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13) This week is all about Shohei Ohtani and MLB’s obsession with promoting the guy, which is their business, I guess. Hopefully Ohtani’s people (and the Angels) are making sure he doesn’t get overextended or hurt. He is doing some unique things, but he is still human and needs to take care of himself. 

Ohtani is batting leadoff and is starting pitcher in the All-Star Game. Here are his pitching stats for this year:
Ohtani: 4-1, 3.49 in 13 starts.
Kyle Gibson of Texas: 6-1, 2.29 in 17 starts

Maybe Kyle Gibson should be starting pitcher; I understand that no one outside of Arlington gives a rat’s ass about Gibson— he is 33, has been in the majors for nine years but he’s earned the right to start this All-Star Game, a big honor.

Plus, if Ohtani pitched in relief, casual fans might stick with the game a little longer, until Ohtani gets in. Lot of casual fans will change the channel as soon as he is done pitching. 

12) MLB needs to promote its product better, the actual games, not just individuals; the last four Sunday nights, there have been only three games on ESPN and two of those were 7-inning games because they were parts of doubleheaders created by rainouts.

All Sunday night games should be 9 innings, no matter what.

11) The MLB amateur draft isn’t as fun as NFL/NBA drafts because we know so much less about the players being drafted. It is also more of a crapshoot; back in 1983, Roger Clemens was the 19th player taken in the draft, the 11th pitcher.


10) Teams with best record in games where winning run scored in last 3 innings:
22-8— Cincinnati
19-8— Seattle
17-10— Oakland
15-9— Boston
17-11— NY Mets

9)  Teams with worst record in games where winning run scored in last 3 innings:
8-23— Arizona
8-19— Atlanta
9-17— Toronto
11-19— Texas
8-15— Baltimore, White Sox

8) There is a good website, umpscorecards.com that shows accuracy, consistency for the home plate umpire for every game.

Milwaukee beat the Reds 5-3 in a game Thursday; the home plate umpire Brian O’Nora had a rough night, missing 16% of pitches on the outside corner. Reds players were yelling at him as he left the field; ump scorecards had him 87% accurate overall— the average is 94% accurate.

7)  From Juston Ray: Padraig Harrington won the British Open in 2007 and 2008. Since then, no Open champ finished in the top-25 at The Open the year before their win.

Cink – Cut
Oosthuizen- Cut
Clarke – T44
Els – Cut
Mickelson – Cut
McIlroy – Cut
Zach Johnson – T47
Stenson – T40
Spieth – T30
Molinari – Cut
Lowry – Cut

6) Only one golfer finished in the top 10 at the British Open in both 2018/2019:

Tony Finau

5) From Jason Logan on Twitter:
NBA playoff betting stats:
— favorites 48-34 ATS
— favorites of 3 or fewer points 13-13
— favored from 3.5-6 points 25-8 ATS
— favored of 6.5+ points 10-13
— Road favorites 15-10 ATS
— Teams off a loss 31-36 ATS

3) Phillies’ rookie reliever Damon Jones is the grandson of former NBA player Darrall Imhoff. Jones has yet to make his MLB debut, but is with the Phillies.

Darrall Imhoff scored over 5,700 points in his 12-year NBA career, and was once part of the package the Lakers sent to Philadelphia when they acquired Wilt Chamberlain in 1968.

2) Major league leaders in RBI from 7th inning on:
29— Mitch Haniger, Seattle
28— Eduardo Escobar, Arizona

1) John Wooden didn’t win a national title until his 16th year at UCLA, but then he won 10 of them in 12 years; sometimes it takes a while to become an overnight success.

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