Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) This exchange happened on ESPN2’s telecast during the Arizona-Iowa State game Monday night at the Maui Classic.

Bill Walton: “Did your dad play for Jerry Tarkanian?”

Jason Benetti: “My dad was an air traffic controller.”

Walton: “How cool would it have been, though, if your dad had played for Jerry Tarkanian?”

Benetti: Silence.

I enjoy listening to Walton a lot; it is a little bizarre at times, but always fun. 

12) How to get ahead in the salary cap era; have really productive players who are early in their career. Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes makes $1.2M, RB Kareem Hunt $584,000, WR Tyreek Hill $687,000. NFL stands for “Not For Long” when it comes to those salaries. 

11) In college football, assistant coaches in the press box have to take an elevator to get down to the locker room at halftime. Not all of the elevators are fast. In a UCLA game recently, Bruins’ coach Chip Kelly actually called a timeout to stall for time so his assistants would be in the locker room when the players got there. Thats called thinking of everything. 

10) In his last two games, Charlotte’s Kemba Walker scored 60 points against the 76ers, 43 against the Celtics.

9) Why did the Redskins sign Mark Sanchez as their backup QB? Washington OC Matt Cavanaugh was Jets’ QB coach from ’09-’12. OL coach Bill Callahan was Jets’ OL Coach 2008-2011. Redskins’ QB coach Kevin O’Connell was once a backup QB for the Jets, so there is ton of familiarity for Sanchez to learn Washington’s system.

8) It is Thanksgiving week and four NHL coaches have already been fired. Seems a little early to be firing coaches, but what do I know?

7) Adrian Beltre retired this week, with 477 home runs in 21 years. Excellent career. Five Gold Gloves, over 3,100 hits, four All-Star games. 

6) Kid on Iowa State wore different colored sneakers during their game with Illinois Tuesday; not sure why he did that, but I’m guessing he had another pair just like it in his locker. Am thinking the Nike people loved it when the kid was shooting free throws and the camera focused on his Nike sneakers for a few seconds. Free advertising. 

5) Why would anyone trade for JR Smith? When a player publicly announces he wants to jump ship from a losing team that was recently a winning team, it tells you one thing: “The guy isn’t loyal” Why would you give up a player/draft pick to acquire this guy? 

Smith is 33, is in his 15th NBA season, a career 37.3% 3-point shooter. Shooting is and always will be marketable; Smith will find a home, but that coach will probably have more headaches. 

4) Ravens’ rookie QB Lamar Jackson ran the ball 27 times Sunday; since 1999, no QB has run the ball that many times in one game. 

3) Gonzaga 91, Arizona 74— Wildcats led this game by 13 early in 2nd half, but Zags went wild after Arizona’s Chase Jeter got his 4th foul, bitched at the ref and got a technical, which became his 5th foul, ending his night. Gonzaga-Duke play for the Maui title tonight. 

2) Lipscomb 73, TCU 64— Lipscomb is never on TV except maybe during Champ Week, but they’ve won 43 games the last two years, are 4-1 this year and were rated #115 in country prior to this upset of the Horned Frogs. Lipscomb was a 12.5-point underdog in this game. 

1) The more I think about it, the more Jared Goff is starting to remind me of Troy Aikman; he is surrounded by a lot of stars on his team, including his coach, but he just does his job and wins lot of games and is a quiet star. Nothing wrong with that; Aikman is a Hall of Famer, and I’m pretty sure he’s really rich. 

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