Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Flash back to October 20, 1991—Rams lose a tough game 20-17 to the Raiders; I wasn’t happy about the loss, which dropped the Rams to 3-4 at the time.

I announce right then that I will not have another soda, piece of cake/pie or candy/chips until the Rams win again, which I assumed would be the next week. Wrong. 

Rams lost their last 11 games of the season, finished 3-13, and didn’t win another game until September 13, 1992. Not my finest moment.

12) You have to realize; when I worked for New York State, I’d usually be good for three 16-ounce Cokes a day, plus lot of Doritos or Fritos; I freakin’ loved Doritos, but for 11 long months, I didn’t have any. Drank a lot of water, ate lot of pastries. No bueno.

11) I remember on Thanksgiving 1991, I’m at a family dinner with my future ex-wife’s family, and one of her nieces, a 5 or 6-year old girl, walks in the room and hands me a piece of pumpkin pie on a plate. It looked really good, but I explained to her how the Rams hadn’t won yet so she had to bring the pie back to the kitchen. She gave me a strange look.

10) When the Rams finally won the next year, I was 26 pounds lighter than I was 11 months earlier. Learned my lesson; no more stupid statements when I’m ticked off.

9) King McClure is a TV analyst on ESPN; he is only 23 years old, having quit basketball at Baylor because he has the same heart condition that wound up killing Hank Gathers 30 years ago. McClure is a good analyst no matter what his age, but for age 23, he is really, really good.

8) New baseball rule:
— Disabled list is still 10 days for position players, but 15 days for pitchers.
— Same thing with the minor leagues; a position player has to stay in the minors for 10 days, and pitchers have to stay down for 15.

7) Upsets:
— Wake Forest (+10.5) 113, Duke 101, 2OT
— Northern Illinois (+3.5) 73, Eastern Michigan 71
— Oklahoma (+3) 65, Texas Tech 51

6) If the people who run college basketball really want more scoring, a simple way to do that would be to put the NBA’s continuation rule into play. Makes the game more exciting, creates more highlights, and there really isn’t a downside to it.

5) Bronx P Luis Severino needs Tommy John surgery, will miss all of 2020.

4) Wake Forest 113, Duke 101 2OT— Blue Devils led by 9 with 1:21 left, but blew the game, as Demon Deacons end an 11-game losing streak against Duke.

Wake Forest became first Division I team in 19 years to have all five starters score 15+ points and grab 5+ rebounds in the same game.

3) Steph Curry will be back on the court when Golden State plays Washington this Sunday; Curry has been out since October 30 with a hand injury.
2) New Jersey Giants are talking about trading down from the #4 slot in the NFL Draft; since 1967, they’ve traded down in the first round once, so not real likely.

1) ESPN suspended a radio host in Cleveland after the guy called Baker Mayfield a “bleeping midget” when he didn’t know his mike was live on the air.

Apparently “midget” is now an offensive term; not really sure which one got the guy some time off, dropping an f-bomb on the air or insulting a really short person, but he is suspended. 

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