Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……..

13) Since 1999, only 13 NFL teams have trailed a game by 17+ points after the third quarter and rallied to win the game, which figured to have been an emotional win.

Those 13 teams went 10-3 ATS in their next game after the big comeback.

Dolphins fit that role this week; they beat the Ravens last week, after trailing 35-14 with 15:00 to play. Miami is getting 5.5 points at home from Buffalo this week.

12) I watch a ton of baseball, every day; some announce teams are great to listen to, some are fun to listen to, others…….I just hit the mute button.

The best announce teams are like two friends sitting in a room, talking about ball, and I get to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Cubs have struck gold by adding Joe Girardi to their announce team. He was a manager and he was a catcher, so he’s always had to think the game, which makes him a better analyst. Always learn stuff listening to Jon Sciambi/Girardi on Cubs’ games. 

11) Cubs 2B Esteban Quiroz is a 30-year old rookie who just got called up to the majors for the first time. Before he played in the majors, Quiroz played in 1,093 games in the minors and the Mexican League. Can you imagine how excited he was to finally get the call to The Show?

So far, Quiroz is in four big league games. 

10) Kansas City Royals fired lead baseball executive Dayton Moore Wednesday; he had been in that job since 2006. Royals won back-to-back AL pennants in 2014 and 2015, winning the World Series in 2015, but their rebuild after the World Series title has been a disaster. 

9) Detroit Tigers hired 35-year old Scott Harris as their new president of baseball operations; he comes to Detroit after three seasons in San Francisco, which followed seven years with the Chicago Cubs- he was there was the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

Detroit hasn’t made the playoffs since 2014; they spent some more $$$ this year but they’re still awful. Tigers haven’t won the World Series since 1984. 

8) I’m wondering, with lot of NFL teams not playing their main guys in the preseason, is it a smart thing to bet games in the first couple weeks of the season? Would it be smarter to sit back and watch for 2-3 weeks before making some plays?

Under is 21-10-1 in the NFL so far; defense is head of offense right now. Way ahead. 

7) New York 14, Pittsburgh 2— Before this season, Aaron Judge turned down a contract worth $31M a year; he’s going to make way more next year.

This season, the Pirates’ entire payroll is $59,361,373. For the whole freakin’ team. 

6) If the playoffs started today (they do not):
NL: Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers. Wild Cards: Braves, Padres, Phillies
AL: New York, Guardians, Astros. Wild Cards: Blue Jays, Rays, Mariners

5) Wild card races: 

NL— Milwaukee is 2.5 games behind Philly for the last playoff spot.
AL— Orioles trail Seattle by four games; White Sox trail Seattle by 5.5 games. 

4) Iowa plays Rutgers in college football this week; why are these teams in the same league? According to MapQuest, the two schools are 992 miles apart. It makes no sense, and will make even less sense when USC/UCLA join the Big 14.

3) Dodgers’ OF Joey Gallo grew up in Las Vegas, went to Bishop Gorman HS; on the day of his high school prom, Gallo threw a no-hitter during the day, then went to the prom that night with the daughter of Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux.

2) Robert Sarver has begun the process to sell the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, after the league fined and suspended him for various inappropriate conduct. Sarver bought the Suns for $400M in 2004; now they’re valued by Forbes at $1.8B. He’s going to walk away with a boatload of $$$.

1) Odds of 0-2 NFL teams to make the playoffs this year:
+110— Colts
+145— Bengals
+165— Titans
+250— Raiders
+550— Panthers

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