Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……

13) West Virginia’s basketball team got thrown under the bus by their athletic department when the school joined the Big X six years ago.

You look at their nine basketball road trips; the closest Big X rival to Morgantown is Iowa State, which is 860 miles away. Lot of long road trips in the cold of winter, all so the football team would have a good league to play in. Hope it is worth it.

Basketball team would’ve been fine playing in the Big East or the A-14, or even the ACC. Look at a map and plot the 10 teams in the Big X; it is weird to see how far West Virginia is from everyone else.

12) Two things about the Blake Griffin-to-Detroit trade:
a) I wouldn’t be too eager to trade with any team Jerry West works for (Clippers)
b) Blake Griffin has missed 84 games the last three years, and this year isn’t over.

11) 18 players on the Patriots’ 53-man roster are undrafted players, which is a lot. Eagles have nine undrafted players on their roster.

10) There is a new Arena Football team here in Albany this spring; 300 people showed up for an open tryout Saturday, at an indoor facility in Halfmoon. Wonder if any of them will make the squad, which starts play April 14.

Think it might actually be harder to make an Arena League team as a walk-on, since there really aren’t special teams the way there are in the NFL.

9) Jacksonville QB Blake Bortles played all season with a wrist injury that needs surgery; the team knew this before the season— looks like Bortles will play for $19M next year, the $$ the Jaguars to give him if he is on the roster March 14.

8) Washington Wizards star John Wall is having his knee scoped, will be out 6-8 weeks. Right now, Wizards are #6 seed in the East- can they stay there?

7) I’m a big fan of the TV show Suits on USA Network; one of the actresses on the show is a woman named Meghan Markle who will soon marry Prince Harry in England, so she’s leaving the show after this spring’s episodes.

Read Tuesday that Patrick Adams will also leave the show after this season; his character (Mike) is one of the two main characters in the show, so interesting to see how they’ll proceed moving forward.

6) Former New Mexico basketball player Hugh Greenwood now plays Australian Rules Football for the Adelaide Crows in the AFL. Tough sport.

5) Carolina Hurricanes just got sold to a guy who says the team might play some games in Hartford Whalers throwback uniforms— the Hurricanes moved to Raleigh from Hartford 21 years ago. Whalers had green uniforms with an awesome logo; this is a good idea.

4) Doug Pederson is bringing Brett Favre in to speak to the Eagles Saturday night. Pederson was Favre’s backup for seven years in Green Bay.

3) Milwaukee is the smallest TV market in the major leagues; they averaged 31,282 fans a game last year because they were smart enough to build a retractable dome in a cold-weather city, so fans don’t have to suffer while they’re watching the game.

2) Arkansas is paying former football coach Bret Bielema $11,395,000 as a going away present; if he gets 36 monthly payments thru 2020, that works out to $316,527.78 a month.

1— I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Tuesday was the 18th anniversary of the greatest NFL game ever played: Rams 23, Titans 16 in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Think about Falcons-Patriots last year and SB XXXIV was a similar game, except the team that stormed back from behind fell just short of winning……thank God.

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