Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Oregon 95, Iowa 80:
— Ducks ended first half on an 18-4 run, never looked back.
— Oregon’s shot chart had an awful lot of dunks/layups.
— Luka Garza ended a great college career, scoring 36 points.

12) Michigan 86, LSU 78:
— Wolverines are only Big 14 team left in tournament; 9 teams started.
— Michigan shot 66.7% inside arc, are in Sweet 16 for 3rd time in last four tourneys.
— LSU’s two best players both played 40:00, and it showed near the end.

11) Gonzaga 87, Oklahoma 71
— Gonzaga is 28-0, with one win by less than 10 points.
— Zags shot 57.1% inside arc, scored 1.26 points/possession.
— Oklahoma finished season losing six of its last eight games.

10) USC 85, Kansas 51:
— Trojans made nine of their first 13 3-pointers, are in first Sweet 16 since ‘07
— Pac-12 teams are 9-1 SU in this tournament.
— Kansas had won 9 of 10 games coming in; not a strong effort here.

9) Creighton 72, Ohio U 58:
— Ohio U emptied its bag when they upset Virginia Saturday.
— Bishop was 6-7 from floor, had 15 rebounds for Creighton.
— Bluejays held four of last five opponents to 62 or fewer points.

8) Alabama 96, Maryland 77:
— Alabama made 16-33 shots on arc; tough to beat that.
— Bet you its been long time since Maryland gave up 1.43 ppp.
— Terps finished 17-14, losing four of last six games.

7) Florida State 71, Colorado 53:
— Seminoles are shooting 38.2% on arc (#16), are #19 on offensive boards.
— Florida State is deep; they scored 41 points in first 30:00, 30 points in last 10:00.
— 23-9 Colorado started three seniors; really good year for them.

6) UCLA 67, Abilene Christian 47:
— UCLA had last four games in a row before this tournament started.
— You get feeling Abilene Christian beating Texas was their Super Bowl.
— UCLA-Alabama in Sweet 16 is a stark contrast of styles.

Cruddy set of set games Monday; one game decided by less than 14 points.

5) College basketball coaching stuff:
— Marquette fired Steve Wojciechowski, who made two NCAA tourneys (0-2) in 7 years.
— Hofstra coach Joe Mihalich stepped down, took another job in the athletic department.
— UNLV hired Kevin Kruger as its coach; his dad Lon Kruger was UNLV’s coach as recently was 2011, is coaching Oklahoma now.

4) Mountain West used to be a fun league, but it has gone downhill lately; last five tournaments, Mountain West teams are 1-7 in first round games. Going to be a one-bid league soon.

3) This was first time since 2003 that North Carolina went consecutive seasons without winning an NCAA Tournament game. In 2002/2003, Tar Heels went a combined 10-22 in ACC games and then they fired the coach, which is why Roy Williams came back to Chapel Hill.

I understand that there was no NCAA Tournament last year, but UNC went 14-19 and wasn’t getting in the tournament anyway.

2) Last three NCAA tournaments, ACC teams were combined 5-16 ATS in the first round.

1) Memo to myself: The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is great fun, always. Next year, if I have half a brain, this column will be written in Las Vegas. 

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