Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Perils of the rich and famous; Mets’ pitcher Noah Syndergaard is being sued in a Manhattan federal court after missing rent on his $27,000/month Tribeca apartment.

Syndergaard signed an eight-month lease on a three-bedroom, 2,700-square-foot duplex; he never moved in and hasn’t made any rent payments. The agreement was signed a month before New York City shut down because of the coronavirus.

Four days after Syndergaard’s lease was scheduled to begin, his season officially ended because he had Tommy John surgery; he is a free agent after the 2021 season.

12) Syndergaard made $6M last year, the 10th-highest paid Met; back in 1985, Mike Schmidt made $2,130,000 and he was the highest-paid player in the majors that season.

11) Washington Senators’ star Juan Soto made his major league debut on May 20, 2018, but on June 18, he played in a game that had been suspended on May 15, and he homered. Soto hit his first major league homer in that June 20 resumption of the May 15 game, so technically he hit hit first major league homer in a May 15 game, three days before his major league debut.

10) Longest streaks as a regular season favorite by a QB:
74 games— Tom Brady, 2015-present
62 games— Steve Young, 1993-97
48 games— Kurt Warner, 1999-2003
42 games— Terry Bradshaw, 1972-77

9) AFC West betting opportunities:
5-9 wins: -$180
10-14 wins: +$250
0-4 wins: +$350
15-16 wins: 150-1

Kansas City:
10-14 wins:-$190
5-9 wins: +$155
0-4 wins or 15-16 wins: both 18-1

Las Vegas Raiders:
5-9 wins: -$180
10-14 wins: +$250
0-4 wins: +$350
15-16 wins: 175-1

LA Chargers:
5-9 wins: -$170
10-14 wins: +$225
0-4 wins: +$375
15-16 wins: 175-1

8) Biggest point spread in NFL history? In 1976, the Steelers (-27) shut out the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42-0 in Three Rivers Stadium. Tampa Bay went 0-14 that season.

7) There are seven college football teams this season with the same head coach, but with two coordinators:

Arizona Sate, Louisiana Tech, Syracuse, Texas, Toledo, Utah State, Vanderbilt

6) Caylin Newton, Cam Newton’s younger brother, will transfer from Howard to Auburn, where his brother won the Heisman Trophy and a national title in 2010.

Caylin Newton led Howard to the biggest pointspread upset in college history when Howard (+47) upset UNLV 43-40 in 2017; he has two years of eligibility left.

5) Jose Bautista hit 344 home runs in a 15-year major league career, playing for eight different teams. Bautista wore nine different numbers in his career, even though he wore #19 for four different teams.

4) Korean baseball looks weird with no fans at the games; the biggest stadium in the KBO seats 26,800 fans, the smallest one 13,000.

3) The NBA will be resuming with all 16 playoff teams in the same city; this would be a good time to seed all 16 playoff teams #1-16, regardless of conference. Would be a worthwhile experiment at a time where it doesn’t hurt to try it.

2) Baltimore Orioles trailed by 4+ runs in 73 games last year, winning only three of those games. Angels (4-64), Detroit (2-65) were next on the list.

Houston Astros trailed by 4+ runs in only 23 games LY, and won two of them.

1) NHL announced the start of its plan to resume this season, with 24 teams taking part, at two hub locations. From what I saw, NHL games won’t resume until July, but at least they’ve come up with a format.

Top four seeds in each conference will play a round-robin for seeding; teams 5 will plays teams 12 in each conference, 6 plays 11, 7 plays 10, 8 plays 9. Apparently, regular season overtime rules will hold in the early rounds, which means playoff shootouts, for the first time. 

The seven NHL teams whose season is now officially over will take part in the draft lottery June 26. 

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