Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Orioles 9, Seattle 2:
— Baltimore is 14-10 in June; this is their first winning month in five years.
— Tyler Wells allowed one hit, one run in five IP.
— Orioles hit back/back homers twice in this game. 

12) Speaking of the Orioles, CF Cedric Mullins is struggling this year, hitting only .258 with a .312 one-base %age, not ideal for a leadoff man.

Last year, Mullins had a break-thru year; he was a 30-30 guy, hitting 30 homers, stealing 30 bases, with .761 OPS. The expanded ballpark in Baltimore shouldn’t be hurting Mullins, who is lefty— the ballpark is bigger now in left field, but not right or center.

Mullins made a couple great catches in this game; his defense is still solid, but the Orioles need his offense to revert back to last year, if they’re going to keep improving. 

11) Kansas City Royals traded 1B Carlos Santana to Seattle for a couple of minor leaguers; he will replace injured 1B Ty France, who hurt his elbow last week.

36-year old Santana is hitting only .216 this year, but is 8-19 in his last five games. 

10) Next season there will be a Wrigley Field sportsbook, located at the former Captain Morgan Club in the right-field corner of the ballpark. The addition of a year-round sportsbook is part of a strategy to turn Wrigleyville into a year-round destination- the sports book isn’t expected to open until Christmas/New Year’s.

9) Minnesota Twins’ pitching coach Wes Johnson quit his job to become the pitching coach at LSU, where his salary will twice what it was in Minnesota. Johnson leaves the Twins after this week’s series against Cleveland.

I’ll repeat myself: the pitching coach at LSU will be making twice as much money as the pitching coach of a team that is in first place in the AL Central. Go figure.

The new analytics era has lessened the value of assistant coaches; I’m thinking this isn’t a good thing for major league baseball. 

8) Players are getting to the major leagues faster these days; 7 of the top 20 players taken in the 2019 draft are already in the big leagues. They get to the major leagues faster, they need more coaching once they get there, but you have to pay the coaches to keep them. 

7) Weird part of the Mariners-Angels brawl Sunday; one of the people who was suspended is an interpreter for the Angels. You don’t see that every day. 

6) Blue Jays 7, Red Sox 2— Boston is 2-6 against the Blue Jays, 7-15 against the AL East, 35-17 against everyone else. 

5) UAB-football coach Bill Clark resigned for health reasons; he went 49-26 in six years with the Blazers, winning two conference titles. Blazers have played in five straight bowl games.

Offensive coordinator Bryant Vincent will assume interim coaching duties. UAB is set to join the AAC for the 2023 season.

4) Last week in Chicago, umpire Doug Eddings’ work behind the plate enraged the Blue Jays so much that the next day, their hitting coach got tossed BEFORE the game, and wound up getting suspended for five games. Here is why.

In that game, Eddings called 158 pitches balls; only one of them was a strike. That’s the good part.

Eddings called 70 pitches strikes; only 45 of them were actually in the strike zone. 64% accuracy isn’t professional-level umpiring. 

One of the pitches he missed was a 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded and two outs in the top the 8th inning. Somehow, even with Eddings calling 25 pitches strikes that weren’t strike, the game still ended up 7-6, but Toronto got hosed.

3) When I was a kid, my dad used to bring the New York Daily News home every day; I grew up reading a columnist named Dick Young, a great writer best known for his direct/blunt style.

One of the things Young advocated for was a “team error” in baseball; guy hits a pop-up in the outfield, two fielders look at each other, the ball drops, the batter gets a hit, the pitchers get screwed.

Young thought it should be scored a “team error”, no hit for the batter, which I agree with. Guy on TV last night was advocating for it too. Maybe someday it’ll happen.

2) The transfer portal has becoming a huge part of college basketball, but not all the players are benefitting from it. 

1,626 players entered the portal after last season; as of last week, only 800 players have found a new team, which means that 50.8% of kids who wanted to transfer haven’t found a new home yet.
— 370 of 698 sophomores are available (53%)
— 217 of 435 juniors are available (49.9%)
— 239 of 493 seniors are available (48.5%)

Maybe kids who weren’t happy with their playing time weren’t getting that time because they aren’t as good as they think they are. No one else wants them either.

1) John Wall will sacrifice $6.5M of the $47.4M that is owed to him in order to join the Los Angeles Clippers instead of playing for Houston. Wall has played just 72 games over the last four years due to a combination of injuries and Houston’s disinterest in using him. Yikes. 

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