Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……..

13) Reds’ rookie pitcher Amir Garrett is 3-2, 4.25 in his first six major league starts, but was sent back to AAA by the Reds this week, to “manage his innings” according to the Reds. Teams don’t like younger pitchers to throw 20%+ more innings than they did the year before, they say it leads to injuries.

Here is what it really is: Cincinnati wants to manage Garrett’s service time, so they can keep him an extra year before he becomes arbitration-eligible. They’re pretty sure now that Garrett is a keeper, so they’re going to keep him in AAA for a few weeks, again to control his big league service time.

But here’s the thing; the Reds are in first place- you’d think that would matter to them, and they’d try to drum up some enthusiasm in the community, instead of sending a promising young pitcher down to save a few bucks down the road.

12) At one point last year, the Chicago Cubs were 40-16; as I type this, they’re 17-16 this year, so it isn’t inconceivable that the NL Central could be wide open this season.

11) Miami Marlins are having a hard time with Joe West’s umpiring crew this week; Don Mattingly got tossed the last two nights- last nite, he was told to take a hike in the bottom of the 1st inning, after Adam Wainwright had thrown 11 pitches. Christian Yelich got called out on an awful pitch and he got tossed, too. Marlins have injury issues; which makes Yelich getting tossed early even more damaging.

10) Orioles will be without closer Zach Britton (forearm) until the All-Star break, very bad news for them.

9) I wasn’t aware that starting pitchers work out after they come out of games; Kendall Graveman did his workout Monday night after his seven innings, then took a shower and put uniform gear back on to watch the 11th inning in the dugout as the A’s beat the Angels 3-2.

8) Astros 8, Braves 3—Houston scored five runs before they made an out in this game. Bartolo Colon is struggling badly this season- his ERA is 7.22. Tuesday was 15th anniversary of a game in 2002 when AJ Hinch homered off of Colon—Hinch is the Astros’ manager now.

7) Orioles 5, Nationals 4 (12)– This was 10th time since joining Washington that Max Scherzer carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning, the most in the major leagues during that time.

Whatever Buck Showalter makes managing the Orioles, it ain’t enough. He is the best manager in baseball. Look at his pitching staff and explain to me how they’re 22-10.

6) Brewers 11, Red Sox 7—Eric Thames hit his 13th homer here; someone who is playing in Korea this year is going to get a major league look next year, based in part on Thames’ success in Milwaukee this season. Whatever he worked on in his three years in Korea, it sure as hell has worked for him.

5) Senators 4, Rangers 2—Couple of Canadian teams are still alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Ottawa advances to play the Pittsburgh-Washington survivor.

4) Spurs 110, Rockets 107 OT—Hard-fought game between two really good teams; Kawhi Leonard got hurt, which is huge going forward. Houston was only 16-48 on the arc.

3) Rangers-Sabres will freeze their butts off outdoors in Queens next winter on New Years’ Day, as the NHL Winter Classic comes to New York City. These events have been popular; I personally can’t think of a worse way to spend a winter afternoon than being outdoors.

2) Jonathan Simmons once paid $150 to try out for a D-League team; now he’s a key contributor for the Spurs. Is this a great country or what?

1) Former President Jimmy Carter came out this week and said he voted for Bernie Sanders for President; yikes. These are certainly strange times we’re living in.


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