Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Six NFL teams improved their win total by 4+ games last year. 

Over the last 19 years, 104 teams have done that; of the 98 before last year, they mostly regressed in the third year, winning an average of 2.45 less games per season. 70 of those 98 teams won fewer games than they did in the second year, when they improved. 

12) On the other hand, over those same 19 years, 104 teams have won 4+ fewer games than they did the year before, and strange as it may seem, in that third year, the 96 teams prior to LY improved by the same 2.45 wins per team that the above teams regressed by. Go figure. 

11) This is one story of how difficult it is to make an NBA roster. 

Kid named Isaiah Briscoe is on Orlando’s summer league team in Las Vegas; he played two years at Kentucky, scoring 9.6 ppg as a freshman, 12.1 as a sophomore, at which point he declared for the NBA, but he wasn’t drafted- doesn’t shoot the ball well enough. 

Briscoe played for the 76ers’ Summer League team LY, went to training camp with the Trailblazers, but got cut— he wound up playing pro ball in Russia last winter, and did well there, scoring 18 ppg. 

10) Can you imagine what it is like to be a 21-year old kid who was treated like a God for two years at Kentucky, then spending last year as an anonymous American playing in Russia? 

Talk about a humbling experience; I’m sure he made decent bank over there, but it ain’t the NBA and you’re in freakin’ Russia. 

Briscoe had nine points in 24:00 vs Memphis Sunday, played three scoreless minutes against the Suns Monday. Orlando is a rebuilding team, but it could be back to Russia or some other foreign country for Briscoe- where else can a 22-year old with no college degree make a six-figure salary? 

9) G-League players make around $35,000, except for the two 2-way players each team can have, who make anywhere from $75K to $275K a year. 

The competition for these NBA roster spots is really, really fierce. 

8) USC is a football underdog twice this September; Trojans are +4 at Stanford September 8, and +4.5 at Texas Sept 15. 

Going back to 2016, USC will have been an underdog in five of its last 12 September games, and that is a little surprising.

7) has orders for Lebron James #23 Laker jerseys from all 50 states and 90 different countries.

6) Rookie pitcher Corey Oswalt allowed one hit in six innings for the Mets Monday night, but the one hit he allowed was a bases loaded double to the opposing pitcher Aaron Nola, who was 9 for 136 hitting in his major league career. 

5) Buster Posey has a problem with hip inflammation, will miss the All-Star Game; Yadier Molina takes his place on the NL roster. 

4) Sacramento Kings’ top draft pick Marvin Bagley III is out for the rest of Summer League with a pelvic bone bruise. Bagley is still a kid, won’t turn 20 until next March. Takes some time for these young players to mature physically so they can compete with adults. 

3) Royals’ 2B Whit Merrifield found out just before Sunday’s game that he wouldn’t be an All-Star; he went out and got five hits against the Red Sox. 

Merrifield is hitting .303 this year with a .371 OB% and is now mentioned in trade rumors to lot of contending teams. He is also versatile, playing in both infield and outfield. 

With Gleyber Torres hurt, Jed Lowrie was named to the AL team at 2B. 

2) Reds 7, Indians 4— Cleveland led this game 4-0 in 9th inning; their bullpen has worst ERA in the major leagues, which suggests they’ll be making a trade or two for a reliever this month. 

1) Congrats to the workers who rescued the 12 soccer players and their coach from the flooded caves in Thailand. Great work by those Navy SEALS. 

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