Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Bucks 115, Nets 111 (OT)
— Milwaukee wins series in seven games.
— Last time a Game 7 went to OT? 2006, Dallas-San Antonio.
— Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 40 points for the Bucks.
— Kevin Durant played all 53:00, scored 48 points. 

12) Durant’s performance was totally amazing; the guy tore his Achilles June 10, 2019, yet he played 47:00/game in Games 5-7 here, and at a really high level. Achilles injuries are difficult to come back from.

11) Blue Jays 10, Orioles 7:
— Mountcastle hit three HR’s, Mullins hit two, but Baltimore still lost.
— Toronto scored six runs in the 9th for the comeback win.
— Orioles’ first six hits in this game were all home runs.

10) Dodgers 9, Arizona 3— How depressing must it be to be in the Arizona traveling party these days? They’ve lost 16 games in a row, 30 of last 32. Hard to believe any of the coaches will be back next year; those are lucrative jobs.

Just a bad year overall for Arizona; the GM’s wife has cancer, which is way worse, obviously, than the baseball stuff, but they could use something good to happen in the desert.

9) Walker Buehler had a no-hitter until the 8th inning of that game; there were lot of people wearing blue in Phoenix this weekend, rooting on the world champs.

8) Padres 7, Reds 5— Joey Votto/David Bell got tossed in the first inning for arguing balls and strikes. I mean, San Diego is throwing a bullpen game and you get tossed in the first inning?

7) Mets split a doubleheader in Washington; they host Atlanta for a twinbill on Monday, then host the Phillies for another one Friday. Three doubleheaders in seven days, with the health of star pitcher Jacob deGrom a big ???? Could be a long week in Flushing.

6) Mariners 6, Rays 5— Tampa Bay won Tyler Glasnow’s last start Monday, but they’re 0-5 since he went on the IL with a UCL problem. Without Glasnow to anchor their rotation, they have been stretching out the starters who usually only face the opposing lineup twice a game.

5) Statistical oddity; Milwaukee is 39-32, but they’ve given up four more runs than they’ve scored this season.

4) Tuesday there is a big meeting about expanding the college football playoff system from four teams to 12. Too much money to be made for it not to happen, but if it does happen, apparently it won’t be until 2023. It’ll be a big deal when it happens.

Imagine the politics inside that meeting? All those highly-paid administrators trying to get guarantees for their leagues. Lot of weasels in that room, for sure.

3) Los Angeles Lakers fired their trainer for second time in three years; before that, the previous trainer had been there for 30+ years. Maybe they should bring him back?

2) Cardinals-Braves are not only a day/night doubleheader today, but the night game is on ESPN; Sunday Night Baseball has a seven-inning game. No bueno.

Braves fly to New York after and play a twinbill against the Mets Monday; that should be fun.

1) A newspaper writer from Mississippi finished last in his fantasy football league last year; the penalty for finishing last is that you have to spend 24 consecutive hours in a Waffle House restaurant, with an hour taken off the sentence for every waffle you eat.

I love waffles, but Waffle House waffles are large, about the size of a plate. This guy winds up downing nine waffles, spending 15 hours inside the restaurant this week.

Some quick thoughts:
— This guy gave Waffle House so much free publicity, he should get free waffles for a year.
— Is it strange that they didn’t care that he sat there for 15 consecutive hours?
— I’m curious when the last time he ate was before going to Waffle House.
— You have to use maple syrup, right? Dry waffles might not go down well.

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