Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Right now, every coach in America is having his computer’s hard drive scrubbed, maybe every person in America who has a job they value.

Raiders told coach Jon Gruden to take a hike Monday night, after emails were leaked in which Gruden repeatedly used insensitive language. People’s feelings were hurt, though the people he was talking about didn’t actually see those e-mails. Until now, years later.

Let me repeat that; Gruden lost a $10M a year job because he used insensitive language in an e-mail.

Assistant coach Rich Bisaccia is going to replace Gruden as the Raiders’ interim HC. He isn’t making $10M a year; profitable night for owner Mark Davis. $60M worth of profitable.

12) Must admit that I enjoy a good conspiracy theory; Gruden went 22-31 during his second stint with the Raiders. 22-31 ain’t good; maybe Mark Davis had enough and was looking for a way out of his $100 million hiring debacle. Hire a private investigator to dig up some dirt on his coach? Wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

11) Had to order a new remote control for my TV over the weekend, wore this one out- the #5 doesn’t work much, either does #2. Ordered the new remote late Friday night; it was on my stoop Monday morning, so kudos to DirecTV for fast action.  

10) Saw something I’ve never seen before in Thursday’s NFL game; not sure anyone else had seen it either. Rams blocked a Seattle punt; the Seahawks punter (an Australian) made like it was Aussie Rules Football and scooped it up on the run and booted it again.

I was 95% sure that wasn’t legal, same as Troy Aikman, Mike Pereira on FOX, but turns out it is legal, as long as both kicks come behind the line of scrimmage (it was sketchy whether he was behind the line for the 2nd kick, but the Rams won, so I’ll shut up).

Anyway, you learn something every day; this was a good one.

9) Seattle QB Russell Wilson’s streak of 149 consecutive starts will end Sunday, after he had surgery on his injured finger. Geno Smith gets the start in his place.

As a Ram fan, Wilson has made me queasy twice a year for the last 10 years; great player, sure Hall of Famer.

The last bet I made in Las Vegas was two years ago; bet on the Seahawks in Cleveland at MGM (a great sportsbook). For once, I got to root for Wilson and I wasn’t queasy, even won my bet.

8) By the way, if you’re at the MGM betting on games, there is an excellent pizza place right around the corner, Bonanno’s. An ideal Sunday is sitting there, watching NFL games with a couple slices from Bonanno’s. And winning your bets, of course.

7) College football can be strange; Oklahoma benched its starting QB Saturday, the backup played great- they scored a TD to make score 41-39 Texas, but probably because the backup hasn’t practiced the 2-point plays much, they put the starter back in for the conversion, and Oklahoma tied the game 41-41. Backup played the rest of the game.

Seeing as this is 2021 though, does the QB who doesn’t start Oklahoma’s next game enter the transfer portal? Remember, “If I ain’t startin’, then I’ll be departin’….”

6) Kansas City Chiefs are 2-11 ATS in their last 13 games (9-4 SU). 

Chiefs have turned ball over 11 times since their last takeaway; not good.

5) Tampa Bay Rays have only five homegrown players on their roster for the Boston series; they develop good players, then trade them, and they usually win their trades.

Exhibit A: July 31, 2018, Rays traded P Chris Archer to Pittsburgh, for P Tyler Glasnow, OF Austin Meadows and a player to be named later, who turned out to be top prospect Shane Baz, who started Game 1 of the Boston series.

4) Braves 3, Brewers 0:
— Milwaukee pinch-hit for P Peralta in top of 5th, in scoreless game; they didn’t score.
— Peralta had thrown only 57 pitches, was on a roll.
— Atlanta scored three runs in bottom of 5th; not a great day for Craig Counsell.
— Milwaukee is 0-16 with RISP in this series.

3) Red Sox 6, Rays 5:
— Kike Hernandez walked it off with a 9th-inning sac fly.
— Boston led 5-0 in third inning, blew the lead, then won the game.
— Red Sox win series 3-1, advance to the ALCS.

2) Giants 1, Dodgers 0:
— Longoria homered in 5th inning for only run of game.
— SF bullpen threw 4.1 innings to nail game down.
— Giants lead series, 2-1.

1) Baltimore 31, Indianapolis 25:
— Colts led 22-3; it was 25-9 with 10:00 to play.
— Wentz threw for 402 yards and two TD’s.
— On their last two drives, Colts missed FG, had another one blocked.
— Total yardage: Ravens 523, Colts 513.

— Ravens’ first four drives: 20 plays, 58 yards, four punts.
— Ravens’ last four drives: 32 plays, 297 yards, four TD’s.
— Jackson threw for 442 yards, ran for 62 more.
— Baltimore won last four games, scoring 27.3 ppg.
— Four of their five games were decided by 1 or 2 points, or in OT.  

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