Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) Weird scheduling for the Mets; they’re near the end of a 15-game stretch, totally against the Dodgers/Giants (2-11 so far). Good news is that their next 16 games are against Washington and Miami, two non-contending teams. 

12) I’m not in favor of wagering on NFL exhibition games, but the fact is this: the Ravens have won 19 preseason games in a row- they’re 8-3 ATS in last 11.

11) Los Angeles Angels’ last five games:
— Trailed 10-2 in 6th inning, won 13-10 at Detroit
— Lost 9-1 in Cleveland
— Lost 5-1 in Cleveland
— Lost 3-0 to Cleveland in Williamsport, PA
— Whacked Orioles 14-8 in Camden Yards.

10) Am I the only person who thinks it is odd that there are three active NFL QB’s who went to college at North Dakota State? Bison are a I-AA program, albeit one of the best ones.

Carson Wentz, Easton Stick (Chargers’ backup), Trey Lance (49ers’ rookie)

9) Strange Stat of the Day: Giants/Tigers are only major league teams this season without a guy who has 20+ homers; the weird thing is, San Francisco has hit the most homers of any team in the big leagues, yet they don’t have anyone who has hit 20+. Go figure.

8) This stat is from Ralph Michaels on Twitter:

Over last 18 years, there have been 64 baseball teams that have had a winning streak of 10+ games; those teams are 35-29 (-2.6 units) in their 11th game.

7) San Diego Padres’ reliever Austin Allen has hit 17 batters this season, most ever by a reliever; the all-time mark for any pitcher is 21, so he has a chance to set that record.

6) Jacksonville Jaguars used six kickers last year, most kickers any NFL team has used since 1967, when Washington also used six, one of whom was a starting DB.

Jaguars got bad news Tuesday; rookie RB Travis Etienne hurt his foot, will likely miss the whole season this year.

5) There are already former college/NFL players on Twitter speaking out about Jacksonville hiring Urban Meyer as head coach, instead of Chiefs’ OC Eric Bieniemy. When the Jaguars suffer thru this year, and they likely will with a rookie QB, those voices will get louder.

The thing is, what if the Jaguars start winning next year or the year after? Then where will those voices be? It is easy to be critical, but you have to give them time.

4) Mariners 5, A’s 1:
— Damaging stretch here for Oakland; Saturday-Monday, they blew leads in 9th/8th/9th innings, losing all three games. Not good.
— Seattle has won nine of its last 12 games.

3) Modern baseball: When a pitching change is made during an inning now, the on-deck hitter retreats to the dugout to look at the pitcher’s delivery on a tablet, while the pitcher warms up.

2) Reds stayed a game ahead of San Diego in NL Wild Card race:
— Brewers 7, Reds 4— Reds led 4-1 in 7th inning; the bullpen imploded.
— Dodgers 5, Padres 2— First five guys in San Diego’s lineup were 0-17.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Braves, Brewers, Giants. Wild Card: Cincinnati @ Los Angeles
AL: Rays, White Sox, Astros. Wild Card: Boston @ New York

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