Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) A medical expert posted this on Twitter Tuesday: 

“A Thanksgiving with your family on Zoom is better than Christmas/New Year’s in the ICU”

Over the next 3-4 months, self-discipline will save lives. Please be intelligent. Protect yourself and your family.

12) When I see what a big prospect Georgia’s James Edwards is, then I read this quote:

“To be honest, I can’t watch basketball,” Edwards told ESPN. ”I’m still not really into it. I love basketball, yeah, it’s what I do.”

That red flag couldn’t get any brighter; if he has a great career, more power to him, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 20-foot pole.

11) New Jersey Giants had an interesting day during their bye week; the head coach brought in a consultant to work with the offensive line, the current OL coach wasn’t happy about that, words were exchanged and the consultant replaced the OL coach, who was fired.

Jason Garrett brought the OL coach with him from Dallas when he was hired as the Giants’ offensive coordinator, so might be little awkward for him. 

10) If you’re interested in such things, Steelers are +750 to finish the season 16-0. 

9) NBA exhibition games start December 11, regular season starts December 22. 

8) San Francisco 49ers are 24-9 in last 33 games that Jimmy Garoppolo started, 5-23 in last 28 games he didn’t start. 

7) 38-year old Robinson Cano flunked another PED test, gets a year suspension from MLB— it also frees up $24M in salary for the Mets to use this year, but Cano is still owed $24M in both 2022-23. 

6) New Mexico State’s basketball team will relocate to Phoenix for at least the next five weeks;  they will hunker down at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, where they’ll have access to a full basketball court in a ballroom along with an up-to-date weight room.

5) Big 14 Conference posted its basketball schedule, with four nationally televised games on Christmas Day:

Wisconsin at Michigan State
Iowa at Minnesota
Michigan at Nebraska
Maryland at Purdue

4) Jay Bilas was on ESPN Tuesday night, basically saying that because the NCAA Tournament is such big business, it has to be played this year— having it cancelled two years in a row would be catastrophic financially. 

3) Iona’s new coach Rick Pitino posted a suggestion that college basketball be moved back a couple months, with the NCAA Tournament in May (May Madness!!!) for one year only, but the idea doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction. 

2) Dodger OF Cody Bellinger hurt his shoulder while celebrating a homer he hit in Game 7 of the World Series; he had that shoulder operated on this week. 

1) Note on the NBA; last season, 77 undrafted players played 20+ games, so skill development is a huge thing, mistakes are made in evaluation and if guys work hard to improve their skills, they can still bank a lot of money, even if they aren’t drafted. 

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