Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Movie recommendation: I told you about the book last summer, but Molly’s Game the movie was even better. Very good. 

Story deals with a young woman runs celebrity poker game in Los Angeles and New York City; she eventually gets in trouble with the law when she begins raking the pot, which is what makes it illegal. Having members of the Russian mob playing in her games complicates things. 

Anyway, very good movie. Worth your time to watch it. 

12) Jake Arrieta’s complaints with the Phillies’ defensive shifts over the weekend confirmed what I had suspected; when the shifting doesn’t work, it drives some pitchers nuts. 

11) Sporting News ranked all 32 NFL starting QB’s; 19th for Cam Newton seems very low- 30th for Eli Manning seems ridiculously low. 

10) Max Scherzer got three strikeouts on nine pitches in the 6th inning vs Tampa Bay Tuesday, just the 92nd time this has happened in major league history. 

9) Good trivia, part 1; we talked yesterday about the A’s drafting Kyler Murray, the Oklahoma QB/CF. His dad and uncle were also outstanding athletes. 

Turns out his uncle Calvin was the batter when Randy Johnson hit that bird with a pitched ball in a spring training game and the poor bird exploded in mid-air. 

8) Good trivia, part 2: When Jesse Owens won the gold medal in the 200-meter sprint in the 1936 Olympics, Mack Robinson won the silver medal- they both broke the previous Olympic record. 

Mack Robinson was Jackie Robinson’s older brother. 

7) Vince McMahon’s XFL hired Oliver Luck (Andrew Luck’s dad) as Commissioner/CEO. The elder Luck was also once President of NFL Europe and AD at West Virginia- he was a backup QB for the Houston Oilers back in the day. 

XFL starts in 2020; the AAF will also be a spring football league— it starts next year. 

6) Nebraska Cornhuskers signed dual-threat QB Luke McCaffery, the youngest son of former NFL WR Ed McCaffery, and brother of Panthers’ RB Christian McCaffery. 

5) A horse named Gronkowski is 12-1 to win the Belmont Stakes Saturday on Long Island. 

4) When a team is rebuilding like the Kansas City Royals are, they tend to draft more college players, since they’re obviously older than high school kids and generally take less time to get to the major leagues. The Royals need help. 

First 11 players the Royals drafted this week are college players. 

3) A government contractor was taken into custody at a Secret Service checkpoint at the White House when he showed up for work. He was wanted for attempted murder. Yikes. 

2) Get well soon to New Jersey Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman, who diagnosed with lymphoma this week. Hope he is feeling better soon. 

1) RIP CM Newton, 88, former basketball coach at both Vanderbilt/Alabama, who was later the AD at Kentucky. He was the President of USA Basketball from 1992-96. RIP, sir. 

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