Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Surprised to hear that the Oakland Raiders will be featured this summer on Hard Knocks; figured that they would wait until next year to feature the Raiders, when they move to Las Vegas. 

12) Mets had two men on, no one out Tuesday with Jeff McNeil up; Bronx plays the 3B in for a bunt, and Mets’ TV guy Gary Cohen exclaims, “They’re playing in for a bunt!!! Doesn’t anyone scout?!?!?!” 

Words aren’t out of his mouth and McNeil homers to right-center. I’m guessing Bronx coaches and staff won’t be too thrilled when they hear about Cohen’s comments- they are in first place after all, while the Mets are………owned by the Wilpon family. 

11) There were 13 homers in the Arizona-Philly game Monday night, which is a major league record for one game. 

10) Interesting to follow Twitter late Monday night and Tuesday with reaction to Kevin Durant’s injury; lot of people suddenly became medical experts. 

Without knowing the inner workings of the Warriors, am guessing the decision comes down to Durant and the Warriors’ trainer, with Durant having the final say. 

What follows now really could alter the NBA’s entire offseason; what teams will throw major $$$ at a big star with a very serious leg injury? Will he get a shorter deal and have to prove himself healthy before he breaks the bank again? 

9) With Game 6 in Oakland Thursday, it bears repeating that Toronto had a 6-point lead and the ball with 3:00 left Monday with a chance to win its first title, but lost at home. 

Crowd will be fired up for Game 6, the last NBA game ever in Oakland— the Warriors have a new arena for next year, across the bay in San Francisco. 

8) Royals-Tigers are playing a game in Omaha, Nebraska Thursday, in advance of the College World Series. Teams played Tuesday-Wednesday in Kansas City. 

7) Baseball stuff:
— Giancarlo Stanton homered (was 2-4) in a Class A rehab game.
— Orioles’ P Alex Cobb (hip) is out for the year.
— Tigers’ SS Niko Goodrum left Tuesday’s game (bruised knee). 
— Dodgers’ SS Corey Seager (hamstring) left Tuesday’s game.

6) Memphis Grizzlies hired Taylor Jenkins as their new head coach; he was Mike Budenholzer’s assistant in Milwaukee this season and in Atlanta for five years. Jenkins will the Grizzlies’ 4th coach in the last five years. 

5) Saints signed DE Cam Jordan to a 3-year contract extension that is worth $52.5M with a maximum of $55.5M that includes $42M in guarantees.

4) FOX Sports produced its US Open promo, but didn’t include the person who won the last two US Opens, which was surprising to Brooks Koepka, who won the last two US Opens. 

“We’re amazed that I wasn’t in it, just kind of shocked. Somebody probably got fired over it … or should.”

3) Most home runs, first 67 games of a career in Major League history:
1. Jose Abreu, 25 (2014), 2. Cody Bellinger, 24 (2017) 5. Pete Alonso, 22 (2019)

2) Detroit Tigers have Jack Morris as a TV analyst this year and he is very good, especially when he talks about pitching. Very honest; I learn something every game. 

1) Zack Greinke has thrown 89 pitches this season that were under 70 MPH, 25 more than any other pitcher in the major leagues. 

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