Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Kansas 72, North Carolina 69:
— Tar Heels led 40-25 at halftime.
— For Kansas:
Braun and Wilson in first half: 1-13, two points.
Braun and Wilson in second half, 10-14, 25 points.
— UNC shot only 36% inside the arc.
— Carolina outrebounded Kansas 55-35 

12) Last four years, Starling Marte played 449 games in the outfield, 448 of them in centerfield. Last year, Marte played 56 games in centerfield for Oakland, where one of his teammates was Mark Canha. Marte/Canha are now teammates with the Mets.

Canha played 134 games for Oakland LY, 23 of them in CF, which were before Marte came to the A’s.

In spring training this weekend, Marte was playing rightfield, Canha centerfield. Different people see things different ways, which makes the world a more interesting place. 

11) Eight NFL teams don’t have a first round draft pick this year, so now the league is worried that ratings for the first night of the draft won’t be so good, since 25% of the league isn’t invested in the first round.

I root for the Rams, who never have a first round pick (last one was Jared Goff in 2016) but I’ll be watching the first round, if that makes anyone in New York City feel better. 

10) NFL Draft is in Las Vegas this year; Raiders don’t have a pick until late in the third round, which could also tone down the excitement of the first night. 

9) Saints/Eagles made a trade Monday, dealing seven draft picks, no actual players; Saints get the 16th/19th picks this year, Eagles get the 18th pick this year, plus a first round pick next year, a 2nd round pick in 2024. 

8) Duke basketball assistant Nolan Smith bolts the Blue Devils to become Kenny Payne’s top assistant at Louisville, where Smith’s late father played ball. 

7) Mike Trout got traded in my fantasy league over the weekend, second time in three years he got dealt. I’m curious how that will work out. 

6) Want to win a bar bet? Who was the first major leaguer to hit three home runs on Opening Day?

Toronto’s George Bell, in 1988. 

5) Last five defending champs in NCAA Tournament all lost on the first weekend:
2023— Kansas ??????
2022— Baylor lost in 2nd round
2020— Virginia lost in first round
2019— Villanova lost in 2nd round
2018— North Carolina lost in 2nd round
2017— Villanova lost in 2nd round

4) Here is what Washington will be paying QB Carson Wentz:
2022— $22M salary, $6.294 roster bonus
2023— $20M salary, $6.176 roster bonus
2024— $21M salary, $6.235 roster bonus

3) Detroit Tigers acquired OF Austin Meadows from Tampa Bay, for IF Isaac Paredes and a pick in July’s draft. 

2) Is Hank Aaron the most underrated baseball player ever? You take away his 755 career home runs and he still had more hits than Wade Boggs.

1) Jim Nantz calls the Kansas-North Carolina game on national TV, now goes to Augusta and calls The Masters golf tournament this week, starting Thursday. Pretty good week for him.

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