Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) 15 of the 32 NFL teams are 2-2, including the entire NFC West.

12) Braves 2, Marlins 1— Atlanta wins NL East for fifth year in a row; as soon as this game ended, Mets took P Taijuan Walker out of their game— they start the Wild Card round Friday. 

11) Every major league game Wednesday will start between 4-4:30 EST, to try and maximize any drama that may exist, although there isn’t any real drama, other than whether or not I will win my fantasy league. 

10) San Diego Padre TV guys were talking expansion during their game Tuesday; they were quick to mention Nashville, Las Vegas as possibilities, with re-alignment an option when there are 32 teams instead of the current 30.

Adding two teams would make up some of the $$$ MLB owners lost during the 2020 pandemic season. It would also make scheduling a lot of easier—wouldn’t have to have inter-league play in every series. 

9) There have been 30 NFL games played in London; of the 60 teams that played in those games, 55 had a bye the next week. That won’t be the case this week, with Vikings-Saints both playing the week after playing in London. 

Teams prefer their bye to be later in the season.

Of the five teams who did play the week after playing in London- those teams went 2-3 SU, 2-2-1 ATS the next week.

8) Jaguars’ QB Trevor Lawrence lost four fumbles in Sunday’s loss to the Eagles; he is the only NFL player in the last 30 years to lose four fumbles in one game. 

7) Raiders have beaten their division rival Broncos five times in a row, first time they’ve done that since 1994, when the Raiders called Los Angeles home. 

6) Atlanta Falcons put star RB Cordarrelle Patterson on IR, so he’ll be out for at least four games. 

5) Astros 10, Phillies 0— Philly clinched a playoff spot Monday; they didn’t get a hit in this game until the ninth inning. 

4) Paul Chryst went 67-26 as Wisconsin’s football coach, but got fired this week with the Badgers sitting at 2-3 this year. Chryst gets an $11M buyout to take a hike.

The guy went 6-1 in bowl games, 16-4 vs Iowa-Minnesota-Nebraska, their three biggest rivals, but the rich people who fund big-time college athletic programs want more. A lot more.

3) Random TV trivia: If you remember the old TV show Lost In Space, a kid named Billy Mumy played the young boy Will Robinson on the show. Remember the Robot yelling “Danger Will Robinson!!! Danger!!!”

The other night, I’m watching the first-ever episode of the Rockford Files, the old James Garner show, and who pops up? Billy Mumy. This was probably 10-12 years after Lost In Space was on.

2) College basketball teams have these “secret” scrimmages, where teams play but don’t promote it or telecast it, which seems stupid (promote the sport!!!) but here are some of the scrimmages for Pac-12 teams later this month:
October 22— Arizona-Saint Mary’s
USC-Fresno State
Utah-Santa Clara

October 23— UCLA-San Diego State

October 29— Oregon-Oklahoma
Stanford-UC Santa Barbara
USC-Loyola Marymount

1) Wild Card playoff series (best-of-3, all in higher seed’s stadium):
Padres @ Mets
Phillies @ Cardinals
Mariners @ Blue Jays
Rays @ Guardians

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