have three primetime games, all on the road.
— Visit Washington in Week 2, don’t see them again until Week 18.
— Have consecutive December road games in Miami, Los Angeles.

— Five of their last six games are divisional games.
— Play consecutive weeks (12/13) in the Meadowlands, vs Giants/Jets
— Have only two primetime games.

— Open @ Detroit/@ Philly; will they just stay east for the week?
— Host Falcons in Week 15, have Week 16 Thursday game in Nashville.
— Got good draw with their 17th game against the Bengals.

— Play three of first four games on the road.
— Weeks 5-7 are all night games.
— Five of their eight road games are in domes.

— Tom Brady takes the Bucs into Foxboro in Week 4.
— Only six 1:00 games; three of them are Weeks 16-18.
— Play division rival Carolina in Weeks 16/18.

— Weeks 14-17: Dallas/Philly/Dallas/Philly.
— Play Giants in Week 2, then not again until the season finale.
— Ron Rivera visits his old team (Carolina) in Week 11

Thursday’s Den: Quick thoughts on the 2021 NFL schedule

I’ll have more on the NFL schedule over the next few days, but here are some early thoughts on the 2021 schedule:

— NFL teams will play 17 games this season for the first time; exhibition games have been reduced to three. AFC teams get the extra home game this season.

— Regular season ends January 9th, with games in Buffalo and Cleveland. Have fun!!!

— Jets traded QB Sam Darnold to Carolina this winter; the wise guys who create the schedule created an interesting Week 1 matchup, Jets @ Carolina. Go figure, a coincidence I’m sure.

— Christmas is on a Saturday, Halloween is a Sunday this year; there are two Christmas games. Browns-Packers, Colts-Cardinals. Which casino will I be watching those games in?

— This has nothing to do with football, but Halloween weekend in Las Vegas is tremendous, take my word on that.

— Cowboys-Buccaneers is the Week 1 Thursday game, where the defending champ traditionally opens the next season at home. Home team is 15-3 SU in this game the last 18 years, 11-3-4 against the spread.

— Don’t think the NFL foresees Aaron Rodgers being traded to Denver; Broncos have one game on in prime-time, Green Bay has five.

— NFL doesn’t think much of the Patriots; only three primetime games, one of which is Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro in Week 4.

— Thanksgiving Day slate:
Bears @ Detroit, Raiders @ Dallas, Bills @ New Orleans

— Non-schedule news; Green Bay signed backup QB Blake Bortles, re-uniting him with OC Nathaniel Hackett- they worked together in Jacksonville from 2015-18.

— Division rivals Carolina/Tampa Bay have their two meetings in weeks 16/18.

— I’m totally befuddled that Rams-Lions isn’t a primetime game. Detroit got one game on in primetime, at Green Bay in Week 2. Very surprised by this, seeing how the teams swapped quarterbacks this winter. ESPN obviously didn’t want the game.

Every team got at least one primetime game; eight teams got just one.

— Four teams have the earliest byes, Week 6— Falcons, Saints, Jets, 49ers.

— Four teams have the latest byes, Week 14— Colts, Dolphins, Patriots, Eagles.

— Nine teams got the maximum five primetime games.

— Cardinals/Chargers have three prime-time games, all at home, which is odd. Giants got three primetime games, all on the road— they can’t be real happy about that.

I’ll have some notes for each team’s schedule over the next week or so; season doesn’t start until September 9, so there is plenty of time. 

Monday’s Den: Thinking about no-hitters, and other stuff

There have been five no-hitters this season, which is a lot for May 10:

1) April 9: Joe Musgrove 3-0 @ Texas
— He threw 112 pitches, didn’t walk anyone, struck out 10.
— He got 15 whiffs on 53 swings
— Since then, he is 0-4, 5.63 in five starts.

2) April 14: Carlos Rodon 8-0 vs Cleveland
— He threw 114 pitches, didn’t walk anyone, struck out 7.
— He got 19 whiffs on 53 swings
— Since then, 3-0, 1.59 in three starts.

3) April 25: Madison Bumgarner 7-0 @ Atlanta
— This was a 7-inning game; he didn’t allow a hit, which makes it a “no-hitter”
— He threw 98 pitches, didn’t walk anyone, struck out 7.
— He got 10 whiffs on 53 swings
— Since then, he is 1-0, 1.64 in two starts.

To prove that I am fair-minded, I’m defending Bumgarner’s 7-inning no-hitter, even though his resurgence came 10 days after I cut him off my fantasy team. 🙁

4) May 5: John Means 6-0 @ Seattle. 

— He threw 113 pitches, didn’t walk anyone, struck out 12.
— He got 26 whiffs on 64 swings
— This was his most recent start.
— This was also his first career complete game. 

5) May 7: Wade Miley 3-0 @ Cleveland
— He threw 114 pitches, didn’t walk anyone, struck out 8.
— He got 9 whiffs on 49 swings
— This was his most recent start.

6) Four of the five no-hitters were thrown by lefties.

7) In two of the five no-hitters, Cleveland’s Zach Plesac was the losing pitcher. 

Elsewhere, away from the no-hitter related world……..
8) Cincinnati Reds are 15-16, even though they’re 8-2 in games where the winning run scored from the 7th inning on. 

9) Arizona Diamondbacks just had an 0-6 road trip, where they went 7-62 with runners in scoring position. Hitting in the clutch is important in baseball.

10) Since the DH came into the American League in 1973, the record for most home runs hit by a pitcher is 24, held by Carlos Zambrano, who was 132-91 as a big league pitcher, mostly for the Cubs. He had a .238 career batting average.

11) White Sox have won their last ten games at division rival Kansas City; maybe they should put fountains behind the outfield fence in their home stadium, the way they have them in Kansas City.

12) Was watching an old highlight clip of Willie Mays on the Giants game Sunday, forgot that they had artificial turf at Candlestick Park in the early 70’s, probably because the 49ers also played there. Not sure why they needed AstroTurf in good weather, but they had it. 

One year at Comiskey Park in Chicago, the infield was AstroTurf and the outfield was natural grass, which wasn’t that bad an idea, but it didn’t last long.

13) Umpire stats are returning to the baseball page this Wednesday; we note trends for each umpire when he is behind the plate, for all games except series openers, because we don’t know who the umpires are for each series until they play a game. 

Sunday’s Den: Random stuff about baseball……..

— Dodgers 14, Angels 11:
Dodgers led 13-0 in the top of the 6th; after seven innings, it was 14-11, but the Angels didn’t get a baserunner in the last two innings, as they fall to 14-18.

— No major league team has ever won a game after trailing by 13+ runs; three teams have won after trailing by 12 runs— those games were in 1911, 1925, and 2001, a Mariners-Indians game in Cleveland.

— Speaking of Cleveland, there have been five no-hitters already this season; Zach Plesac of the Indians was the losing pitcher in two of them.

— To me, the 7-inning no-hitter thrown by Madison Bumgarner counts, since the game was scheduled for seven innings, and he didn’t allow any hits. Put an asterisk next to it in the record book, but its a freakin’ no-hitter.

— Dodgers lost seven of their last nine games; they scored 16-14 runs in the two wins.

— Saturday was May 8th, the 53rd anniversary of the perfect game Catfish Hunter threw in Oakland, the A’s first season there. I was 8 years old back then, in third grade; remember waking up the next morning and seeing a note about the perfect game next to my lunch.

My third grade teacher was probably confused as to why this skinny kid with glasses was babbling about a baseball game 3,000 miles away all day long.

— The perfect game was against Minnesota; Rod Carew, Tony Oliva, Harmon Killebrew. Some good bats in that lineup. He struck out 11 guys in a game that was scoreless after six innings; Catfish also drove in three of Oakland’s four runs that night. The DH was still five years away. 

— Crowd was 6,298 that night; some things never change.

— Rick Monday was the A’s CF that night; 53 years later, he is the Dodgers’ radio announcer.

— You may wonder how I became an A’s fan; or maybe you don’t wonder why, but I’m going to explain it anyway.

I got baseball cards as gifts when I was a kid; I loved baseball cards, and I’d read all of them, front and back. Rookie cards had four prospects from the same team on them; their minor league stats were on the back.

Growing up in upstate New York, 15o miles north of New York City, there weren’t many fans of out-of-town teams here back then. No internet, no ESPN,  just newspapers and once a week, the Sporting News.

When I was five, I’m reading thru my baseball cards, and one card had four guys on it, but one of the guys didn’t have any minor league stats on the back— he had been shot in a hunting accident and never played minor league ball. They also spelled his name wrong on the card.

Walked into the living room and announced to my dad, “This guy is my favorite player, and this is my favorite team” Jim Hunter of the Kansas City A’s; what were the odds that this guy with no minor league stats would become a Hall of Famer? 

At that point, my dad just looked at me like, “You’re a weird kid” He had grown up in Brooklyn, was a huge Brooklyn Dodger fan and then had converted to the Mets. I learned very early never to mention the Los Angeles Dodgers; he wasn’t fond of the O’Malley family, who had bolted out of Brooklyn with the Dodgers, taking them west.

So anyway, baseball has always been a big part of my life; with that in mind, here are some ideas I have about baseball’s future.

— Geographic realignment: Baseball needs more rivalry games, so we re-align geographically. 

— Expansion— To make up the money baseball lost last year, they’re going to add two teams, lets say Nashville and Montreal. Eight teams in a division, four divisions.

Division A: both New York teams, Red Sox, Phillies, Orioles, Nationals, Montreal, Toronto

Division B: both Chicago teams, Reds, Indians, Tigers, Brewers, Twins, Pirates

Division C: Braves, Astros, Royals, Marlins, Nashville, Cardinals, Rays, Rangers

Division D: Diamondbacks, Rockies, Mariners and the five California teams.

— Travel costs would be less, attendance would go up because of more rivalry games

— They could have two All-Star games, pitting the four divisions against each other. More TV money, that usually makes the owners say yes to an idea.

— As far as changes to the actual rules:
a) get rid of 7-inning doubleheaders. Bad idea. 

b) I’ve softened on the extra inning rule; I don’t care either way, as long as the players like it. My preference would be back to the old way of extra innings, but either way would be fine.
c) Universal DH for everyone is a must. No one wants to see pitchers bat.
d) Ban shifts; two infielders on each side of the infield.
e) All four infielders should be on the infield dirt, not in the outfield.

This would create more line drive hits, more action. Action is a good thing.

— I’d suggest a salary cap, but I don’t want to get too crazy. Have a nice day. 

Friday’s Den: Trends for National League teams

— Arizona is 14-5 if they score 5+ runs, 1-11 if they don’t.
— Diamondbacks are 2-5 vs lefty starters, 13-11 vs righties.
— Arizona is 1-4 in one-run games. 

— Braves are 7-4 on road if they score 3+ runs.
— Over is 8-2 in their last ten home games.
— Under is 11-6 in their road games.

— Cubs won seven of their last nine home games.
— Cubs are 7-1 vs lefty starters, 8-15 vs righties.
— 7 of their last 8 games went over the total.

— Reds are 7-2 in games where winning run scores from 7th inning on.
— Over is 12-3-2 in their home games.
— Reds are 6-11 in day games, 8-4 in night games.

— Rockies won six of their last eight home games.
— Last five games at Coors Field went over the total.
— Over is 7-1 in Colorado’s last eight road games.

Los Angeles:
— Dodgers lost 13 of their last 17 games.
— LA is 4-11 on the road if they score fewer than six runs.
— Over is 11-2 in their last thirteen games.

— Marlins are 2-7 in one-run games.
— Miami is 10-2 if they score 5+ runs, 4-14 if they don’t.
— Marlins won six of their last eight home games.

— Brewers lost their last five games.
— Milwaukee is 3-8 at home if they score less than six runs.
— Under is 11-5 in their road games.

New York:
— Mets are 11-2 if they score 4+ runs, 2-11 if they do not.
— Under is 8-1-1 in their home games.
— Mets are 5-2 in games where winning run scored from 7th inning on.

— Phillies are 13-6 at home, 4-9 on the road.
— Over is 11-5 in their last 16 home games.
— Phillies scored in first inning in 4 of their last 5 games.

— Pirates scored 3 or fewer runs in 10 of their 17 road games.
— Pirates are 4-1 in one-run games.
— Under is 7-1-1 in their last nine road games.

St Louis:
— Cardinals are 15-2 if they score 4+ runs, 3-12 if they don’t.
— Under is 7-2-1 in their last ten home games.
— Cardinals are 7-3 in series openers.

San Diego:
— Padres won five of  their last seven games.
— Under is 9-2 in their last eleven games.
— San Diego is 7-3 in games where winning run scores from 7th inning on.

San Francisco:
— Giants lost five of their last seven road games.
— Giants are 10-1 at home if they score 3+ runs.
— San Francisco’s last five games went over the total.

— Nationals scored 3 or fewer runs in 15 of their first 27 games.
— Washington is 3-6 in series openers.
— Under is 10-2 in their last dozen home games. 

Tuesday’s Den: Trends for American League teams

— Baltimore is 4-10 at home, scoring more than 4 runs in only two games.
— Orioles scored 5+ runs in seven of their 15 road games (10-5)
— Orioles are 10-8 vs righty starters, 4-7 vs southpaws.

Red Sox
— Boston is 14-1 when it scores 4+ runs, 3-11 when they do not.
— Red Sox are 7-3 vs lefty starters, 10-9 vs righties.
— Boston is 5-2 in one-run games.

White Sox
— If you like to bet first 5 innings props, you probably know the White Sox are 18-4-5 in the first five innings so far this season.
— Problem is, they’re 15-12 in the standings; they’ve been poor in the late innings.
— Chicago is 11-0 when it scores 5+ runs, 4-12 when it doesn’t.

Indians: In Monday’s game, these hitters started for Cleveland

— Leadoff hitter, batting .194
— #2 hitter, hitting .200
— #8 hitter, batting .136
— #9 hitter, batting .152

Indians are 13-1 when they score 4+ runs, 1-12 when they do not.

— Detroit scored 3 or fewer runs in 19 of their first 29 games.
— Tigers led after five innings once in their last 17 games.
— They’ve scored 24 fewer runs than any other American League team. 

— Houston is 6-0 at home if they score 5+ runs, 1-7 if they don’t.
— Astros are 13-7 vs division rivals, 2-6 vs everyone else.
— Houston is 3-5 in games where winning run scored from 7th inning on.

— Kansas City is 6-1 in one-run games.
— Royals’ last five games went over the total.
— Kansas City is 4-1 in 2nd game of a series, if they lost the opener.

— Halos are 10-1 if they score 5+ runs, 3-13 if they don’t.
— Angels are 6-9 vs AL West rivals, 7-5 vs everyone else.
— Angels are 12-10 vs righty starters, 1-4 vs lefties.

— Minnesota is 4-1 in home series openers, 1-4 in road series openers.
— Twins’ last six games went over the total.
— Minnesota is 7-2 if it scores 6+ runs, 4-14 if they don’t.

New York
— New York is 10-1 when they score 5+ runs, 4-13 when they do not.
— New York is 3-5 in games when winning run scores from 7th inning on.
— Six of their last seven road games stayed under the total.

— A’s are 8-3 vs lefty starters, 10-9 vs righties.
— Oakland is 7-0 in games when winning run scores from 7th inning on.
— Six of their last seven road games stayed under the total.

— Seattle is 7-4 in one-run games, 3-0 in extra innings.
— Mariners are 7-2 at home if they score 4+ runs, 1-5 if they don’t.
— Seattle is 4-2 in home series openers.

— Rays are 8-5 on the road, 7-10 at home.
— Tampa Bay went 4-6 on its last homestand; they led one game after five innings.
— Under is 7-3 in their last ten games.

— Texas is 2-8 in series openers.
— Rangers are 10-3 if they score 5+ runs, 3-14 if they don’t.
— Under is 12-4 in their home games.

Blue Jays
— Toronto won six of its last seven home games (in Florida).
— Blue Jays are 8-3 at home, 6-10 on the road.
— Toronto is 1-4 in second game of a series, if they won the opener.