Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) RIP Don Shula, 90, who passed away Monday. One of the all-time great coaches.

— Was a head coach in the NFL for 33 years.
— Was 71-23-4 as coach of the Baltimore Colts, winning the NFL title in ’68 but losing that Super Bowl to the AFC champion Jets.
— Was 257-133-2 as coach of the Miami Dolphins, winning two Super Bowls.
— His ’72 Dolphins are the last unbeaten team in NFL history.

12) This kind of sums up how great a coach Shula was:
— He went 5-4 as a head coach against George Halas; Halas started coaching in 1920.
— He went 2-0 as a head coach against Bill Belichick, who is still coaching.

11) So who would be on. Mt Rushmore of NFL head coaches?
I’m assuming Vince Lombardi and Belichick would be there.

That leaves Shula, Chuck Noll, Joe Gibbs, Bill Walsh, Tom Landry to battle it out for the last two spots. Not a decision I would want to make. (I’d choose Shula and Noll)

10) Shula has two sons who are coaches:
— David Shula was head coach of the Bengals from 1992-96; it didn’t go well. After working in the family’s steakhouse business for 20 years, he is now the WR coach at Dartmouth
— Mike Shula is the QB coach for the Denver Broncos; he was the head coach at Alabama before Nick Saban, and has coached for four different teams since then.
— Grandson Chris Shula worked the last three years as a linebacker coach for the Rams.

Elsewhere in the world……..
9) NFL will release its schedule Thursday night; no international games this season, and no one is 100% sure that this schedule will go on as planned. Things could be pushed back, games could be played in empty stadiums.

But at least on Thursday night, I can occupy myself researching games that may or may not be played. Hopefully they’ll choose the option that is the safest for the most people.

8) Was watching Game 1 of the 1969 World Series Monday night, Mets-Orioles in Baltimore, an Orioles’ win that ended the Mets’ 361-game winning streak in games replayed on SNY during the pandemic. Game was in black/white, Curt Gowdy on the call.

— Orioles’ pitching coach was George Bamberger, who later managed the Mets (1982-83)
— Bamberger was replaced as Mets manager by Davey Johnson, who played 2B for the Orioles in that World Series, and made the final out in Game 5.

7) Bill O’Donnell was one of the Orioles’ radio announcers; he was on this NBC broadcast for a while; during one of Frank Robinson’s at-bats, O’Donnell talked about how Robinson was a manager in the Puerto Rico winter league, and how Robinson wanted to manage in the majors, not the minor leagues. 

Six years later, Robinson was named player/manager of the Cleveland Indians.

6) Most career buzzer-beating game-winning shots in NBA history:
9— Michael Jordan
8— Magic Johnson, Joe Johnson

5) Watching The Last Dance on ESPN, it is sad that the Bulls had such a great run but their GM seemed pretty eager to break the nucleus up. Jerry Krause is deceased, so he isn’t around to defend himself, but good grief, give the players credit for winning, even if you’re lying.

NBA is a players’ league and has been for a long time now. Look at Golden State this year; their great players got hurt, and they went in the ashcan. Would’ve been nice if Krause could’ve sat back, enjoyed the Bulls’ success without trying to overshadow the players.

4) Had forgotten that the Atlanta Hawks used to play home games in the Georgia Dome; in 1998, Bulls-Hawks drew 62,000 fans. For a regular season game. Wow. Thats kind of appeal Jordan had back then.

3) I’ve been reading lot of stuff about the old ABA; Indiana Pacers-Kentucky Colonels once had a playoff series in 1970 where they played three games in less than 48 hours. Imagine players today having playoff games on three consecutive days? They’d stage a walkout.

2) John Calipari’s son Brad is a backup guard at Detroit Mercy; the Titans are playing a game in Rupp Arena on November 13, the guarantee check the school gets is their reward for giving the kid a scholarship and playing time for two seasons.

Brad Calipari played about 17:30 a game LY, shooting 38% from the arc for a bad 8-23 Detroit team whose best player, Antoine Davis, slumped to 32.4% on the arc after shooting 38% as a freshman. Davis is the son of head coach Mike Davis.

1) Some good news; Brooke Baldwin and Chris Cuomo are back in CNN’s studios, after winning their struggles with COVID-19. Glad to see that. 

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