Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Carolina Panthers gave Baylor coach Matt Rhule $62M for seven years, which is a lot of money. Giants apparently declined to match that offer. 

12) Giants then signed Patriots special teams coach Joe Judge, who will be the Giants’ third head coach in five years. 

11) Dallas is hiring John Fassel as their new special teams coach; Fassel did a very good job in that capacity with the Rams, but LA’s special teams slipped this year. 

Sean McVay now has to replace his defensive coordinator and special teams coach, which obviously is not ideal. 

10) NBA teams playing a 2nd consecutive night are 27-32-3 ATS on the 2nd night of a back/back, if they won/covered the first night.

Teams that lost the first night are 45-37-3 ATS the second night.

9) Quote of the Day, part 2, from Kansas coach Bill Self, talking about speculation that he will be the San Antonio Spurs’ coach fairly soon:

“I haven’t talked to R.C. [Buford] ever about it, and he was in my wedding and I was in his. I know him pretty well and we’ve never once discussed it (job).”

RC Buford is the Spurs’ GM.

8) Lakers’ star Anthony Davis turned down a 4-year, $146M contract extension; if you’re scoring at home, that would’ve been $36.5M a year. Davis will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Of course, the same day he turns down $146M, Davis leaves the game early with a bruised lower back; Lakers don’t consider the injury to be overly serious. 

7) College basketball upsets:
— Boston College (+9) 60, Virginia 53
— Nebraska (+7.5) 76, Iowa 70
— Providence (+7.5) 81, Marquette 80
— Air Force (+7) 79, Utah State 60
— Tennessee (+5.5) 69, Missouri 58
— Virginia Tech (+5) 67, Syracuse 63
— East Carolina (+4) 62, South Florida 59

6) Rocky Long is the football coach at San Diego State, but apparently is interviewing this week to be he defensive coordinator at Syracuse— why????
a) Why go from being head coach to a coordinator?
b) Why would anyone move from San Diego to Syracuse? Ever?

San Diego State is one of 13 colleges in country to go bowling the last 10 years in a row. 

5) Ohio U’s Frank Solich is 75 years old, the oldest I-A coach in America; Long is the 2nd-oldest- he turns 70 in a few weeks. Being a coordinator must be less stressful. 

4) Texas Longhorns’ QB Sam Ehlingher will be back in Austin for his senior season. 

3) XFL’s unusual rules:
— Double-forward pass. If a team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, that player has the ability to attempt another forward pass as long as the ball has at no time crossed the line of scrimmage.

— Three options after scoring a touchdown:
a) a 1-point play from the 2-yard line,
b) a 2-point play from the 3-yard line or
c) a 3-point play from the 10-yard line.
There is no option to kick an extra point.

— Overtime: Each team will get five single-play possessions from the 5-yard line, kind of like an NHL shootout. If the game is still tied at that point, the rotating possessions will continue until there is a winner. The XFL hopes that overtimes will be rare, in part because of the multiple options for points after touchdowns.  

— A requirement for only one foot to be in bounds for possession, like in college.

If you plan on betting totals in XFL games, keep in mind that a running game clock won’t stop after incomplete passes or when players go out of bounds, except inside of two minutes in each half. There figure to be less plays in an XFL game than in an NFL game, but we’ll monitor all that once the games begin.                     

2) Rutgers 72, Penn State 61— Scarlet Knights are 12-3 in basketball for first time in 44 years, when a group of players who were mostly recruited by Dick Vitale made the Final Four. Vitale was the head coach at Detroit by then; he was an outstanding coach back in the day. 

1) Prayers up for the people in Puerto Rico, where they had multiple earthquakes Monday night/Tuesday morning. Been a rough couple of years for those people. 

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