Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Are the major league owners/players going to kill the golden goose? Are they?

NBA starts July 31; NASCAR has started, golf starts this week. Hockey says they’re coming back, the NFL seems to be heading towards starting on time, but baseball is locked into a big dispute over money…..goddamn money, when the country is going through hell.

Billionaires, millionaires bickering over money, while unemployment in the country is 13% and over 110,000 people have died from a virus.

Doesn’t sound like a great business plan, for either side. See the big picture; play an 81-game schedule, take your lumps this year with an eye on the big picture, keeping your sport, your business on the front pages of the sports section for years to come.

If there is no major league baseball this summer, life will go on; it is pathetic when the most interesting thing on TV is people marching on our cities because they’re unhappy with the government, but thats where we’re at right now. Baseball could give people a breath of fresh air, something positive to think about and talk about.

12) Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have come in Las Vegas sportsbooks, with people I didn’t even know; people of all ages, races, bonding over sports and sharing ideas. If the whole world got along as well as they do in sportsbooks or gyms, we’d all be in better shape.

11) Normally on a Saturday at this time of year, I’m hunkered down in my living room, watching baseball, movies and keeping track of the A’s and my fantasy team. Go out for dinner at night, then come home and work on my pitching charts; things I enjoy. 

This year? Not so much; if you drive up my street, you’ll see a goofball sitting in his folding chair in the shade on his front lawn for two hours most nights, scrolling thru his Twitter account or playing word games on his phone. Not terribly exciting times; I’m sure we’re all looking forward to 2021.

At least the weather is warm now; breathing fresh air is a good thing.

10) I spend way too much time playing Words With Friends and Wordscapes, but it is good for the mind. There are only so many 25-year old baseball/football games you can watch.

Some of those games remind me of things, which is good, but good grief, will I be happy when live games start up again.

9) I’ve learned a lot about the KBO, Korean baseball; I had never even heard of this league before this whole mess started. Ten teams play every day but Monday; the write-ups on the games are on this site every day.

They don’t have fans there yet, but they do have games, and thats a good thing.

8) I’ve been pleasantly surprised how friends of mine contributed to this site with lists of their own, ranking things they like, whether it be sports, movies or music. I appreciate their help in keeping this site fresh every day.

7) I set my alarm every day, not too early but it does go off every day, and that makes sure I don’t waste a lot of time lying in bed, daydreaming and doing nothing.

6) I watch a lot of movies, lot of ‘em; the next few days, I’m going to put out a list of my 26 favorite sports movies, and also some underrated movies that still pop up on TV now and then.

5) I’m lucky to live a mile away from a road with 30 or 40 restaurants on it; lot of options for take-out food, which has helped greatly this spring. I also have Pellegrino’s at the end of my street, an excellent deli that makes very good subs.

4) Damn, I bought a ton of books in the 90’s; have been re-reading some of them lately. At least I was smart and bought almost all paperbacks. Whenever I go upstairs looking for a specific book, I never find it, but often find it later on, while I’m looking for something else. 

3) I’m a 60-year old, middle class nerd; it saddens me deeply to realize that the federal government doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether I live or die, as long as the stock market goes up.

At least I know one thing I’ll be doing on November 3rd.

2) Walking is a good thing, and saying that is weird, especially if you know me. I hate walking, thats why I bought a car, but going for walks this spring has been a welcome addition to my routine. Human interaction is very important; texting, talking, whether in person or on the phone.

1) TV highlight of the day: Cardinals-Dodgers playoff game from 1985; Andujar vs Hershiser. Game 6 of the playoffs was a weekday afternoon game. Imagine that? 

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.