Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) On April 4, 1990, Phoenix Suns won 119-115 in OT at home vs Utah; one of the strangest boxscores I’ve ever seen.

Suns were 61-80 on the foul line (61 for freakin’ 80!!!!); four guys on the Jazz fouled out, two others had five fouls, three others had four. Utah was 29-41. Kevin Johnson was 23-24 on the foul line, Tom Chambers was 17-22, Karl Malone 17-21.

Jazz committed 52 fouls, Phoenix 32. Jerry Sloan had to be really excited about this one.

Teams were a combined 6-27 behind the arc; game sure has changed a lot.

12) I mentioned during the NFL Draft Thursday night how Jerry Jones’ living room looked like a waiting room in a funeral parlor. Well, it turns out that Jerry was watching the draft from his $250M luxury yacht. Bigger than the SS Minnow for sure; not sure if it is bigger than The Love Boat.

11) Carolina Panthers made seven draft picks last week; all defensive players.

10) 20 undrafted free agents have been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

9) Saturday Night Live had Brad Pitt as Dr Fauci during Saturday night’s show; was a pretty good 3-minute segment.

8) There are rumors that Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez are trying to buy the Mets; almost anyone, and I do mean ALMOST anyone, would be better than the Wilpons.

7) 54% of snaps taken by Green Bay Packer WR’s last year were taken by undrafted players, so guess it makes sense that Green Bay didn’t draft a WR last week, despite it being a draft rich in WR’s— 38 of them were taken in seven rounds.

6) Was fun seeing some of the homes of NFL coaches/GM’s; the room Bears’ coach Matt Nagy was sitting in was covered wall-to-wall with paper, but they never showed what was on the walls, whether it was football stuff or his kid’s school assignments. Lot of paper, though.

5) Speaking of Nagy, Chicago QB Mitch Trubisky averaged 6.1 yards/pass attempt LY, the lowest among starters in the NFL, which may explain why Nick Foles is now a Bear.

4) Miami Dolphins’ last Pro Bowl QB? Dan Marino, in 1995.

3) Every time I log onto Twitter, one of the first things I see is an ad for Honey Nut Cheerios with Ellen DeGeneres; I’ve never had Honey Nut Cheerios, though I did like Cheerios when I was a kid, but why this ad so much? No big deal, was just wondering.

2) 2021 NFL Draft will be in Cleveland, where weather could be a factor; the ’22 Draft will be in Las Vegas, where it was supposed to be last week.

1) Long time ago, maybe 20 or so years ago, a guy I knew (we weren’t friends but were in same circle for a while) openly mocked me because I enjoy watching the NFL Draft.

Not sure what inspired him to share that with me, but like I’ve said here many times, part of what makes life so interesting is that different people like different stuff. I didn’t respond well to what he said, just mumbled something about it being fun for me.

I bring this up because respect/tolerance of other people is important. We all disagree on one thing or another, but as long as we do things that make us happy, who cares?

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