Saturday’s Den: Random stuff with the weekend here……..

— Starting in 2024, SEC will have 16 teams, once they add Texas/Oklahoma; their football teams will play only eight conference games— they won’t have divisions.

— Nuggets 104, Heat 93
Denver led 59-42 at halftime of Thursday’s Game 1.
Jokic was 10-12 on foul line; Miami’s whole team was 2-2 on the line.
Miami has won three NBA titles; they lost Game 1 in the Finals all three times.
Game 2 isn’t until Sunday.

— Mets faced Taijuan Walker Thursday, Chris Bassitt Friday; those two led the Mets in innings pitched last year. This is the first time since 1978 a team faced its IP leaders from the previous season in consecutive games.

In ’78, Red Sox faced Ferguson Jenkins/Reggie Cleveland in a doubleheader against Texas, after they led Boston in innings pitched in 1977.

— 11 years ago this week, Johan Santana threw a no-hitter for the Mets; he threw 134 pitches in the game, an 8-0 Mets win.

That would never happen today; no way a pitcher is allowed to throw 134 pitches in a game, especially an 8-0 game. 

Most pitches anyone has thrown in the majors this season? Justin Verlander threw 117 pitches in six IP vs Toronto Friday night; Kevin Gausman has thrown 115 in two starts this season.

— Nationals 8, Phillies 7
Washington blew a 7-1 lead, scored in bottom of 8th to win it.
Phillies are 3-8 in their last eleven games.

— Brewers 5, Reds 4 (11)— Cincinnati was 1-17 with runners in scoring position.

— Pirates 7, Cardinals 5
St Louis led 5-1 in 7th inning.
Ke’Bryan Hayes went 3-4 with four RBI.

— Arizona 3, Atlanta 2— Diamondbacks won six in row, 10 of last 13 games.

— Rockies 7, Royals 2— Kansas City is 0-12 in Jordan Lyles’ starts; he only allowed one run in 5 IP in this game, but they still lost.

— Texas 2, Seattle 0— Gray out dueled Castillo, tossing seven shutout IP.

—- Astros 6, Angels 2— Valdez threw seven shutout innings.

— Baseball injuries:
Red Sox put P Chris Sale (shoulder) on the IL
San Diego put DH Nelson Cruz (hamstring) on the IL.

— Seattle Mariners are bringing up P Bryan Woo to make his MLB debut in Texas Saturday. Woo is 23; he pitched at Cal Poly. He is 3-2, 2.05 in nine AA starts this season. Marco Gonzales is banged up, which is why the Mariners reached into the minors for a replacement.

— Julio Teheran allowed two runs in 11 IP in his first two starts this year, his first starts since 2021. In his last start, Teheran threw 79 pitches, facing 22 batters, with no walks/strikeouts.

Very unusual that a pitcher would throw six innings, with no walks/strikeouts.

— Noah Syndergaard threw 96 pitches in five IP vs Washington Wednesday, giving up five runs. Nationals swung at 40 of his 96 pitches, whiffed only once, not a good sign for Syndergaard going forward. 

— Random trivia: Burgess Meredith was the Penguin in 20 episodes of the Batman TV series, the most episodes of any Batman villain.

— In case you were wondering, the winning word in the National Spelling Bee was:

psammophile— an organism that thrives in sandy areas.

— Movie of the Day: While you’re sleeping and I’m writing this, usually have old movies on, once all the ballgames end. Amazon Prime is the graveyard of old movies; I’m going to mention one I’ve watched every day.

Cousins (1989)— Ted Danson, William Peterson both wound up playing the head of the crime lab in CSI, but way before that, they were in this movie, where two couples go to a mutual friend’s wedding and end up swapping partners.

Movie ends with Danson and Isabella Rosellini sailing off into the sunset, which I mention because at the end of the last episode of CSI, 26 years later, William Peterson’s character sails off into the sunset with Sara Sidle, almost the same exact ending, which couldn’t be a coincidence. 

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