Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Authorities in Australia fined a Sydney casino the equivalent of $64,500 for allowing three minors to gamble in their casino; one of the gamblers was a 12-year old girl, who was playing video poker with her parents. Not exactly sure what the parents were thinking.

12) Can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but when I had my cataract surgery two weeks ago, I was wearing jeans and sneakers throughout the operation- they give you a gown to wear over your clothes, but it is kind of like going to the dentist, minus the pain.

I’m guessing not many cataract patients wear black Pumas during their operation.

11) Cleveland Indians have beaten Detroit 20 times in a row; yikes.

10) Arizona Diamondbacks took Robbie Ray out of the game Sunday while he was pitching a no-hitter; problem is, he had walked six guys, and thrown 95 pitches thru those five innings.

9) 124 major leaguers homered in their first-ever big league at-bat. Dodgers’ C Keibert Ruiz is the latest to do that; he homered in Anaheim the other day.

8) Kansas City Chiefs announced Monday that they’ll try and play home games with 22% of their fans allowed to attend, so if their stadium seats 72,000, then 16,000 fans can go to the game.

7) Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, DJ Lemahieu are all on the IL: that is $38,684,300 worth of salary sitting out, just those three guys.

Oakland’s whole payroll this season? $89,135,833

6) Dodgers 11, Mariners 9— Both Seager brothers homered in this game, the first time they played against each other in the majors.

NBA playoff games (all Game 1’s):
5) Denver 135, Utah 125 OT
— Bad beat if you took 4.5 points with Utah.
— Denver made 22-41 3-pointers.
— Donovan Mitchell scored 57 for the Jazz.

4) Toronto 134, Brooklyn 110
— Why did the Nets fire Kenny Atkinson? Guy is a good coach.

3) Boston 109, Philadelphia 101
— Celtics were +11 in turnovers (7-18)
— Tatum had 32 points, 13 rebounds for Boston.
— Boston’s bench scored only 8 points in this game.

2) LA Clippers 118, Dallas 110
— Kristaps Porzingis got bounced for this game, getting two technicals.
— Clippers were +10 in turnovers (11-21)
— LA’s starters were +87, their subs minus-47

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL East- New York, Tampa Bay
AL Central- Minnesota, Cleveland
AL West- Oakland, Houston
AL Wild Cards- Baltimore, Chicago

NL East- Miami, Atlanta
NL Central- Chicago, Milwaukee
NL West- Los Angeles, Colorado
NL Wild Cards- Arizona, SD/StL

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