Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Washington’s best pitcher Max Scherzer broke his nose while working on his bunting during batting practice Tuesday night; he is supposed to pitch for the Nationals today, As I type this, it is unclear whether Scherzer is going to pitch or not. 

Phillies-Nationals got rained out for second night in a row, so now Scherzer won’t have to pitch Wednesday so his nose can heal a little bit. 

12) The resume of Toronto Raptors’ head coach Nick Nurse:
1989-90: Northern Iowa (assistant)
1990-91:  Derby Rams (player/coach)
1991-93: Grand View
1993-95: South Dakota (assistant)
1995-97: Birmingham Bullets
1998: Telindus Oolinde
1998-200: Manchester Giants
2000-01: London Towers
2001: Oklahoma Storm (assistant)
2001-06: Brighton Bears
2005: Oklahoma Storm (assistant)
2007-11: Iowa Energy
2011-13: Rio Grande Valley Vipers
2013-18: Toronto Raptors (assistant)
2018-19: Toronto Raptors (head coach)- NBA champs

The man has paid his dues. 

11) Josh McCown threw passes for seven different NFL teams in his 17-year career, going 23-53 as a starter; he retired this week, but should have an excellent career, either as a coach or on TV- he also signed with ESPN this week. 

Only six other QB’s have thrown a pass for seven NFL teams; this fall, Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to become the first QB to throw a pass for eight NFL teams. 

Playing QB in the NFL is profitable, even if you’re a backup; McCown earned $49,668,000 in his playing career, pretty good cash for a guy who won 23 games in 17 years.

10) Zion Williamson and Lonzo Ball figure to be teammates with the Pelicans next season; it was July 2017 that I saw Zion’s AAU team play Lavar Ball’s team at an adidas tournament in Las Vegas. Lonzo was sitting in the front row, watching his younger brother play. 

That was the night there were so many people in the Cashman Center, when Lebron James pulled up to watch the games, the Las Vegas police told him that he could go in the building, but they couldn’t guarantee his safety in there, so Lebron left. 

9) Toronto Raptors had their championship parade Monday; thousands of people jammed the streets to celebrate Canada’s first NBA championship. It was estimated that 2,000,000 people jammed the parade route. 

8) US Open golf champion Gary Woodland originally went to Division II Washburn on a basketball scholarship, but transferred to Kansas after his freshman year and got a golf scholarship from the Jayhawks. 

7) Angels DFA’d Cesar Puello this week; the guy hit .390 in 12 games (50 PA) and he got freakin’ DFA’d. Hopefully someone will trade for him or pick him up when he becomes a free agent. He is only 28 years old. 

6) College basketball transfer portal:
— Derryck Thornton bolts from USC to Boston College; he had previously played for Duke. If kids could transfer during a TV timeout, he would be a strong candidate to do it. 

5) San Francisco Giants are struggling at 31-40, but they’re 17-6 in one-run games, 14-34 in all their other games. In other words, they could be a whole lot worse than 31-40. 

4) Last night, my TV informed me that the batteries were low in my remote control. No idea how my TV knew that, but I paid attention and changed the batteries. Thanks, TV!!!

3) Bellarmine College in Louisville is going D-I in basketball, starting in 2020-21; the Knights will play in the Atlantic Sun Conference. 

2) It must be fun to be a good player in the NBA:
— Al Horford turned down his $30.1M option from the Celtics.
— Harrison Barnes turned down his $25.1M option from the Kings.

Can you imagine turning down that kind of money? I’d be afraid to walk across the street until I signed a new contract. Guys dislike playing on a team so much that they turn down $25M to go elsewhere. Wow. 

1) There is a photographer named Tom Fox who was in Dallas Monday to cover a trial; when he got to the courthouse, he saw a gunman and the gunman saw him and the police/gunman wound up in a shootout, with bullets flying over the photographer’s head (he was hiding behind a column). Mercifully, he didn’t get hit. 

The photographer got a great picture of the gunman, the gunman wound up getting killed. Sad way to start the week; imagine having the onions to snap a picture of a guy with an assault rifle who can see you and isn’t that far away? Amazing.

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