Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) Weird story broke this week, about how basketball players for the Wisconsin Badgers were unhappy with their coach last year; at one point, the seven seniors met with head coach Greg Gard and the three assistant coaches and aired their grievances.

Here’s the thing; someone RECORDED THE WHOLE THING, and it became public, which makes the head coach look really bad. Recruiting just became a whole lot harder.

Wisconsin had a very experienced team last year; their starting 5 was older than the starting 5 for one or two NBA teams. The pandemic created unusual circumstances, which created a lot of tension. When you don’t win as much as you think you should, sometimes that spills over. 

12) Suns 104, Clippers 103:
— Phoenix ran great OB under play, scoring on alley-oop with 0:00.7 left.
— Cam Payne led the Suns with 29 points.
— Clippers are down 2-0 for third series in a row.
— Suns’ star Devin Booker broke his nose during this game, came back and finished the game, scoring 20 points.

11) Detroit Pistons won the NBA Draft Lottery; I always wonder what the kid who is supposed to be the #1 pick thinks when he finds out where he is probably headed. Cade Cunningham is from Texas; he needs to buy a parka or two. Detroit gets very cold in the winter.

10) In the 7-game Hawks-76ers series, a very dramatic series, Ben Simmons took a total of three shots in the 4th quarter, none in Games 4-7. One of the more interesting parts of this summer will be if the 76ers unload Simmons or keep him.

9) Suns’ G Chris Paul said he won’t be playing in the Olympics this summer; same thing for Kyle Lowry, who is a free agent.

If I owned an NBA team and was paying guys $20-$30M a year (or more) to play for our team, I sure as hell wouldn’t want them playing in the freakin’ Olympics.

8) Baseball injuries:
— Twins’ OF Byron Buxton broke his pinky, is on the IL.
— Mets’ P Marcus Stroman (hip) left his start early Tuesday
— Mets’ P Joey Lucchesi will have Tommy John surgery
— Braves’ P Max Fried (blister) went on the IL.

7) Arizona Diamondbacks have already used 51 players this season, most of any team; Milwaukee has used 49 players. Lot of frequent flyer miles for guys going between AAA and the big leagues.

6) Two years ago, Diamondbacks were 85-77, a pretty good team, and that was with Paul Goldschmidt already off to St Louis. Wheels have fallen off since then; they’re 21-54 this year.

5) Sounds like the college football playoff is going to expand from four teams to 12 teams in 2023; they’re going through the process to make it happen this summer, a slow process, but there is just too much money at stake for this not to happen.

4) Sports betting became legal in Louisiana this week, should begin by football season.

3) Someone in California did a lab test on a Subway tuna sub, but found no tuna; not really sure what they did find, but hopefully nothing too bad. I’ve had more than my share of their subs over the years, though I get subs at Jersey Mike’s now.

2) Doc Rivers won an NBA title coaching the Celtics in 2008, then made it to the Finals in 2010. At that point, his career playoff record was 46-40, 38-26 with Boston.

Since then, Rivers’ playoff record is 52-54; he hasn’t been back to the Finals. Overall his playoff record is 98-94.

1) Miami Marlins’ P Sandy Alcantara is pretty good, but his teammates don’t hit much for him:
— Last night, Marlins’ bullpen lost game 2-1 in ninth inning.
— His previous start, Alcantara lost 1-0 to St Louis in ninth inning. Not good. 

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