2 Lists for Saturday: We turn our attention to music…….

Chris the Bartender’s favorite bands/musicians:
1. Elvis Presley:
The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis had it all.  The talent, the looks, and the charisma. Elvis started it all

2. The Beatles:
Like Elvis, The Beatles had it all.  Started the second revolution of Rock and Roll.

A quote I once heard “The world would have been a different world with no Beatles music”

3. Pink Floyd:
People say you learn things from your older brother.  Pink Floyd is definitely one.  Iconic albums.  There is a reason Dark Side of the Moon was on the charts for over 15 years.  I’ve been listening to them for over 30 years

4. Bruce Springsteen:
Springsteen can write lyrics that speak to the soul.

Best concert I ever saw was at Vernon Downs.  Springsteen played for over 4 hours

5. Michael Jackson:  
The King of Pop. Jackson was so talented. Thriller is one of my favorite albums to this day 

6. Elton John:
Elton John music could be the soundtrack of people’s lives  Tiny Dancer is one of my top 5 songs of all time 

7. The Eagles:
I remember “borrowing” my father’s cassette of their greatest hits I played the hell out of that tape. He never got the cassette back 

8. Dire Straits:
Another group I got from my brother. Mark Knopler is one of the greatest guitarist of all time  I must have bought their Brothers in Arms album 10 different times.  

9. Phil Collins:
Amazing talent both solo and with Genesis  spent most of the 90’s listening to him. In the air tonight is always cranked up when it’s on

10. Prince:
Another amazing talent that died too soon. Another amazing guitarist   Purple Rain top 10 album

11.  Bob Seger:
Great songwriter. Turn the Page is a powerful song. Night Moves is a perfect coming of age song 

12 Triumph:
Another one of my brother’s influences. Very thankful he turned me on to them

13. David Bowie :
Discovered Bowie on my own. Bowie was extremely progressive and talented. Another one who left us too soon

Now on to Gary’s favorites; Gary is Chris’ father-in-law. Chris’ list is very mainstream; Gary’s list is more eclectic and is all over the place.

1. The Clash
2. Bob Dylan
3. Thelonious Monk
4. Bela Fleck
5. Yo La Tengo ( great Mets reference )
6. John Coltrane
7. Howlin Wolf
8. Wilco
9. Johnny Cash
10. Lucinda Williams 
11. The Beatles 
12. The Rolling Stones
13. Otis Redding

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