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— Bulls 131, Hawks 116
White scored 42 points, had 9 rebounds, 6 assists.
Atlanta ends the season by losing its last eight games.
Bulls play Miami Friday, for the last playoff spot in the East.

— 76ers 105, Heat 104
Miami led 51-39 at halftime.
Embiid scored 23 points, had 15 rebounds. 

76ers are 32-8 when Embiid plays, 16-27 when he doesn’t.
76ers advance to play the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs.

— Who is the American League leader in RBI’s?
Aaron Judge? Julio Rodriguez?
Mike Trout? Vladimir Guerrero?

Try Taylor Ward of the Angels, who hits behind Mike Trout in their lineup.

— Red Sox 2, Guardians 0
This game took 1:49 to play, the fastest MLB game since 2010; how long before people complain about baseball games going too quickly?

— Braves 5, Astros 4 (10)
Houston is 6-14 this season, 4-9 at home. Two years ago they won the World Series, then told their GM to take a hike. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.

— NFL Draft is next week; apparently Pat McAfee will have a channel on one of the ESPN’s during the draft, and one of the people with him on the broadcast will be Bill Belichick, which should be interesting.

Famous birthdays for April 18th:
Pete Gogolak, 82
Steve Blass, 82
Cindy Pickett, 77
Eric Roberts, 68
Conan O’Brien, 61
Frederick Weller, 58
Derrick Brooks, 51
Miguel Cabrera, 41

Movie of the Day: Heaven Can Wait (1978)
An NFL quarterback, accidentally taken away from his body by an overanxious angel before he was meant to die, returns to life in the body of a recently murdered millionaire.

Warren Beatty is the QB, James Mason is the guy who ran heaven, Jack Warden is the trainer for the Rams. Julie Christie, Charles Grodin, Vincent Gardenia, Dyan Cannon, Buck Henry are all in this movie- excellent cast.

When the QB is taken away from his body, they do a search and find that he was supposed to die in March of 2025, which at the time seemed like a ridiculously long time away. I was 18 back then; now that date is next year.

When this movie came out, the real-life Rams were in the midst of winning their division every year, then losing in the playoffs. Seeing them win the Super Bowl, even in a fictional movie, it was great. (I still have the poster of the movie that was in the theater).

— There is a college basketball player who just transferred from Iowa State to Ohio U; before he played for Iowa State, he played for Wofford. 

I’m sure a lot of college kids have transferred from Wofford to Iowa State to Ohio U, just can’t think of any others. College sports has gone nuts.

— A’s 6, Cardinals 3
Esteury Ruiz scored two runs, knocked in two runs.
A’s are 4-0 when Paul Blackburn pitches.
Oakland is 7-5 in its last 12 games, after a 1-6 start.

— Phillies 7, Rockies 6
Kyle Schwarber homered twice, including his 250th career home run. 

— Angels 5, Rays 4
Tampa Bay scored twice in 8th inning to take 4-3 lead.
Angels scored twice in 9th inning for the win.
Rendon, Ward had 9th inning singles for the Halos. 

— Nationals 2, Dodgers 0
Jake Irvin tossed six shutout innings for Washington.
CJ Abrams led the game off with a home run, the only run they needed.

— Giants 3, Marlins 1
Miami is 4-15, 0-7 in games where the winning run scored from 7th inning on.
Marlins are 8-9-2 in first five innings; they’ve struggled in late innings. 

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