Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Walking around Fremont Street Tuesday, you could pay to pose for a pic with a guy who looked exactly like Pee Wee Herman; hell, for all I know, it might’ve actually been Pee Wee Herman, but no, I passed on that opportunity. 

12) Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa hasn’t played a snap in the fourth quarter this season, thats how easily the Crimson Tide have won their games so far this season. 

11) Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0 for the 4th time in their history; the other three years (’03, ’13, ’17) they were 5-0, they didn’t win any playoff games.

10) There have been 49 two-point conversion tries thru five weeks this season, the most 2-point tries thru five weeks in NFL history. 

9) Drew Brees’ uncle is Marty Akins, who was QB for the Texas Longhorns for two years back when the great Earl Campbell was running the football for Texas. In other words, Uncle Marty handed off a lot. 

8) NFL moved Week 7’s Bengals-Chiefs game to Sunday night, replacing Rams-49ers. 

7) Boston 4, New York 3— Red Sox-Astros will play in ALCS, starting Saturday; Dodgers-Brewers will play in NLCS, starting Friday. 

6) Umpire Angel Hernandez had a tough couple nights; he had three calls overturned by replay in first four innings at first base Monday, then he had the plate Tuesday. Lot of former players on Twitter took their shots at Hernandez; I’ll take their word for it. 

Hernandez was only second ump this season to have three calls overturned in a game; other guy did it in a 16-inning Rays-Marlins game back on July 3. 

5) Only two position players have pitched in a playoff game:
— Cliff Pennington, Game 4 of 2015 ALCS for Toronto
— Austin Romine, Game 4, of 2018 ALDS for New York. 

4) Only six college basketball teams have made the last eight NCAA tournaments:
Cincinnati, Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina

3) In the arena where the NHL’s Dallas Stars play, the ad on the boards in front of the visitors’ penalty box is for Bud Light’s “Pit of Misery”

2) Last two weeks, Jacksonville Jaguars gained 503-502 yards, which is pretty good; problem is, they were also -6 in turnovers in those games, which is why they split the two games. 

1) Buffalo Bills’ passing yards the last two weeks: 87-79 yards. No bueno. 

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