Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) San Francisco 49ers are 27th NFL team since 1997 to play overtime games on consecutive weekends; Niners lost both games, are now 0-5, with last four losses all by 2 or 3 points.

12) Of the previous 26 teams who played consecutive OT games, five had a bye the following week, so that takes us down to 21 teams- those 21 teams went 11-10 SU in the third week, but 13-7-1 against the spread.

11) A breakdown according to how the teams did in the OT games:
WW?— Teams that won both OT games went 2-2 vs spread in that third game.
WL?— Teams were 1-3 vs spread in the third game.
LL?— Teams were 4-2-1 vs spread; this is where the 49ers trend this week.
LW?— Teams were 5-0 vs spread in the third game.

10) For the record, Baltimore has played OT games on consecutive weekends four times in the last 21 years; no one else has done it more than twice.

9) Ironic that with lot of college basketball coaches in hot water over fraud allegations with the shoe companies, the 16-team PK80 tournament taking place in Oregon next month to honor Phil Knight’s 80th birthday will be a big deal.

16 teams, all Nike-affiliated, will play three games in this event; might make it easier for the FBI to serve their subpoenas, with so many teams in the same city all at once.

8) Thru 4.5 games this season, Chicago Bears didn’t have a pass play longer than 30 yards, the only NFL team without one. Finally Chicago scored on a 38-yard TD pass in the third quarter Monday night; problem is, it was a pass thrown by punter Pat O’Donnell on a fake punt. Oy.

7) Mitchell Trubisky is the 30th starting QB for the Bears in the last 25 years.

6) San Diego State is bowl-eligible already, which means coach Rocky Long gets a $50,000 bonus, and the athletic director, for some reason, gets a $12,500 bonus.

5) New Orleans Saints traded RB Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals Tuesday for a conditional draft pick. Why would a RB without great receiving skills have signed with a Payton/Brees team in the first place? Arizona’s skill players have lot of miles on them; we’ll see if this helps them.

4) Greg Bird hit a home run in a 1-0 playoff game the other day; the first player to ever hit a home run in a 1-0 postseason game was Casey Stengel in 1923, he of course went on to be a famous manager in New York City, but he was also a good player, hitting .284 in 14 MLB seasons.

3) Political trivia: when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was in college, he was a drummer in the University of Texas marching band.

2) I’m glad the NFL lightened up and allows (most) celebrations after TDs now. They don’t hurt anyone and I think most people like them. Maybe most importantly. the media likes them and over time, that will help the public’s perception of the league, which could use some help.

1) RIP to the great QB YA Tittle, who played 17 years in the NFL with Colts-49ers-Giants; his W-L record was 78-50-5, but he never won a playoff game (0-4). Keep in mind it was a lot harder to make the playoffs back then. Mr Tittle passed away over the weekend at age 90.

Tittle was also one of the opposing coaches against Al Pacino’s Miami Sharks in the excellent football movie Any Given Sunday. RIP, sir.

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