Friday’s Den: Playoff trends for NFL teams……..

Playoff trends for NFL teams……..
Baltimore– won Super Bowl 11 years ago; since then, they’re 2-5 in playoff games, 0-2 at home.
Lamar Jackson is 1-3 in playoff games; Ravens scored 13 ppg in those games.

Buffalo– Buffalo lost four straight Super Bowls (1990-93)
from 1994-2019, Bills were 1-6 in playoff games.
Last three years, Bills are 4-3 in playoff games. 

Cleveland (the original Browns are the Ravens now)
Since their rebirth in 1999, Browns are 1-2 in playoff games.
Browns’ one playoff win: 48-37 at Pittsburgh, in 2020.
Last time there was a playoff game in Cleveland? 1989.

Dallas– 28 years ago, Cowboys won their 5th Super Bowl.
Since then, Dallas is 5-12 in playoff games (3-3 in last six at home).

Detroit– are in playoffs this year, for first time since 2016.
In entire Super Bowl era, Lions are 1-12 in playoff games (only win, 1991)
Haven’t played a home playoff game since 1993.

Green Bay– won their last Super Bowl in 2010.
Since then, Packers are 7-9 in playoff games, with two OT losses.

Houston– haven’t made playoff since 2019.
In their history, Texans are 4-2 in home playoff games, 0-4 on road.

Indianapolis– haven’t made playoffs since 2020.
Since Peyton Manning last played for Colts in 2010, there 4-5 in playoff games,

Jacksonville– have an 8-8 record in playoff games, 4-1 at home.
1-4 vs New England in playoff games, 7-4 vs everyone else.

Kansas City– from 2019-22, they’re 10-2 in playoff games, winning two Super Bowls.
From 1994-2018, were 2-11 in playoff games.

LA Rams– under Sean McVay, Rams are 7-3 in playoff games.
Before McVay came to LA in 2017, Rams’ last playoff game was in 2004.

Miami– Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game since 2000 (0-4).
From 1970-84, Miami was 13-8 in playoffs; since 1985, they’re 6-13.

Minnesota– from 1969-76, Vikings went 0-4 in Super Bowls.
Since 1989, Minnesota is 9-16 in the playoffs, 2-5 since 2012.

New Orleans– won their only Super Bowl 14 years ago, beating Colts 31-17.
Since then, Saints are 4-7 in playoff games, losing last three at home.
New Orleans hasn’t made the playoffs since 2020.

Philadelphia– since 2017, Eagles are 6-4 in playoff games.
Andy Reid was 10-9 in playoff games for Eagles, from 1999-2012.

Pittsburgh– haven’t won a playoff game since 2016.
Lost last four playoff games, giving up 36-45-48-42 points.

San Francisco– 49ers haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1994.
Since 2012, 49ers are 10-5 in playoff games, 0-2 in Super Bowls.

Seattle– won Super Bowl in 2014, lost it the next season.
Since then, Seahawks are 3-6 in playoff games.

Tampa Bay– won two Super Bowls, in 2002/2020.
Other than those two years, Buccaneers are 4-11 in playoff games.

Arizona- since 2010, they’re 1-3 in playoff games.
in last 50 years, they’re 4-0 in home playoff games.

Atlanta- haven’t made playoffs since 2017
since 1998, they made playoffs 9 times, went 6-3 in first playoff game that year

Carolina- haven’t made playoffs since 2017
Lost Super Bowl eight years ago; since then, they’re 0-1 in playoff games.

Chicago- since 2011, Bears are 0-2 in playoff games.
haven’t won a road playoff game since 1999
3-4 in last seven home playoff games.

Cincinnati- from 1991-2020, Bengals were 0-7 in playoff games
Last two years, Bengals were 5-2 in playoff games (both losses 23-20 on road).

Denver- won Super Bowl in 2015, haven’t made the playoffs since.
Haven’t played a road playoff game since 2011.
Since 1997, they’re 9-3 in home playoff games.

Las Vegas- 21 years ago, they lost Super Bowl 48-21 to Jon Gruden’s Buccaneers.
in 21 years since then, Raiders are 0-2 in playoff games.

LA Chargers- haven’t played a home playoff game since 2009.
in Super Bowl era: 5-6 in home playoff games, 6-8 on road, 0-1 in Super Bowl

New England- Patriots went 30-11 in playoffs with Tom Brady at QB.
In nine years as a HC without Brady on his team, Bill Belichick is 1-2 in playoff games- the only win was against New England, when Belichick was coaching the Browns.

NJ Giants- won their 4th Super Bowl 12 years ago; since then, they’re 1-2 in playoff games.
Giants are 6-2 in their last eight road playoff games.

NJ Jets- haven’t been in the playoffs since 2010, longest current drought in NFL.
are 5-5 in road playoff games since their last home playoff game, in 2002. 

Tennessee- lost their last three home playoff games.
have played in four overtime playoff games, going 2-2.
Titans are 4-8 in playoffs since they lost Super Bowl XXXIV to the Rams. 

Washington- Commanders haven’t won a playoff game since 2005.
Washington won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB’s: Theismann, Williams, Rypien. 

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