Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……..

Good to be back; have a lot of people to thank, but I’ll do that down the road a little.

13) First of all, Dr Fauci says he has gotten death threats and his family has been harassed, because he is a scientist who tells the truth. What the actual bleep? Who threatens a scientist because he tells us how to avoid catching a virus that can kill us?

He isn’t a politician, he is a 78-year old doctor who has worked for six Presidents and has an impeccable record. Who would threaten him?

There are some very evil people in this country; they need to go back under their rock.

12) Had eye surgery Tuesday; the doctor says things went well, and in a few weeks I’ll have some new glasses and I’ll be seeing like my old self again. When you’re sitting by yourself in a reclining chair waiting to be operated on, some thoughts run through your head……

11) Nurses might be the most underrated people in our society; they help sick people get better, they do lot of the dirty work, while doctors make the bigger money. Yesterday I was reminded of when my dad was very ill 6-7 years ago, sitting in his room and watching the nurses do their jobs with (mostly) good cheer. A very honorable profession.

10) Kansas City Royals used 20 different pitchers in their first 11 games; rosters go down from 30 guys to 28 Thursday, so hopefully that means bullpens will be little thinner, and hitters can face the same pitchers more often, which will help to increase scoring.

9) ESPN’s Jon Sciambi came up with an interesting stat:
— In his 2,164 major league games, Lou Gehrig faced 342 different pitchers.
— In his 1,205 major league games, Mike Trout has faced 835 pitchers.

8) Last year, only 24% of starting pitchers threw 100+ pitches in their starts; ten years ago, half of major league starters threw 100+ pitches.

7) Why is Dodgers’ reliever Joe Kelly still pitching? He got suspended last week, then appealed- hear the damn appeal already!!! They can’t do that on a Zoom call?

6) There was a delay in the Pirates-Twins game Tuesday when a drone was hovering over Target Field; took 10-15 minutes for the thing to go away.

5) Fred VanVleet of the Raptors set a career high with 36 points the other night; weird thing is that in that whole game, he scored only one 2-point basket. He was 7-12 on the arc, 13-13 on the foul line, 1-4 inside the arc.

4) TJ Warren of the Indiana Pacers scored 117 points in three games down in the Orlando bubble; an impressive display of scoring.

3) Braves lost pitching ace Mike Soroka to a torn achilles tendon this week; difficult loss to overcome.

2) UConn is the first I-A college football team to cancel its football season for this year.

1) Some good COVID news; Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford had a false positive test last week, so he is healthy and good to go for training camp. Glad to hear he is healthy. 

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