Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) Was surprised to learn that when he was pitching coach of the Minnesota Twins, Wes Johnson was making only $350,000 a year; seeing how each team has 13 pitchers, and the roster is 26 players, you’d think basically being the defensive coordinator would earn a guy more than $350,000.

The worst player on the roster earns the minimum salary of $700,000; who is more important, the 26th guy in the team or the pitching coach?

Johnson bolted to LSU for a $750,000 salary; MLB needs to invest more in paying coaches, to keep their product at a high quality. 

12) Bryce Harper is out at least six weeks; he had his injured thumb operated on this week. 

11) Since start of last year, Harper’s teammate Kyle Schwarber has 27 home runs in 52 June games, eight more than any other player in June. 

In all the other months, Schwarber has 27 homers in 134 games. 

10) Braves 5, Phillies 3— Matt Olson homered twice for Atlanta.

9) The man Olson replaced in Atlanta, Freddie Freeman. fired his agent recently; apparently he isn’t thrilled with his leaving the Braves right after they won the World Series.

Now Freeman is making $27M a year for the next six years and he lives in Los Angeles, so it is tough to feel too bad for him, but when you fire your agent, you ain’t happy. 

8) Houston Astros are in a stretch where they’re playing nine straight games against the two New York City teams; it is the first time since 1957 that a team is playing nine games in a row against teams from the Big Apple, back when the Dodgers/Giants called New York City home.

7) I turned on Law and Order re-runs Tuesday afternoon, and the judge in one episode is the guy who played Morty in the classic movie Meatballs.

It turns out that Harvey Atkin appeared in 22 different Law and Order episodes, quite a jump from sleeping on a raft in the middle of the lake, like he did in Meatballs.

6) Lakers’ summer league team in Las Vegas next week will have Shareef O’Neal (Shaq’s son) and Scottie Pippen Jr.

If you go to summer league games, you’ll see lot of famous people and most everyone, except the players/coaches, go in/out of the same doors at the Thomas and Mack Center.

One day I was walking down the hall and Jerry West was in a group of people walking the other way; Mark Cuban is most always there. Like I said, lot of famous people. 

5) WR Terry McLaurin signed a 3-year, $71M extension with the Washington Commanders, with $53M of that money guaranteed. Last two years, McLaurin caught 164 passes for 2,171 yards and nine touchdowns. 

4) College football teams with highest %age of their production returning this year:
85%— BYU, South Florida
84%— Bowling Green, Kansas, Southern Miss, TCU
83%— Stanford
82%— North Carolina State

3) Since 2000-01, the most regular season wins in the NBA:
1,181— San Antonio
1,065— Dallas
986— Boston
983— Miami
975— Houston

2) There are 30 teams in the NBA; Gregg Popovich obviously coaches the Spurs, but 8 of the other 29 head coaches have either played for or coached under Popovich.

1) Happy birthday to one of the funniest people in the history of the world, Mel Brooks, who turned 96 years old this week.

Get Smart. Blazing Saddles. Spaceballs. High Anxiety, just to name a few. He is a comic genius; hope Mr Brooks enjoys his birthday. 

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