Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Starting today, the first of some changes here at the website will take place.

No more daily NHL write-ups; I’ve decided to concentrate on basketball between football and baseball seasons. For now, everything else here stays the same.

12) I’m not making this up: A Pittsburgh-area family is suing Steelers’ safety Sean Davis because he posted a Snapchat video about how slow the service was at the drive-thru window at a Chick-fil-A, where their son works- the son was then “bullied” at school because of the video.

The lawsuit contains claims for libel, cyberbullying, intentional infliction of emotional distress and slander. Davis offered to invite the teenager and two friends to be his guest at a Steelers’ practice, and to go to Davis’ summer football camp in Washington, but the family declined.

Good grief, our country is getting soft.

11) I mentioned Sunday how Arizona State coach Bobby Hurley was going after the refs as they left the floor in Corvallis after the Sun Devils lost to Oregon State Saturday- the Pac-12 nailed him with a $10,000 fine for those shenanigans.

10) If Bronx Bombers’ GM Brian Cashman is so bleeping smart, let him go be the GM of the Pirates or the Rays or the A’s and see how many freakin’ games his team wins. Gets old hearing media types praise Cashman all the time— he is playing checkers with more pieces than most of his opponents- he should win. Since 2001, Cashman’s team has one World Series title, after a run of four titles in five years in the late 90’s.

9) Speaking of Tampa Bay, they may not have an excuse to be cheapskates for too much longer; Rays and Fox Sports Net are nearing a long-term extension to their broadcast deal. From

“Fox’s payout is expected to increase to around $50 million in 2019 under the new contract. Over the 15-year life of the deal, which would run through the 2033 season, Fox would pay, on average, around $82 million per year.”

8) Several NBA personnel types told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that they would advise Missouri freshman Michael Porter Jr to play this season, rather than just sit out and wait for the NBA Draft. Porter played 2:00 in the opener and hasn’t played since because of a back problem.

7) Texas declined to sign free agent P Seung-hwan Oh because he failed his physical; Toronto then signed Oh- you wonder what the difference is in the physicals between the two teams.

6) Three US cities with the best TV ratings for the Winter Olympics: Salt Lake City, Denver and Minneapolis.

5) Former big league reliever Andrew Bailey retired from playing and will be the Angels’ instant replay coordinator this season. I’m a curious guy; wonder how much that job pays?

4) Why is Russell Wilson in spring training with the Bronx Bombers? How does his presence there help them prepare for this season? Does he still get paid by the Seahawks if he tears an ACL playing baseball?

3) 20 or so years ago, I bowled in a Thursday night league; had never done it before, haven’t done it since. It was kind of fun, but I was in over my head and didn’t do very well— I didn’t even own my own bowling ball, just used an alley ball every week. But hey, I could watch college games on TV and eat pizza in between my turns.

One night, a guy on the lanes to my right bowled a 300— it was a different league, really good bowlers, and I remember how casual the guy was about bowling a 300. I was excited, I mean the guy just bowled a freakin’ perfect game- couldn’t understand why he just smiled, and got ready for his next game. Best I ever did was a 212; anything over 170 was cause for celebration.

2) According to San Francisco Giants already have $127M in salary obligations for 2020; Minnesota Twins have $0 on the books after 2019.

1— If you’re a kid in West Virginia this week, you were on an unscheduled vacation— teachers went on strike for better pay/benefits, but they’ll be back at work on Thursday.

When I was a junior in high school, our teachers were on strike when school started— problem is, teachers at two other local schools were also on strike, so the teachers would go to the other two schools and be subs to make some $$$, which kind of defeated the whole purpose.

We had a different teacher for every class every day for the whole week; it was chaotic; some kids marched to the district offices to “protest for the teachers” – they just didn’t want to go to class. For those lazy people like me who had no desire to walk anywhere, we just sat in class, did very little and stayed out of trouble. Good times.

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