Tuesday’s Den: Conference tournament trends…….

Conference tournament trends……..
Duke- since 2017, they’re 15-2 in ACC tourney games.

From 2012-14, Louisville won 3 straight conference tourneys; since joining the ACC, they’re 3-7 in conference tournament games.

Miami- since 2006, they’re 15-3 in their first ACC Tourney game each year.

North Carolina hasn’t won an ACC Tournament since 2016; they’ve gone WL in five of seven tournaments since then.

Syracuse- since joining the ACC, they’re 5-8 in conference tournament games.

Big East
Since joining the Big East…….
Butler is 3-9 in the Big East Tournament
Creighton is 9-9
DePaul is 5-15
Marquette is 14-16 (won tournament LY)
Xavier is 8-11 (4 of last 5 tournament losses were in OT)

Midwestern teams haven’t fared too well in this event (Creighton is 0-4 in Finals)

Tournament is played in Madison Square Garden, one of St John’s’ home floors; they haven’t won a Big East tournament since 2000.

Big 14
since 2011, Illinois is 8-11 (won ’21 tournament)

since 2014, Indiana is 6-9 (0-1 all-time in tournament finals)

since 2007, Iowa is 9-15 (was 4-0 in winning ’22 tournament)

since 2012, Michigan State is 18-7, won four tournaments (last one, 2019)

last two years, Purdue is 5-1; they won the tournament last year.

Big X
since 2006, Kansas Jayhawks are 36-7 in the Big X Tournament. 

since 2015, Baylor is 112-60 in regular season Big X games, 3-8 in Big X tourney. 

since 2014, Iowa State won four Big X Tournaments; the other six years, they were 1-5 in the first round.

since 2003, Kansas State is 12-19 in the Big X Tournament.

since 2017, Oklahoma is 1-6.

Since 2014, Texas Tech is 3-9.

Arizona won five of the last eight Pac-12 Tournaments.

since 2011, Colorado is 11-1 in its first tourney game (2-8 in last 10 second games)

since 2013, Oregon is 20-7 in Pac-12 Tournaments (won 3 tournaments).

USC has gone WL in six of last seven tournaments, WWL in the other.

UCLA hasn’t won Pac-12 Tournament since 2014 (WWL each of the last two years).

Utah is 1-7 in last seven tournaments.

Alabama won two of last three tournaments.

Arkansas went WL the last three years.
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Mississippi State went WL the last six years.
Missouri went WL the last four years.

since 2010, Auburn is 7-11 (3-1 in ’15, 4-0 in ’19, 0-10 the other 10 years).

from 2015-18, Kentucky won four straight tournaments; since then, they’re 2-4.

since 2016, South Carolina is 1-6.

Since 2018, Tennessee is 9-5.

Atlantic 15
since joining the A-15, VCU is 16-8, winning the tournament twice.

since 2011, #1-seed has won only three of the 13 tournaments.

Big West
Last 11 tournaments, eight different schools have won a title.

Last seven years, six different teams have won this tournament; Charleston is only team with two tournament titles in that span. 

Iona won this tournament six of last eight years; since 2013, they’re 27-4.

Last four tournaments, four different teams won a tournament title. 

Mountain West
This event is played in Las Vegas; UNLV hasn’t won it since 2008, and is 2-5 since 2019.

since 2014, San Diego State is 25-7, 3-6 in tournament title game.

#1-seed won this tournament the last three years.

since 2004, Gonzaga is 41-4 in the WCC Tournament.

since 2010, Saint Mary’s is 19-12 (3-9 against Gonzaga).

Last time someone other than Gonzaga/Saint Mary’s won the WCC Tournament was 2008, when #3-seed San Diego won.

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