Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Tuesday morning, the Indianapolis Colts announced they hired Josh McDaniels as their new coach. By 8pm Tuesday, McDaniels had backed out of the deal. Go figure.

12) There are reports the Patriots greatly sweetened McDaniels’ contract to keep him in Foxboro; maybe they guaranteed he’d replace Bill Belichick when Belichick retires. Who knows what happened, but the Colts look foolish for now, even if they may be better off in the long run.

If someone isn’t 100% into being your football coach, then YOU DO NOT WANT HIM. Now the Colts have to regroup and take advantage of the opportunity to find a smart football person who really wants to coach the Indianapolis Colts. NFL head coaching jobs are in great demand.

it should be mentioned here that when McDaniels was coach of the Broncos, he drafted Tim Tebow in the first round. If you’re a Colts’ fan, are you really sad about losing this guy?

11) Took the 6:20am flight from Albany to Chicago to Las Vegas Monday morning; was in the airport by 4:30am. Was on the plane at 6am- the flight took off…….at 10:53am. Oy.

It was a bright. sunny morning in Albany Monday; Southwest Airlines claimed it was too windy to take off, and that snow had blown on the one runway they could use, none of which made a hell of a lot of sense. There was maybe a half-inch of snow on the ground. Maybe some air traffic callers called in sick, who knows?

Everything turned out pretty well, other than wasting four hours of my life that could’ve spent with me being asleep. In a bed. There were three empty seats on the Chicago-to-Vegas flight; one of them was the middle seat next to me. Leg room is tremendous!!!

Then I got a $100 voucher Tuesday in an e-mail from Southwest, apologizing for the delay. it was this e-mail that casually mentioned something about air traffic controllers, which made me wonder what was really up.

10) Bad news for the Knicks Tuesday night; Kristaps Porzingis tore his ACL, is out for the year.

9) Ben Simmons is a really good player and the 76ers will probably make the playoffs this year, but could he learn how to shoot? They said Tuesday that of 346 baskets this season, only seven of them came on shots longer than 16 feet. He is 0-10 behind the arc, but only seven baskets in 1,720 minutes longer than 16 feet?

Simmons is also shooting only 56.3% on the foul line.. If he wants to eventually be considered a truly great player, he better get himself in a gym this summer and improve his shooting.

8) Emeka Okafor played nine minutes for the Pelicans Monday night; it was his first NBA action in four years and 296 days, when he was on the Wizards. Okafor is 35 and banked just under $90M in his playing career. Good to see that he worked hard enough to get back in the NBA.

7) Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim got his 200th career win on February 4, 1985 against Seton Hall, the day after current Louisville coach David Padgett was born.

6) Schools are closed in Philadelphia Thursday, because of the Eagles’ victory parade.

5) Think about it, from 2005-08, Doug Pederson was the head football coach at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, LA. Now he is the head coach of the Super Bowl champs.

4) James Madison postponed basketball games scheduled for Thursday, Saturday over fears of a possible mumps outbreak in the program. One assistant coach had mumps; three other people, including one player, are suspected of having it now.

In case you were wondering: “Mumps is a mild to moderate contagious viral illness spread usually by close or face-to-face contact. Its symptoms can appears from 12 to 25 days after exposure, and those symptoms include body aches, fever and swollen or tender salivary glands.”

3) San Francisco Giants will retire Barry Bonds’ #25 when the Giants host Pittsburgh in August.

2) So much for preseason polls: Auburn was picked 9th, Tennessee 13th in the SEC preseason poll. They’re the top two teams in the league.

1— Sitting next to gamblers in the Westgate sportsbook Tuesday is one of my favorite things on earth, where people of all races/creeds sit near each other and bond over their desire to wager money on sports. If only the rest of the world got along so well……..


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