Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) If you’re a talking head on national TV on college football Saturdays, could please learn what the term “upset” means? It is pretty simple. 

Can’t remember who said it, but Kansas State (ranked #19) lost at Oklahoma State last week; a studio host called the loss “an upset” because the ranked team lost. 

Here’s the thing: Oklahoma State was FAVORED by six points; not only did the favorite win, they covered the spread. “Upsets” are when the underdog wins.

Just do better, it isn’t difficult. 

12) Arkansas football coach Sam Pittman has an interesting resume; from 1984-2019, before he got the head coaching job with the Razorbacks, he was the offensive line coach at 15 different high schools, colleges. Imagine moving 14 times in 35 years?

11) Why do big time college football teams play I-AA opponents? It is gutless and makes for very boring games. Everyone in the SEC does it. 

— Penn State-Villanova
— Alabama-Mercer (seriously???)
— LSU-McNeese State (Ed Orgeron’s son plays QB for McNeese)
— Ole Miss-Austin Peay (Governors might beat ‘em in basketball)

I could go on for an hour about this, but there are enough stiff teams in Sun Belt/MAC that you can play and beat easily. Playing a I-AA team cheats the fans out of good entertainment- these are mostly terrible games.

10) There is a Survivor Pool at the Circa casino in Las Vegas; you pick an NFL team to win SU every week- they lose, and you’re out. Think you can only pick the same team once a season.

There are 2,917 people left in the pool; of those 2,917 people, 340 of them had the Ravens last week, when Justin Tucker made an NFL-record 66-yard FG at the gun. Tough pool to win- that kick in Detroit doesn’t go thru the uprights, they’re down to 2,577 possible winners.

9) College football coaches who have been in their current job the longest:
— Kirk Ferentz, 23 years at Iowa
— Gary Patterson, 21 years at TCU

8) If Seattle Mariners make the playoffs, their excellence late in games will be the reason; they’re 38-16 this season in games where the winning scored in last three innings.

7) NFC East is only division in NFL where all four teams have won a Super Bowl.

6) Why can’t I get the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV? Only time I’ve seen it was when I was staying at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas- they had it in their rooms. Seems like lot of people can’t see this channel; don’t they want exposure for their teams? Seems like bad business.

5) Didn’t know that longtime umpire Joe West is retiring after this season; guy has been in the major leagues since 1976— he is 68 years old. West was in the majors when he was 24, which has to be really hard to do. Think Edwin Moscoso is 28- he is a rookie umpire this year.

4) Braves 2, Phillies 1— Will Smith stranded the tying run on 3rd in last inning; Atlanta leads the NL East by 3.5 games.

3) Detroit Tigers have had 367 IP by rookie starting pitchers this season, most in MLB.

2) Cardinals 6, Brewers 2— St Louis has won 17 games in a row; whoever loses the NL West is going to have their hands full in the Wild Card game. Cardinals clinched their playoff spot with the win.

1) Christmas/New Year’s Day are Saturdays this year: solid card of college hoop on January 1:
— Villanova @ Seton Hall
— West Virginia @ Texas
— Duke @ Notre Dame
— San Diego State @ UNLV
— Butler @ UConn
— Virginia @ Syracuse
— Cal-Santa Barbara @ Cal-Irvine

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