Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……

13) Part of our new reality; I had to go to the bank Tuesday, but you can’t go IN the bank, so I was 20th on line at the drive-thru window. No bueno.

— I had never been thru the drive-thru window at a bank before, but its kind of like going to Wendy’s, with a much longer line, and no food. Whole thing took me an hour.
— Woman two cars ahead of me didn’t have use of her left arm; she had to get out of the car to use the container that ships the paper inside to the bank.
— Everyone was civil, which is a good thing.

12) Grocery store I go to isn’t much different than normal, except you can’t put your stuff on the runway to the register until the previous person is done.

One item the store was out of; Welch’s grape jelly. Guess I’m not the only person eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

11) Little eerie that there was almost no traffic, at 4pm in an area where there is usually a lot of traffic at that time of day. I’ll be happy when there is a lot of traffic here again.

10) Four of the five pitchers who struck out 20+ batters in a major league game are easily recognizable names; then there is Tom Cheney.

Cheney pitched for parts of eight years in the majors, for the Cardinals, Pirates, Senators; his career record was 19-29, with only 345 career strikeouts in 466 IP.

But on September 12, 1962, Cheney pitched all 16 innings of 2-1, 16-inning win over the Orioles, before 4,098 fans in Baltimore. He struck out 21 hitters, the most in MLB history.

Cheney faced 62 batters; if he threw 3.6 pitches/batter, which is likely with four walks, 21 K’s, then he threw around 220 pitches. Manager/pitching coach would both get fired if that happened today.

Some good trivia in this game:
— Hall of Fame manager Dick Williams pinch-hit for the Orioles; so did the hitting guru of the future, Charlie Lau.
— Milt Pappas started on the mound for Baltimore; he would later be traded to Cincinnati for Frank Robinson, one of the worst trades in baseball history.
— Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell both played for the Orioles that night.
— Jimmy Piersall pinch-hit for Washington.
— Whole 16-inning game took 3:59 to play.

9) Some notes on Duke in the NCAA tournament:
— Since 1995, Duke has played in 79 NCAA tourney games; they were favored 74 times.
— Since NCAAs went to 64 teams, Duke is 97-26 in tournament games:
1st round) 30-4 (19-15 ATS) SU since ’85, ATS since ‘87
2nd) 25-5 (13-15 ATS)
3rd) 16-9 (11-13 ATS)
4th) 12-4 (8-7 ATS)
5th) 9-3 (7-4 ATS)
6th) 5-4 (5-3 ATS)

Duke ATS in rounds 1-3: 32-35……rounds 4-6: 20-14

8) Tom Izzo became Michigan State’s coach in 1995:
— Izzo is 52-21 in NCAA tourney games; they were an underdog 28 times (15-13 SU/ATS)
1st round) 17-5 (10-12 ATS)
2nd) 14-3 (8-9 ATS)
3rd) 10-4 (8-6 ATS)
4th) 8-2 (8-2 ATS)
5th) 2-6 (2-6 ATS)
6th) 1-1 (1-1 ATS)

Izzo is 16-8 ATS on the 2nd weekend of the tournament.

7) Bill Self became the Kansas coach in 2004:
— Self is 38-15 in NCAA Tournament games at Kansas; 21-24-1 ATS when favored, 4-3 as an underdog.
1st round) 14-2 (8-7-1 ATS)
2nd) 10-4 (7-7 ATS)
3rd) 8-2 (5-5 ATS)
4th) 3-5 (2-6 ATS)
5th) 2-1 (2-1 ATS)
6th) 1-1 (1-1 ATS)

Self is 9-12 ATS in the tourney when Kansas wasn’t a #1-seed.

6) Jersey Mike’s sub shops were founded by a guy named Pete. Go figure.

5) Back in 1992, San Diego Padres’ TV voice Don Orsillo was the TV voice of the Springfield Indians in the AHL; he posted a clip on Twitter the other night of a Springfield goalie scoring a goal in a game, which is a very rare occurrence. Pretty cool, an empty net goal by a goalie.

4) Glad to hear that Tom Hanks and his wife are back in this country after coming down with the Coronavirus while in Australia- they’re both doing well.

3) Atlantic 14 is thinking about expanding to a 20-game conference season, in part because their teams are having trouble scheduling quality non-conference games. Lot of the big $$$ teams have gone to 20-game conference schedules, to artificially inflate their power ratings.

2) UConn is switching from the AAC to the Big East in basketball, but PG Anterique Gilbert will stay in the AAC; he bolted the Huskies and will play for Wichita State as a grad transfer.

1) MLB Network needs to take each day and focus on one star player that day, and show some of the great performances of the game’s greatest stars.

Mike Trout, Dwight Gooden, Albert Pujols, Nolan Ryan, Roberto Clemente; lot of great content to show there. 

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