Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Georgia Bulldogs had 15 players taken in this year’s NFL Draft, the most players one school has ever had picked in a 7-round draft. In the first two rounds alone, Georgia had more picks (7) than the entire Pac-12 (6), ACC (5), Big X (4). 

12) This was the 14th year in a row the SEC has the most players drafted (65).

11) Nine quarterbacks wound up being drafted this week, including Iowa State’s Brock Purdy with the last pick in the draft. Only one QB was taken in the first two rounds, though.

10) From what you read, the couple hours right after the draft ends are chaotic, with teams all trying to sign undrafted free agents. Because of the COVID stuff the last couple years, this year the undrafted free agent pool is much deeper than usual.

9) One of those unsigned free agents is Jared Bernhardt, who was the best lacrosse player in the country at Maryland, then transferred to D-II Ferris State in Michigan, and led the Bulldogs to the D-II national title last year. He signed with the Falcons, is expected to play WR/return kicks.

My own opinion is that Ferris State’s teams should be the Wheels, not Bulldogs. The Ferris Wheels? That would be excellent. 

8) Last season, New England was the first NFL team since 2009 not to have anyone have a 100+-yard receiving game.

7) In 1965, the New York Giants drafted RB Tucker Frederickson from Auburn with the first pick in the draft; the #3 pick that year was Dick Butkus, the #4 pick was Gale Sayers. 


6) There is a company called Third Side Coaching that helps NBA players/teams deal with officials— what refs look for, how to talk to them. The company is run by retired officials, so they know the ins and outs. Atlanta Hawks are one of the teams that use their services.

5) I had no idea Dwyane Wade owns a small part of the Utah Jazz.

4) Saw this last night, wouldn’t have guessed it in 100 years; since the start of the 2018 baseball season, Seattle 3B Eugenio Suarez has the most homers in the major leagues (132).

3) Klay Thompson’s brother Trayce is back in the big leagues, with San Diego. Trayce Thompson has played parts of six seasons with five different teams; he hit 13 homers for the Dodgers in 2016. 

2) Chicago Bears are releasing QB Nick Foles, who should find a job as a backup pretty quickly. Foles has a 33-29 record as an NFL starter in ten seasons, but one of those wins was the Super Bowl for Philadelphia four years ago.

Justin Fields/Trevor Siemian are now Chicago’s quarterbacks. 

1) This year was just the third time since 1993 that two punters were taken before the end of the 4th round and the guy considered the best punter in college last year, Matt Araiza, was the third punter taken, by Buffalo.

Araiza went to college at San Diego State; now he’ll be punting in western New York, not exactly a weather upgrade, but the Bills are good, so he probably won’t punt much. The thing is, he was also the Aztecs’ kicker; in the NFL, punters usually hold for kicks. 

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