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13) Wild Card games:
Boston 6, New York 2— Gerrit Cole makes $36M a year, but he only got six outs in this game, leaving after throwing 50 pitches. Is his leg healthy? He only gave up three runs, seemed like a quick hook, if he is healthy. Red Sox play Tampa Bay in the next round.

Dodgers 3, Cardinals 1:
— Chris Taylor didn’t start game, but he ended it with a 2-run homer.
— Taylor entered game in an 8-for-72 slump.
— Dodgers/Giants meet in next round; both teams have 107 wins.

12) Pet Peeve Alert: TV people should not intrude on managers during a playoff game; its just not worth it. Not like the manager is going to say anything interesting anyway; these are playoff games, let the managers do their jobs.

ESPN did it Sunday night; TBS wisely didn’t do it in Los Angeles.

11) San Diego Padres told manager Jayce Tingler to take a hike Tuesday; the much-hyped Padres were 79-83 this year, 28 games behind the Giants in the NL West. Padres made playoffs LY, but lost 3-0 to Los Angeles in the NLDS.

Not sure how GM AJ Preller keeps his job; guy has been snagged twice by MLB for cheating, San Diego has made the playoffs once in his tenure, but hey, fire the manager.

10) Speaking of the Padres, I felt kind of old the other night when they showed Dave Winfield in a box at the Chargers game at SoFi Stadium— he celebrated his 70th birthday last weekend. Yikes. Winfield was an awesome athlete, also played college hoop at U of Minnesota. 

9) Red Sox star JD Martinez sprained his ankle the other day when he slipped on second base in Washington; I’m thinking MLB may switch to flatter bases next year. Seriously, people were talking about that this past spring.

8) Washington’s Juan Soto had a .465 on-base %age this year; he hit .313 and walked 145 times. Great year. 

Then you realize that Ted Williams had a career on-base %age of .482. Amazing.

7) There were 5,944 home runs hit in the major leagues this season, 832 less than 2019, the last full season. Toronto (262) hit the most; Pittsburgh (124) the least.

6) Chicago Bears’ star RB David Montgomery is expected to miss 4-5 weeks with a sprained left knee, big loss for a team that needs to run, to set up rookie QB Justin Fields’ passing game- they threw only 17 passes in their win over Detroit last week, but averaged 10.2 yards/attempt.

5) Odds on the four series in this round of baseball playoffs:
— Tampa Bay (-190) vs Boston
— Houston (-135) vs Chicago
— Dodgers (-160) vs San Francisco
— Milwaukee (-140) vs Atlanta

4) College football teams that are running the most plays this season:
84.0— North Texas
80.4— Central Michigan
80.4— Utah State
79.2— Arkansas State

3) Golden State Warriors F Andrew Wiggins has averaged 19.5 ppg in his 7-year NBA career; he will make $31,579,390 this season, which undoubtedly forced his hand in the decision. He had been adamant about not getting the vaccine, but that’s not what happened.

2) Was very surprised when season 5 of Showtime’s fine series Billions ended Sunday night; I didn’t know that star Damian Lewis was leaving the series. In real life, his wife passed away this past year and he lives in England, so he stepped away from his career for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see how the show evolves without its main character.

1) It turns out that Maris Valainis, the actor who played Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers, never made his high school basketball team in Indiana. He was an all-state golfer in high school and played college golf at Purdue. 

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