Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) Sad day for baseball fans Tuesday; first week of the season was cancelled by the owners, as they try to break the players’ union and rein in expenses.

This is going to be a while now; once people start losing money, then it gets personal and the impasse is more likely to stretch out. Too bad; I love baseball, but life goes on and there are lot of other things to do. The owners need to realize that. 

12) I was going to post that the White Sox (-$220) were the heaviest favorite to win any of the divisions this season, but that doesn’t seem relevant now.

MLB Network should go to color bars until this dispute is resolved. 

11) Just to be clear, I’m not on either side; I just want to watch ballgames. Players make a ton of money; scumweasel agents make it harder to come to an agreement. A pitcher like Alex Wood was going to make $12M this year, $12M next year. Pretty good bank for playing ball.

Owners are billionaires; I have no idea what their end game is here; do they really want to kill the golden goose, when they own the teams involved? Do they think the union is just going to fold and end the dispute? Ballplayers are competitive people; they ain’t giving up easily.

Atlanta Braves made $104M last year; it isn’t credible for owners to cry poor. 

10) I’m going on vacation in three weeks, my first vacation in 2.5 years; last day of my trip was supposed to be Opening Day of baseball season. Sitting in a sportsbook and watching baseball all day is an excellent day, but that ain’t going to happen now.

I’ll watch NBA/NHL instead; there’s a ton of stuff to do in Las Vegas, but these billionaires are complete imbeciles when it comes to marketing their sport. 

In any event, Tuesday was a good day for the USFL; those four games/week they’re going to play every weekend starting in mid-April will have lot of eyeballs on them, mine included. 

9) TCU 74, Kansas 64:
— Horned Frogs had 19 offensive rebounds.
— Kansas lost last two games, after a 23-4 start. 

8) Horizon League tournament:
— Robert Morris 77, Youngstown State 73— First upset of March Madness.
— Oakland 69, IUPUI 58— Jaguars played five guys all 40:00.
— Detroit 79, Green Bay 62— Coach’s son Davis scored 38 points.
— Ill-Chicago 80, Milwaukee 69— Flames won their last four games. 

7) Atlantic Sun tournament:
— Central Arkansas 74, Stetson 73— Hatters led by 14 with 16:12 left to play.
— Fla Gulf Coast 81, North Alabama 72— Eagles won eight of last nine games.
— Lipscomb 74, North Florida 65— Game was tied at halftime.
— Kennesaw State 82, Eastern Kentucky 73— EKU led by 14 in first half. 

6) Patriot League tournament:
— American 69, Holy Cross 63— Eagles are 3-0 vs HC, 3-13 vs rest of league
— Bucknell 82, Lafayette 81 OT— Bucknell was down 13 in first half. 

5) Arizona 91, USC 71:
— Wildcats led 51-27 at halftime.
— Arizona made 12-25 on arc, lead Pac-12 by three games. 

4) UMass fired basketball coach Matt McCall; Minutemen were 28-42 in A-14 games in his five years as coach. Tough job; A-14 doesn’t get lot of TV exposure, plus John Calipari used to coach there, so expectations are too high, just like they are at Memphis. 

3) 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have his throwing shoulder operated on, won’t be able to throw for 16 weeks. Going to be hard for the 49ers to trade him and get value.

Dallas QB Dak Prescott had his left shoulder operated on, which shouldn’t impact him going forward.

2) Villanova 76, Providence 74:
— Villanova led by 14 early in second half, hung on for dear life.
— Wildcats are only team to beat Providence twice this season.
— Despite that, Friars have already clinched Big East regular season title. 

1) Dayton 55, Richmond 53:
— Dayton got an alley-oop dunk on an OB under with 0:01.2 left.
— Flyers, least experienced team in country, clinches top-4 spot in A-14. 

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