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NFL teams can turn down being on HBO’s Hard Knocks, if………
— They have a first-year head coach in place.
— If they made the playoffs in the last two years.
— If they’ve been on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years.

NFL has rules on which teams appear on Hard Knocks; there are four teams who the league can choose to be in this year’s shows, but those four teams all seem reluctant.

Bears, Jets, Saints, Commanders

Teams seem more and more reluctant to be on Hard Knocks, which is too bad, since it is such an interesting show.

— The great comedian/actor Steve Martin won a Grammy Award in 2010, in the category of Best Bluegrass Album for his album The Crow: New Songs For The Five-String Banjo.

Martin first played the banjo when he was 17; he used to take 33 rpm bluegrass records and slow them down to 16 rpm and tune his banjo down, so the notes would sound the same.

The album that won him the Grammy came from his reading a book called The Stuffed Owl, a collection of bad poetry. As a joke, Martin decided to write some bad poetry of his own, then turned the poetry into bluegrass songs, and those songs won him a Grammy.

One of the most talented people ever, whether in comedy, acting or music. I first saw him do stand-up on The Tonight Show when Buddy Hackett was the guest host— I was 11 or 12 years old. Was laughing my head off. What a gift, to be able to make people laugh like that.

— Texas Rangers’ P Jacob deGrom signed a 5-year, $185M contract last winter, but his elbow is screwed up again, and he is heading to his second Tommy John surgery; he is out for the year, and much of next year. The last three seasons combined, he’s thrown 186.2 innings.

— Denver Nuggets are 8-9 this season when Nikola Jokic gets fewer than 8 assists, which helps explain why Miami isn’t double-teaming him as much now

— NFL teams with the worst first quarter scoring margin last year:
minus-38— Giants— finished 9-7-1, 1-1 in playoffs.
minus-34— Houston— 3-13-1
minus-33— Arizona— 4-13
Minus-26— Chargers— 10-7, 0-1 in playoffs (blew 27-0 lead, lost 31-30)

— More hitters are swinging at 3-0 pitches now; at least it seems like it to me.

— Movie of the Day: Let It Ride (1989)— A cab driver gets a hot tip on a race horse and for once, he wins big, but he can’t seem to stop gambling.

If you enjoy going to the racetrack, you’ll definitely like this movie.

Richard Dreyfuss runs amok in this movie; Teri Garr is his overwhelmed wife. Jennifer Tilly is a rich guy’s girlfriend at the track, before we knew that in real life she is a serious poker player.

— Reds 9, Dodgers 8
Reds scored three runs in the bottom of the 9th.
Dodgers led 8-3 in fifth inning.
Cincinnati brought up star prospect, SS Elly De La Cruz; he batted fourth in his MLB debut and

De La Cruz is the youngest player the Reds have had since Jay Bruce in 2008.

— White Sox 3, New York 2— Lucas Giolito is first pitcher since 2015 (Max Scherzer) to not allow a hit in the first six innings of two games in the same season.

— Arizona 10, Nationals 5— Pavin Smith homered, knocked in three runs.

— A’s 11, Pirates 2— Jace Peterson was 5-5 with five RBI; unfortunately, he’s still only hitting .218.

— Braves 6, Mets 4
Atlanta scored four runs in 6th inning, erasing a 4-1 deficit.
Mets and their $375M payroll are now 30-31.

— Rays 7, Twins 0— Zach Eflin tossed 6.2 scoreless innings. Rays are 27-6 at home.

— Red Sox 5, Guardians 4— Boston scored four runs in 8th inning, erasing a 2-1 deficit.

— Phillies 1, Tigers— Schwarber homered in the first inning, the game’s only run.

— Brewers 4, Orioles 3 (10)— Joey Wiemer’s walk-off single was the game-winner.

— In his terrific career, Mike Trout has been intentionally walked 119 times. 

In 2004 alone, Barry Bonds was intentionally walked 120 times.

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