Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……

13) Jacob deGrom set a major league record Monday night; his 9th start this season where he gave up one or no runs, but didn’t get the win; he had previously shared the record with former Giants’ manager Roger Craig, who did it in 1963. 

12) This will be Le’Veon Bell’s 6th year in the NFL; it’ll be the 4th time in six years he didn’t play in Week 1— two via suspensions, one via injury and now one via holdout. 

11) Michigan started out 19-3 in Jim Harbaugh’s first 22 games as Wolverines’ coach, but they’re 9-9 in their last 18 games. 

10) Saturday night, kid on Notre Dame fair-caught a kickoff on his own 8-yard line with 2:18 left and Notre Dame leading 24-17; lot of people in the crowd groaned, not knowing the new rule, where the fair catch automatically puts the ball on the 25. Fair catch is a smart play. 

9) One of my favorite new words: “salty” as in: “Saban was salty when asked about his QB situation” Good descriptive word.

8) Jaguars’ RB Leonard Fournette might be getting a call from the NFL offices this week; after LSU hammered Miami Sunday night, LSU alum Fournette posted a pic on Twitter of the letter “U”, formed with a lot of $100 bills in piles, maybe $5,000 or so, taunting the Hurricanes. 

I’m sure the league was just thrilled to see that; Fournette didn’t say if he won the cash from teammates or from a casino or from whomever.

7) Jose Ureña, in his three starts since he got tossed for drilling Ronald Acuña on the first pitch of a game: 2-0, 2.45 in 22 IP- the no-decision was in Fenway Park. 

6) Being a manager in today’s world: Wil Myers met with manager San Diego skipper Andy Green Monday morning to apologize for a video that surfaced in which, during a live-streamed game of Fortnite, he criticized Green for holding extra defensive drills last week.

Myers has been moved to third base and made three errors in a game last week- he could use the practice. 

5) The other night in Philadelphia, a Phillies’ relief pitcher took an index card out of his pocket while on the mound— it had scouting info on it, like a cheat sheet. Umpire Joe West immediately went over and took the card away from the pitcher. 

Turns out Joe West was wrong; it is OK for a pitcher to have notes with him on the mound.

4) Right now, Alex Tanney is a 30-year old backup QB for the Giants; he played college ball at Monmouth in Illinois (not New Jersey)- the Giants are his 9th NFL team in seven years. During that time, he played in only one regular season game, for the 2015 Titans; he was 10-14 passing for 99 yards in a 30-24 loss in Indianapolis. 

3) Las Vegas puts out spreads on I-AA college football games now; last week, Butler was a 37-point underdog at Youngstown State, and the Bulldogs pulled off a 23-21 upset. In the history of the betting world, very few 37-point underdogs have ever won (Stanford at USC when Jim Harbaugh was at Stanford was a 40-point dog, I think). 

2) Ryan Podell is the Indianapolis Colts’ new sports science/conditioning coach; the last three years, he worked for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers. NFL Films should do a feature on him, to see what, if any, new ideas he is bringing to Indy from the NBA. 

1) There are people burning Nike stuff because Nike is paying Colin Kaepernick to be one of their spokesmen; I don’t care what you think of Kaepernick, but please don’t waste stuff— there are plenty of kids/homeless people who could use gear. Give it away to a homeless shelter or to Goodwill, put it to good use. Be a good person; don’t waste things. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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