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— As a lifelong A’s fan, I’ll tell you this; the trade deadline can be uplifting, when your team goes out and gets players to fortify the roster, or depressing/deflating, when teams give up and sell off their good players because they’re too cheap to pay them.

Next four days will be interesting; the trade deadline is 6pm Tuesday. Once a team starts making moves, then other contenders will try to keep pace.

— Cincinnati Reds traded P Luis Castillo to Seattle Friday night, for four minor league prospects, including two of Seattle’s three best minor league prospects. 

— Kansas City traded OF Andrew Benintendi to New York for three minor leaguers; Royals are in the Bronx this weekend, so Benintendi is playing against the guys he flew to New York with. He went 1-7 with a walk in his first two games for New York.

— Bronx 11, Kansas City 5— Royals led 5-3 in 8th inning, first time they’ve scored in their last four games, but their bullpen imploded, giving up eight runs. Kansas City is 3-8 in its last 11 games.

2017 Royals are still the last big league team to get shut out four games in a row.   

— Reds sent OF Tyler Naquin to the Mets, giving them another lefty bat off the bench, which means that Dom Smith will get traded before Wednesday. 

— Braves 5, Arizona 2— Atlanta is 19-10 in their last 29 games, but they’re 1-8 in last nine series finales, 18-2 in all the other games. Avoid the Braves on Sundays, I guess.

— A’s 7, White Sox 3:
Chicago is 21-27 at home; they were 53-28 at home last year.
Oakland is 13-8 in its last 21 games, but they’re probably going to trade 2-3 more guys before the deadline, which will put an end to this recent stretch of good play.    

— Mike Trout played in only 36 games last year; he’s played in only 79 games this year, and has no timetable to return to action with an unusual back injury. Something about his rib cage not connecting to his spinal column the right way.

They say the best ability is availability; will the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani to try and make their team better? Problem is, Ohtani is their best pitcher and they really need pitching. 

— San Diego Padres’ alternate uniforms are unusual; right sleeves are pink, left sleeves are mint green, the numbers are pink, names on back are yellow, batting helmets are mint green. They are very pastel-ish; they’re meant to replicate the colors of the Mexican flag. San Diego isn’t too far from the Mexican border.

Padres hammered Minnesota ace Joe Ryan Friday night, hitting five homers, scoring 10 runs in 4.2 IP. Not a good night for my fantasy squad. 

— Brewers 4, Red Sox 1— Milwaukee is 10-3 against the American League this year.

— Do pitchers have any input pregame, as far as how the defense will be positioned behind them? If not, how often do they get steamed when the shifts don’t work?

— Word of the Day: shenanigans— Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

— Found a list I made with all-time NBA teams on it; people forget how great Wilt Chamberlain was, because he played 50+ years ago. 

Chamberlain had 55 points and 29 rebounds, in his 8th NBA game; he scored 100 points in a game. They busted his chops about not passing enough; the next year he led the leagues in assists. Seriously, he did (1967-68)

— Arizona Cardinals cut the studying clause out of Kyler Murray’s contract; they did what they wanted to do; they embarrassed Murray because they don’t think he does enough homework during the week at home. The clause was unenforceable anyway.

Now they have to hope the $46M a year they’re paying him will soothe any hurt feelings.

— Most consecutive games with at least one passing TD:
54— Drew Brees
52— Tom Brady
51— Peyton Manning
47— Johnny Unitas

— UCLA football coach Chip Kelly pointed out this week that UCLA/Rutgers are going to be in the same league, even though the two schools are located 2,765 miles apart.

This doesn’t sound like a financially sound plan, but that’s the way things are headed.

— Prop bets are interesting to look at; here are some over/under yardage prop bets:

— passing yardage:
Baker Mayfield 3,800.5 yards
Kyler Murray 3,939.5
Dak Prescott 4,249.5
Aaron Rodgers 3,950.5
Jameis Winston 3,750.5

— rushing yardage:
Antonio Gibson 824.5 yards
Derrick Henry 1,350.5
Josh Jacobs 749.5
Elijah Mitchell 900.5
Jonathan Taylor 1,350.5

— receiving yards:
Mark Andrews 950.5 yards
Ja’Marr Chase 1,199.5
Jerry Jeudy 905.5
Cooper Kupp 1,300.5
DK Metcalf 900.5

— Tua Tagovailoa prop bets:
INT’s— over/under 13
Passing yards: over/under 3,900.5
TD passes: over/under 24.5

— There are only four games in Week 1 of the NFL season where both teams have the same coach and QB that they had last year:

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