Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) One of the recurring themes in the next couple weeks will be how the 60-game season is a spring, not a marathon. People will say over and over how last year’s champs, the Washington Nationals, were a feeble 19-31 after fifty games.

If a team goes 37-23 this year, that’s the numerical equivalent of going 100-62.

12) Over last four years, %age of games that went to extra innings:
2016: 7.62%
2017: 7.45%
2018: 8.89%
2019: 8.56%

4-year average works out to 8.19%, or basically one game per day.

11) David Cone was a really good pitcher; he went 194-126 in his 17-year career playing for five teams. Now he is a very good TV analyst; smart, funny, says what he thinks.

Unusual thing about Cone is that he wore seven different numbers in his major league career; that’s unusual for a star player. He also wore #17 for two teams (Mets/Royals), #36 for two teams (Bronx/Boston).

10) Giants’ manager Gabe Kapler made the last out of Dallas Braden’s perfect game for the A’s back in 2010.

9) Stat guy Mark Simon posted this piece of knowledge:

Since the start of 2016, 213 pitchers have pitched at least 250 innings; Tommy Milone’s 5.67 ERA ranks 208th of those 213 pitchers.

Milone is the Orioles’ Opening Day starter; no bueno.

8) Padres’ TV guy Don Orsillo, who is great at his job, was laughing last night about how the Padres haven’t played a regular season game in Anaheim since 2015, which is nonsensical, seeing how they pass Anaheim Stadium every time they drive from San Diego to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers.

I’d be in favor of total geographic realignment in baseball; think it would promote rivalries and increase attendance, once fans are allowed to go to games again.

7) They played the first-ever game in Globe Life Field in Arlington Tuesday; Daniel Murphy hit the stadium’s first-ever home run. They have an artificial surface instead of grass there.

6) Texas Rangers’ 2B Rougned Odor had a weird season last year:
— His OPS with the bases empty: .621, which is terrible
— His OPS with men in scoring position: 1.042, which is very excellent.

Thats how you knock in 93 runs, despite hitting .205.

5) 22-year old Mike Soroka is the Braves’ Opening Day starter; he’ll be the youngest guy to pitch on Opening Day since Jose Fernandez in 2014.

4) Bad beat in the KBO Tuesday morning: LG Twins were beating the KT Wiz 8-1 in the middle of the 7th- they take starting pitcher Wilson out, and immediately give up eight runs in the 7th inning, using five relievers, the first three of whom didn’t record an out.

Wiz walked the game off 10-9, big win for them.

3) One of the quirky things about baseball this season will be players spread out in the stands behind each dugout, social distancing instead of being in the dugout. They’ve put tents up to keep sun/rain off the players.

2) Dodgers signed Mookie Betts to a 12-year, $365M contract; Betts would’ve been a free agent after this season.

1) Governor of Pennsylvania put the kibosh on the Toronto Blue Jays playing home games at PNC Park in Pittsburgh this season. Season starts today, and still no idea where the Blue Jays will call home. Buffalo is apparently the last resort. 

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