Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) Jets 24, Falcons 16:
— Atlanta led 16-3 at halftime.
— Penalties: Falcons 13 for 121 yards, Jets 11 for 104
— Jets’ last TD was scored by their defense on a rainy night.
— Atlanta outgained the Jets, 380-279. 

12) Speaking of the Jets, they’ve lost 12 straight regular season September games. Here are their September games this season:
Week 1— vs Baltimore
Week 2— @ Cleveland
Week 3— vs Cincinnati

Jets’ first four games this season are against the AFC North. 

11) On Sunday, after practicing against the Jets late in the week, the Falcons visited the US Military Academy at West Point. They practiced there, had lunch; the entire traveling party spent the day learning about West Point, its history and the sacrifices some of its alumni have made in defense of this country. That included a trip through West Point Cemetery, where veterans told stories about their fallen classmates.

Training camp can get monotonous; Sunday provided players/coaches with a break and a chance to bond as teammates. 

10) Carolina Panthers did the expected and named Baker Mayfield their starting QB for their Week 1 game against Cleveland, Mayfield’s old team.

9) Coming into Monday’s game, Kansas City Royals had walked opposing #9 hitters 56 times this season, more than any other team. That not good.

8) Cardinals 1, Cubs 0:
— Jordan Montgomery has started four games for St Louis; in 25.2 IP, he’s put only 16 runners on base, and only one of them scored. Great trade by the Cardinals.
— Only run of the game was a 7th-inning home run by 42-year old Albert Pujols. 

7) Central Florida named Ole Miss transfer John Rhys Plumlee the Knights’ starting QB this season; Plumlee started eight games at QB for Ole Miss in 2019, while setting the program’s freshman rushing record with 1,023 yards, 16 TD’s.

After losing the starting QB job to Matt Corral (now in the NFL) Plumlee played RB/WR for the Rebels, before transferring to UCF, so he can play quarterback again. 

6) NFL teams who had the most draft picks, from 2017-22:
67— Minnesota
58— Green Bay
56— Baltimore
55— Cincinnati
54— Washington 

5) NFL teams who had the fewest draft picks, from 2017-22:
34— New Orleans
40— Kansas City
41— Houston
42— Falcons, Bears, Dolphins, Eagles

4) 3am the other night, I’m watching old episodes of Green Acres, because old re-runs are more fun that sleeping. I loved Green Acres when I was a kid; it turns out in the first episode, they say that Oliver Wendell Douglas’ character (Eddie Albert) was born in Saratoga, about 30 miles north of Armadillo World HQ. Turns out his dad liked to wager on the ponies.

3) Big 14 is going to make a small fortune on their TV deal, with lot of different networks showing all their events. One thing came out Monday, which was disappointing; they said 20% or so go Big 14 basketball games will be shown on the Peacock Network. 

There are so many new TV networks now; they nickel/dime you to death with their fees. There is Paramount+, ESPN+, Peacock, AMC+, on and on and on. No bueno.

2) Random odd fact: UCLA hasn’t won the Pac-12 regular season basketball title since 2013, Ben Howland’s last season in Westwood; they’ve made the NCAA tournament six times in eight tries since then (they were a bubble team in 2020, when there were no NCAA’s), but no regular season titles.

You’d think a team that went 12-6 in NCAA Tournament games over an 8-year stretch would at least win their conference once, but they haven’t. 

1) RIP to former Permian HS football coach Gary Gaines, who passed away this week; Gaines was the coach made famous by the movie Friday Night Lights— Billy Bob Thornton played him in the movie.

Friday Night Lights shows what a big deal high school football is in west Texas; people put “For Sale” signs on Coach Gaines’ lawn after a loss. The year after the season chronicled in the book and movie, Permian High won the state championship. 

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