Saturday’s Den: Random stuff with the weekend here…….

13) I’ve tried really hard to keep politics out of this space, but not today, because I am pissed off, and every other American should also be very, very pissed off.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (NC) sold as much as $1.7M in stock last month before the stock market began to tank; he and other Senators had been briefed about how serious this pandemic was going to be. Turns out he then privately warned supporters that the Coronavirus was very serious. Publicly, he said no such thing.

Senator Kelly Loeffler (GA), whose husband is the chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, also dumped a ton of stock, worth anywhere from $1.275M to $3M, right after the briefing about the Coronavirus, during which she sat next to Senator Burr.

Ms Loeffler is said to be worth $500M, the wealthiest member of Congress.

Dianne Feinstein sold seven figures ($1.5M to $7M) worth of stock after the briefing. 

Jim Inhofe (OK) dumped as much as $450,000 in stock.

These people are supposed to represent ordinary people like us, but instead of warning voters about this horrible virus, they protected their own pocketbooks first. What they did is legal, but it sure as hell wasn’t ethical.

Go figure.

On to more pleasant subjects……..
12) How are you passing the time with no sports on TV and everyone mostly staying home? Let me know if you’re doing anything interesting; e-mail me at

As for me, it is mostly Magnum PI re-runs, replays of New York Met games, replays of college hoop games, NFL games and catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO Go. Either that, or just shut the TV off and listen to music while I play Words With Friends.

Seriously, I’m tired of sleeping. Am going to start reading some more books.

Let me know how you’re dealing with more time indoors.

11) Someone posted a bingeing bracket, 64 shows that you should catch up on, seeded like the NCAA Tournament would be.

#1 seeds: Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad— I’ve never seen any of these shows, I must admit. Heard of them, but never watched.

#16 seeds: Glitch, Peaky Blinders, House of Cards, Big Little Lies— Never heard of these shows, I watch sports more than movies.

Where my favorites were seeded:
Billions is a #4-seed— I highly recommend it.
The West Wing is a #2-seed— Not a bad show.
Ray Donovan is under-seeded as a #9— Violent show, but very good.
Curb Your Enthusiasm is a #3-seed— Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cringe. Lot of big stars have been in this show. I’m still making my way thru the older episodes.

10) If you’re on Instagram, find Olivia Harlan Dekker’s account; she has done a short thing with her dad (Kevin Harlan) every day this week, talking about sports from Harlan’s living room. It is a few minutes where they talk about both of them being professional announcers, and how they prepare, things they look for when getting ready to do their jobs.

Nice to see a father/daughter with such good chemistry.

9) How can there be an amateur baseball draft in June? There won’t be a college or high school baseball season. Picking players would be a complete crapshoot. Wonder how they will handle that.

8) In 1969, the Mets swept a doubleheader in Pittsburgh, winning both games 1-0, with both runs driven in by the starting pitcher in that game (Jerry Koosman, Don Cardwell).

7) Red Sox pitching ace Chris Sale is going to have Tommy John surgery.

6) Weird baseball scheduling thing: Washington Nationals played 13 games against the Mets LY, before they played any games against the Atlanta Braves, with both being division rivals.

5) Detroit Lions traded CB Darius Slay to the Eagles for 3rd, 5th round draft picks.

4) Rams released RB Todd Gurley and LB Clay Matthews Thursday.
— 22 running backs were taken in the 2015; Gurley was the last of the 22 that was still on the team that drafted him.
— Of the top 15 picks in the ’15 Draft, only two are still with the team that chose them; G Brandon Scherff (Redskins), WR DeVante Parker (Dolphins).

3) With Nevada casinos closing for a while, 206,000 people are out of work; the pictures from a vacant Las Vegas Strip are eerie to look at, even mores because I was supposed to go out there on Monday.

2) Get well soon to the numerous NBA guys who tested positive for Coronavirus, as well as Saints coach Sean Payton, who also tested positive.

1) One of the weird aspects of all this is that I now have a problem knowing what day of the week it is; there are no sports to analyze, I’m not going out to eat— before, when my friend Chris was the daytime bartender, I knew it was Wednesday. Now every day is mostly the same, as our new reality sets in. Hopefully the scientists will do their thing and come up with a solution. 

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