Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) First two days of the NCAA basketball tournament are my favorite two days of the year; 32 games in eight different places over two days, four games in each arena. 

Only once have all four underdogs won SU in one place on the same day; the first round games of the ’08 tourney in Tampa:
— San Diego (+10.5) 70-69 over UConn (OT)
— Western Kentucky (+4.5) 100-99 over Drake (OT)
— Siena (+6.5) 83-62 over Vanderbilt
— Kansas State (+3) 80-67 over USC

12) Which two teams have faced each other the most in the NCAA’s?
Marquette-Kentucky have met 10 times, with Marquette winning six of them.

North Carolina/Villanova, San Francisco-UCLA have met seven times each.

11) There was a weird story on CNN Monday about an assistant comptroller in Illinois racing to a McDonald’s parking lot with a check for over $3.4M, to pay some guy so the state could get its medical supplies that it needs. Seriously, thats what its come to these days.

Luckily, the woman didn’t get pulled over for speeding, and Illinois got its supplies. This is 2020; you’d think our system of government would work better than this.

10) The great actor Tommie Lee Jones played guard on Harvard’s football team; in 1968, he was first-team All-Ivy League. His college roommate? Former Vice President Al Gore.

9) Kansas City Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker kicked a 77-yard field goal off a tee on an empty field last week, pretty impressive.

8) Golf gurus have re-scheduled the three majors for later this year- the British Open has already been cancelled for this year:
— PGA August 6-9
— US Open September 17-20
— Masters November 12-15

7) Odd golf record: Stuart Appleby holds the Masters record, going 50 consecutive holes with no hole over par; he still only finished T31 that year, 2001.

Francesco Molinari had a 49-hole streak.

6) Boston College jumped from the Big East to the ACC, mainly for its football program; Missouri jumped from the Big X to the SEC, I guess for financial rea$on$.

I know this; it hasn’t helped either school on the field/court. Mizzou lost its best rivalry games with Kansas/K-State, costing them lot of money that way.

5) Was watching an old Nebraska-Missouri football game the other night, from 1997; Tigers upset Nebraska as a 29-point home underdog. Brent Musberger/Dan Fouts announced the game; Mizzou’s coach was Larry Smith, who parlayed his success at Mizzou to get the USC job a few years later.

Just seems weird that Missouri is in the SEC now; they’ve disappeared off of TV, for the most part. Not all change is positive change.

4) One of my all-time favorite TV shows was Mr Ed, about a talking horse who only talked to Wilbur Post, the guy who owned the barn he lived in.

Want to win a bar bet? The voice of Mr Ed was former western star Allen (Rocky) Lane.

3) Baseball trivia:
— The great hitter Ted Williams, maybe the greatest hitter ever, didn’t like the handle of his bats to be smooth.
— Back when Williams played in the 50’s, bottle caps on beer/soda bottles were metal, not plastic; Williams would take a bottle cap and scrape the handle of his bat, to get a better grip on its uneven surface.

2) Lot of sadness in the world these days; we say goodbye to these athletes:
— Al Kaline, a great outfielder for the Tigers. He was 85
— Bobby Mitchell, a Hall of Fame RB/WR for Browns/Redskins. He was 84.
— Tom Dempsey, 73, kicked the first 63-yard FG in NFL history.

RIP, gentlemen.

1) One small upside of our current situation; with the stay-at-home order in place, crime in Los Angeles has dropped 23% since the pandemic kicked in. The sooner everyone stays inside their homes, the quicker this nightmare will be over. 

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