Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) If I’m making the 2021 NFL schedule, the Sunday night game in Week 1 has to be Eagles at Giants, after Philadelphia openly tanked their Week 17 game Sunday night, which put Washington into the postseason instead of the Giants. Lot of hostility over that game; take advantage of it!!! 

12) Stat of the Day: Patriots/Giants tied for fewest TD passes (12) in league this season; only ten of New England’s TD passes were thrown by quarterbacks.

11) Three NFL coaches were told to take a hike after Week 17 games (Jets, Jaguars, Chargers); there are six head coach openings right now (Texans, Falcons, Lions). 

10) Here is a difficult trivia question, too tough for the daily quiz:

NFL record for most field goals in a game is 8, set in 2007 by Tennessee’s Rob Bironas. 

2-part question (answers tomorrow):
a) (the easy part) Who was Tennessee’s coach that day?
b) (the hard part) Who was Tennessee’s QB that day?
(Hint: He once started a Super Bowl, but not for the Titans)

9) Rams’ QB John Wolford threw for 231 yards, ran for 56 more in LA’s 18-7 win over the Cardinals Sunday, making him the first NFL quarterback EVER to throw for 200+ yards and run for 50+ yards in his first NFL start.

Red flags for the Rams, besides their starting QB having a broken thumb:
— Rams haven’t scored an offensive TD in their last two games, despite being on the 1-yard line on three different drives.
— Rams scored a defensive TD in each of their last three wins; can’t depend on that happening a lot. 

8) Speaking of quarterbacks, Wisconsin’s basketball team has four kids who were QB of their high school football team. In this age of specialization, it has to be unusual for a D-I hoop team to have lot of kids who played football in high school. 

7) My friend Phil gave a me an outstanding piece of trivia Monday; the great singer Kris Kristoffersson was once a helicopter pilot in the Army- he quit as an English Literature teacher at West Point, in order to pursue songwriting in Nashville.

Before he struck it rich in music/acting, he got a job sweeping floors at Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville. From there, things worked out pretty well for him. 

6) There are 150 Canadians playing Division I college basketball this year; there are 17 Canadians playing in the NBA right now. 

5) While I was watching football Sunday, Steph Curry scored 62 points for Warriors, in their 137-122 win over Portland. Curry made 8-16 on the arc, 10-15 inside the arc, 18-19 on the foul line. He also had four assists and five rebounds.

it was the most points scored by any Warrior since Rick Barry scored 64 in a game in 1974. 

4) North Carolina QB Sam Howell does not eat any type of meat except for chicken; no hamburgers, no steak, nada. Howell said he frequents Chick-fil-a, and he eats a lot of chicken tenders and nuggets. Lot of times, he brings his own chicken fingers to team dinners. 

3) ACC teams went 0-6 in bowl games this year, first time since 1983 that ACC teams went winless in bowls- they were only 0-2 that year. 

2) Alabama opened as a 7-point favorite over Ohio State in Monday’s national title game, with a total of 76.

1) During baseball season, I watch a lot of baseball, a lot. Was happy to see Monday that the Cubs hired Jon Sciambi as their new TV voice- he is excellent. Watching day games from Wrigley Field during the week is always a highlight, now they’ll be a little bit better. 

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