Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Rams traded 1st and 6th-round draft picks to New England Tuesday for WR Brandin Cooks and a 4th-round pick. Two things about this:

a) I no longer have to worry about the Rams trading for Odell Beckham
b) Rams still have eight draft picks, but only one of their original picks- four of those eight picks are in the 6th round. Their first pick right now will be the 87th selection. 

12) This means all those geniuses who do a mock draft every 36 hours get to do more of them, since the #23 pick moves to the Patriots. Still 22 days until the draft. 

11) Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is being advised by his mother instead of by an agent. No one knows what this means exactly, since the mom is a private person and hasn’t said much. Will be curious to see if an agent is hired once a team drafts him, and negotiations for a contract begin. 

One thing, for sure; Lamar Jackson is going to play QB, and only QB. 

10) This was the 4th time in last five years the college basketball national champ went 6-0 vs spread in its NCAA tournament games.

9) This is a little hard to believe, but they said on TV Monday night that Padres’ reliever Adam Cimber is first the major leaguer ever to wear number 90. 

8) Arizona 8, Dodgers 7 (15)— This game ended at 3:26am Tuesday morning; had the game gone to the 16th inning, both teams would’ve used position players to pitch.

7) Two pitchers have already been removed from games this season with a no-hitter going: Minnesota’s Kyle Gibson Saturday in Baltimore, Pirates’ Trevor Williams Sunday in Detroit. 

6) A’s drew only 7,416 fans for their home game with Texas Monday night, their smallest home crowd since 2003. Oy. 

A’s drew 9,157 fans last night on Free Parking Tuesday, which doesn’t seem like a big promotion until you realize they charge $30 to park a car in Oakland. 

5) There were 144 hitters last year who got enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title; 89 of them hit 20+ home runs, which means 61.8% of hitters who qualified for the batting title hit 20+ homers. In 2014, that number was 32%.

4) Number of times a pitcher went thru the opponent’s whole lineup three times in a game:
2017    1,196 (39.9 per team, out of 162 games)
2016    1,405
2015    1,670
2014    1,906

Unless the guy is an ace or really rolling that night, starting pitchers aren’t allowed to go thru the lineup three times anymore. 

3) Rhode Island Rams were apparently going to hire Rick Pitino as their new basketball coach, until the school president put the kibosh on that. Now what? 

2) San Diego 3B Christian Villanueva was 0-4 for the season before Tuesday; he hit three homers for the Padres last night in their win over Colorado.

1— Brewers 5, Cardinals 4— Christian Yelich tied game with a dramatic two-out HR in the 9th, then Ryan Braun won it with a walk-off tater. 

This was the first game in MLB history where the first two batters of the game homered, and also the last two.

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