Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) Stanford 75, USC 69
Texas Tech 65, Baylor 62:

Night started with two unbeaten teams left in the country; now there are none. 

12) St Bonaventure 80, LaSalle 76 OT:
— In a 45:00 game, Bonnies’ subs played a TOTAL of 3:00. Three kids played all 45:00.
— Bonnies outscored LaSalle 18-2 on the foul line.
— Explorers led by 12 with 13:50 left to play. 

11) Marquette 87, DePaul 76— FS1 had both coaches miked for this game, with very few commercial breaks. Excellent broadcast; you got to see parts of the halftime talks, huddles during timeouts, a good peek behind the curtain of what goes on. 

10) The term “student-athlete” makes my skin crawl; it seems so phony, so patronizing. Coaches don’t get fired if players get bad grades, they get fired if the team loses too much. The kids, like it or not, are athletes first, then hopefully students, but except for probably the Ivy League, it isn’t an equal thing. 

9) Speaking of coaches getting fired, Giants told Joe Judge to take a hike; they were 10-23 in his two seasons as coach. Now the new GM, whoever he is, will pick the new coach.

In the last three days, three NFC coaches have already cleaned house, firing the coach and GM; Chicago, Minnesota and now the Giants. 

8) There was an interesting thread on Twitter Tuesday about a guy who once made the baseball team’s traveling squad at USC because he could steal signs. Seriously.

USC got to the College World Series that year, and the guy, who was a marginal player, wound up in the major leagues, pitching five years in the majors. His dad was a good major league pitcher and now this guy is Director of Pitching for the San Francisco Giants, so he made a career for himself, because he had a knack for stealing signs when he was 20. 

7) Hey, baseball labor negotiations are starting up again Thursday, six weeks after the lockout started. Hopefully these people, who all make a boatload of money, can agree how to divide it up to everyone’s satisfaction, so we can start thinking about the 2022 season. 

6) Orioles are moving the left-field wall at Camden Yards back, and they’re raising it from 7-feet high in some spots, to 12-feet high, which will hurt hitters/help pitchers. 

5) College football ended Monday night, but for the coaches, their work continues; Signing Day is three weeks from today, February 2, so from then until now, recruiting becomes the thing to do, because recruiting is a 24/7/365 thing in college football. 

4) Alabama had seven players enter the transfer portal Tuesday, including Paul Tyson, one of their backup quarterbacks. Tyson has three years of eligibility remaining.

3) So far this recruiting season, 37 of the top 101 recruits who have signed chose either Texas A&M, Alabama or Georgia; the SEC is crushing recruiting, which is why they’re reluctant to expand the college football playoff to 12 teams. Why wreck a good thing? 

2) Meanwhile, the Pac-12 hasn’t had a team in the 4-team national playoff since 2016, so they want/need the playoff to be expanded. Pac-12 teams have also lost 11 consecutive bowl games; I’m thinking this is bad karma because the Pac-12 Network isn’t on DirecTV, but that’s just me. 

1) Alabama WR Jameson Williams tore his ACL Monday night during the national title game; unsure if he go to the NFL, where his draft status has to have suffered, or if he’ll go back to Alabama and play next year.

You wonder if his injury becomes a cautionary tale for other pro prospects; lot of money out there to be had. 

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