Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) Phillies finally came through and gave catcher JP Realmuto a 5-year, $115.5M contract; this is the 3rd-biggest contract for a catcher in MLB history (Mauer, Posey)

12) No one got elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame Tuesday; you need to be named on 75% of the ballots to get in the hall. Top three candidates this year all had off-field issues which hurt their cause. Next year is Alex Rodriguez’ first year on the ballot; will be more of the same.

There will still be an induction ceremony in Cooperstown this July, because they didn’t have one last summer, so the 2020 inductees will get honored this summer.

11) 26-year old guard Caris LeVert was probably surprised when he got traded from Brooklyn to the Indiana Pacers January 13, but getting traded might’ve been the best thing that ever happened to him.

During his physical with Indiana, doctors discovered a problem, and this week he had surgery to treat renal cell carcinoma in his left kidney. He is expected to make a full recovery, with no further treatment needed, which is excellent news.

10) Toronto Blue Jays are going for it this year; they gave SS Marcus Semien a 1-year, $18M deal, which leaves the A’s without a major league shortstop. I mean, right now if they had a game and a grounder was hit to short, no one would catch it, because no one would be there. They need to make a deal, find a guy who is at least a dependable fielder.

In other shortstop news, Minnesota gave Andrelton Simmons $10.5M for one year. 

9) Alabama 70, Kentucky 59:
— Crimson Tide sweeps Kentucky for first time since Eddie Sutton’s last year in Lexington, way back in 1989.
— Alabama won its last ten games, is 9-0 in the SEC.
— Kentucky is 5-10, 4-4 in SEC games; they’ve lost four of last five games. 

8) When did North Dakota State become a quarterback factory? First Carson Wentz, then Easton Stick, who is a backup with the Chargers, and now Mel Kiper Jr has Trey Lance as a top 10 pick in this April’s draft, even though he played in only one game last fall, and has played in only 17 college games, none against a I-A team.

Most of the highlights I saw of him were of him running, so he may be more of a project. 

7) Sometimes late at night, I look up weird stuff. Was watching the 1966 Batman movie the other night, and decided to research actors/actresses who were in both the Batman TV series and also in Magnum, PI. I found five people:

— Elisha Cook— Was Icepick in Magnum, Professor Isaacson in Batman
— Howard Duff— Was Magnum’s grandfather, was Cabala in Batman
— Alan Hale— Best known as the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, he was actually a character named Gilligan on Batman, was Russell Tate in one episode of Magnum
— Barbara Rush was Nora Clavicle in two Batman episodes; she was in two very different episodes of Magnum, playing his aunt Phoebe in one of them.
— Jill St John played Molly in two episodes of Batman; she played designer Jan Kona in an episode of Magnum. 

6) Auburn 88, Missouri 82:
— This kid Sharife Cooper on Auburn is really good; he had 28 points, made 18-21 on the foul line. College players ALMOST NEVER take 20 foul shots in a game, not in the shot clock era.
— Auburn was 36-44 on the line, Mizzou was 18-27.
— Missouri’s Jeremiah Tilman was 3-11 on the line, is at 50.7% for the year. 

5) Would it kill MLB Network to show replays of old baseball games? Have a day for each team all winter, show their 2-3 best games from last year. I freakin’ love watching random games, and they don’t have to be playoff games.

I mean, no one got elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday, yet they still replayed the damn show where they reviewed how no one got elected. Who would possibly watch that? 

4) Fordham fired basketball coach Jeff Neubauer, who went 25-73 in conference games with the Rams. Neubauer previously had a good 10-year run at Eastern Kentucky.

Fordham isn’t necessarily a great job; oldest gym in the country, tough league- their last winning season was in 2007, when Dereck Whittemberg was the coach, and that’s their only winning season since at least 1997. 

3) Whats up with the postal service? Got my mail delivered at 8:25pm the other night. Have read a lot of things about how slow mail delivery has been the last few months. No bueno. 

2) I wish I knew a Chargers’ fan, don’t know any. Would love to ask him/her who they thought was a better QB, Dan Fouts or Philip Rivers. I have my opinion, but hearing from someone who lives and dies with the team would be way more interesting.

1) My hands are cold as I type this; been shoveling show tonight, which isn’t good. It also snowed in Las Vegas Tuesday, which is a little weird. Their snow won’t last as long as our snow, of that I am not uncertain.

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