Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……..

13) White Sox 8, Indians 0:
— Carlos Rodon throws a no-hitter, allowing a hit batter in 9th inning.
— Last two years, Rodon started only 11 games; lot of injury issues.

— Already 2nd no-hitter this year, both with no walks, but one hit batter. Before this year, that had happened only four times in the previous 100 years. 

12) Nationals 6, Cardinals 0— Yadier Molina is first player ever to catch 2,000+ games with the same team.

11) Coming into Wednesday’s games, major league batting average was only .235; last year it was .245, which was the lowest since 1972.

I’m thinking shifts will be outlawed next season; they want more offense in the game.

10) Near the end of last season, Angels’ SS Andrelton Simmons opted out of the season; he didn’t want to go into quarantine for the playoffs.

This year, now with Minnesota, Simmons opted not to get the vaccine.

This week, Simmons tested positive for COVID, so now he is in quarantine. Go figure.

9) Was weird seeing Blake Snell pitch for the Padres Tuesday night, throw 38 pitches and not finish the first inning. Teams are going to be very vigilant about monitoring pitch counts and inning counts this year, with last year having been a shortened season.

8) Minnesota rookie OF Alex Kirilloff is the first player ever whose first career hit came in a playoff game. He made his 2021 debut for the Twins yesterday.

7) Milwaukee’s Corbin Burnes is the first pitcher in the last 100 years to strike out 30+ batters in his first three starts of a season, without walking anyone.

6) Cleveland’s Shane Bieber has allowed five runs in 21.1 IP, striking out 35 guys, but he doesn’t have any wins; Indians didn’t score a run in the first five innings of any of those three games.

5) Toronto 5, Bronx 4:
— New York is 2-1 when Cole pitches, 3-6 with any other starter.
— DH Stanton got another day off; why? Is being a DH that strenuous?
— Bo Bichette hit a walk-off homer in the 9th inning.

4) Red Sox swept a twinbill in Minnesota; they’re first team ever to start a season 0-3, then win 9+ games in a row. Twins scored total of three runs in the two games.

3) Mets 5, Phillies 1:
— David Peterson pitched a strong game for the Mets.
— Peterson’s father was a horse trainer; he trained Seattle Slew the year after that great horse won the Triple Crown— owners had fired Billy Turner, the previous trainer.

2) College basketball stuff:
— Arizona named Gonzaga assistant Tommy Lloyd as their new coach.
— NC-Greensboro coach Wes Miller is now the Cincinnati coach.
— Joe Golding bolts from Abilene Christian to Texas-El Paso.

1) Gonzaga is a unique situation; they’re pretty much what UNLV was 30 years ago; I’m not sure a Pac-12 team hiring Mark Few’s right-hand man will translate well.
— Can he recruit top flight players to the desert?
— Can he recruit top flight players who will stay more than one year?
— Arizona has won  A LOT over the last 35 years; can he satisfy a spoiled fanbase?

College basketball is changing drastically; every kid who makes two layups in a row either wants to jump to to the NBA or to a better conference. Very difficult to develop continuity. 

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