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13) Juan Soto got traded to San Diego this week; he wore #22 in Washington, but P Nick Martinez already had that number. Martinez said he would give Soto number 22, if Soto bought him a fishing boat.

Soto volunteered to buy Martinez a Rolex watch, which Martinez agreed was a fair price. If you are a marginal player, you really don’t want to tick off the newly-acquired star. 

12) Why did the Astros trade for Christian Vazquez? He started once in their first five games after Monday’s trade with Boston. Is he going to split time with Martin Maldonado? Is he going to be a backup? 

11) Astros 9, Guardians 3— Trey Mancini hit two homers in the first three innings; one of them was a grand slam. His first three hits for Houston were all home runs. 

10) This week is the 40th anniversary of when Joel Youngblood got two hits for two different teams on the same day, in two different cities.

Playing for the Mets, Youngblood got a hit against Ferguson Jenkins in Chicago in a day game; he was traded during the game.

He hopped on an airplane to Philadelphia, got a hit against Steve Carlton while playing for the Montreal Expos.

Jenkins/Carlton are both Hall of Famers, adding to the impressive feat.

9) Bad news/good for the Angels Thursday:
Good news: They hit seven home runs in a game vs Oakland
Bad news: They lost the game, 8-7. All seven home runs were with the bases empty.

Seven solo home runs is tied most all-time for a team in one game. 
Seven home runs in a loss also ties a record.

Teams are 113-6 all-time, when they hit 7+ homers in a game.

8) Since 2018, when Jacob deGrom starts, the underdog is 37-41 on the money line, good for a profit of $2,070 on a $100 bet.

7) Cubs-Cardinals will play two games in London next June.

6) Before he got traded to New York, Andrew Benintendi was 13 for his last 36.

Since his trade to New York, he is 2-24 (with 8 walks). 

5) Happy 82nd birthday to Roman Gabriel, who was the Rams’ QB way back when I became a fan in 1966. Rams made the playoffs in 1967, 1969; back then, it was way harder to make the playoffs than it is now. 

Gabriel was 74-41-6 as the Rams’ QB; he went on to play five more years with the Eagles. 

4) Miami Hurricanes had a team one year where the top three QB’s were:
Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde.

These days, two of those guys would’ve transferred. If I ain’t starting, then I’ll be departing.

3) Last two teams to win the Super Bowl were the #5 seed in the NFC, the #4 seed in the NFC. Last four years, only two of the eight Super Bowl teams were #1 seeds. 

2) Jacoby Brissett will be able to write a very interesting book someday. In his six-year NFL career, he has backed up these QB’s:
Tom Brady. Andrew Luck. Jimmy Garoppolo. Deshaun Watson. Tua Tagovailoa.

Brissett has a 14-23 record as a starter. 

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
NL: Mets, Mil/StL, Dodgers Wild Cards: San Diego, Atlanta, Mil/StL/Phil
AL: New York, Twins, Astros Wild Cards: Toronto, Seattle, Tampa Bay

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