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We’re doing a survey this week; you know how the guy who wins the Masters picks the menu for the champions’ dinner the next year? He can choose anything he likes.

If you won the Masters, what food would you serve at the champions’ dinner?

E-mail me at or text me, if you know my cell number. We’ll post the results later on this week. 

13) Once a week, I order take-out food from an Olive Garden restaurant near my house; I order by phone, pay with a credit card, drive there, text them with what number parking space I’m in, and they bring my food out. It is a tremendous service and not very expensive.

So this week it is nice out, so I’m sitting there in my car with the window open, waiting for my food, and this woman in a car two spaces away is on her phone, cursing her kids out. Loudly.

“You bleeping kids!!! You better bleeping do what I said, or I’m calling your bleeping father to knock the bleep out of you!!!” She wasn’t happy.

I had to put my COVID mask on to hide my laughing. Luckily the guy came out with my food and I was on my way. Hope the kids enjoyed their dinner.

12) How would you like to be Deshaun Watson’s agent? Couple of months ago, it probably was a great gig; 25-year old QB, what could go wrong? Lets say he plays 12 more years in the NFL, at $25M a year, which is probably conservative; that’s $300M in salary for the next 12 years.

Agent’s take is 3%, so that’s $9M for the agent. For representing one guy; these top agents have dozens of clients, so they’re cleaning up, but if Watson’s career blows up because of his current legal problems, that could be $9M or so down the drain. No bueno.

11) Dodgers 5, A’s 1
— Oakland is now 0-6, which isn’t good.
— All four of their losses were by 4+ runs. A loss is a loss, but still…….
— Last time the A’s were 0-6, their sixth loss was against Boston, whose starting pitcher that day was………Babe Ruth.

10) The new extra inning format was designed to prevent games from going deep into the night, but Tuesday we had these two scores:
— Red Sox 6, Rays 5 (12)
— Arizona 10, Colorado 8 (13)

Ryan McMahon hit three homers and a double for Colorado, and they still lost.

9) Today is the day Jay Bruce finds out if he is staying in the Bronx this season, or moving on to another big league team. He homered Tuesday, making his case to stay, but when the Rangers traded 2B Roughned Odor to Bronx, it seemed to pave the way for Bruce to leave town— you figure DJ Lemahieu moves to 1B, and Odor plays 2B.

If there was a DH in the National League, Bruce wouldn’t have to worry about employment, but not sure how many openings there are right now for guys with his skill set.

8) Texas-El Paso basketball coach Rodney Terry quit to be an assistant coach at Texas; he is the second head coach to quit, in order to join Chris Beard’s Longhorn staff. Terry was at UTEP for three years, going 29-27 the last two years, 16-18 in C-USA games- he was head coach at Fresno State for seven years before that.

7) Baylor Bears were the first team since UCLA in 1968 (with Lew Alcindor), to win both the national semifinal and final by 15+ points. Very impressive.

6) San Jose State hired former Colorado State/Nebraska coach Tim Miles, who has his work cut out with the Spartans, and that’s being kind.

My records go back to 1997; San Jose State hasn’t had a winning record in conference play once in that time- they went 17-16 one year, but were 5-11 in the WAC.

Coach Miles has a great podcast which will probably get put on hold now; he’s a pleasant guy and we wish him luck. What he needs more than luck are some new recruits.

5) Warriors 122, Bucks 121:

— Golden State wins for only 2nd time in last nine games.
— Bucks played without their star, Giannis Antetokounmpo
— Steph Curry scored 41 points; he is great fun to watch.

4) Padres’ SS Fernando Tatis has slight tearing in his labrum, but there is no damage to his rotator cuff; the Padres say he doesn’t require surgery. He is on the IL, will be tested in ten days or so; it is his non-throwing shoulder, but he hurt it while batting, so its hard to imagine this injury just goes away without some kind of surgery or extended rest.

3) Nationals 6, Braves 5:
— Juan Soto walked it off with a 9th inning single.
— Max Scherzer gave up homers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd innings, for first time in his 378 career starts.
— Braves are already 0-4.
— Nationals were playing their opener, after they put ten players on the IL.

2) Chicago Bears’ coach Matt Nagy will be calling plays again this fall, which may mean he was given the “make the playoffs or else” ultimatum. If he’s going to get fired, it might as well be his fault. Andy Dalton is Chicago’s new QB, which should be interesting.

1) As you probably already know, I’m a big LA Rams fan; had NFL Network on this week and the talking heads on their morning show all agreed that they’d rather have Sam Darnold on their team than Jared Goff. Seriously? Let’s examine the facts.

Darnold: three years, 13-25 record. No playoff games. 45 TD’s, 39 INT’s
Goff: five years, 42-27 record, 3-3 playoffs. 107 TD, 55 INT’s. Won an NFC title.

Goff is in Detroit now, but wake up people, he’s a pretty good QB.
— Won a playoff game in Seattle 12 days after his broken thumb was operated on
— Won an NFC title game 34-31 in New Orleans
— Beat Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes 54-51 in a Monday night game.

Yeah, he’s had better coaching than Darnold, and Goff’s contract is a burden on the salary cap, but he’s won big games for the last four years. Its about time people who supposedly know the sport acknowledge that.

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