Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr to Cleveland last night; I’m guessing Odell might not enjoy December by Lake Erie, but while the Ravens/Steelers lose players this month and the Bengals pretty much stand still. are the Browns a playoff contender now? 

Giants got Jabril Peppers, plus draft picks in 1st and 3rd rounds. 

12) Are there any other honest people left? Parents paying off people so their kids can go to fancy colleges. Oy. Just send the kid to a damn state college and tell him/her to study.

Jerome Allen is an assistant coach with the Celtics; he used to work at Penn, and admitted to taking $300K to designate a kid as a basketball recruit at Penn, so the kid could get into an Ivy League school.

The three smartest (whether book smart or street smart) people I know went to these colleges, and I’m posting the colleges in alphabetical order, not in order of how smart those people are:

Albany, Northeastern, St Francis NY

Not a lot of “elite” colleges on that list. Smart people come from all kinds of schools. 

USC’s senior associate athletic director, Donna Heinel, apparently received more than $1.3M in bribe payments to fabricate athletic credentials for prospective students. 

Tremendous. Just awesome. Ms Heinel has already been fired, by the way. 

11) Monday at the MGM in Las Vegas, a courageous soul made a $310,000 money-line bet on the Raptors (-$420) to win in Cleveland; they lost by 25. Had Toronto won, the bettor would’ve banked a little over $73,800. Tough way to start the week.

10) At the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas, Detroit Lions dropped from 100-1 to 60-1 to win the Super Bowl, after their four free agent signings. 

9) Teddy Bridgewater is taking less money to be the Saints’ backup QB, instead of being the starter with the Dolphins? What does that say about Miami?  

8) Monday night in LA, Lou Williams of the Clippers set the NBA’s all-time record for most points scored off the bench, passing Dell Curry. Williams has scored 13,037 points in the NBA, but has started only 11.8% of his 923 career games. 

Remember seeing Williams play in an AAU tournament in Orlando back when he was in high school; if I remember right, he played for the Atlanta Celtics’ AAU team- they were excellent. 

7) Bradley’s path to winning the MVC tournament:
— beat Missouri State by 3; trailed by 7 early in 2nd half.
— beat Loyola, Chi by 2; trailed by 4 with 12:11 left.
— beat Northern Iowa by 3; trailed by 18 with 17:07 left. 

6) Texas PG Kerwin Roach will play for the Longhorns in the Big 12 tournament this week, so whatever offense he committed to get suspended for the last five games is forgiven. 

Ohio State’s Kaleb Wesson will also be back for the Big 14 tournament; he was suspended for the last three games. 

Funny how conference tournaments make suspensions go away. 

5) Five years ago, Mercer won the Atlantic Sun tourney, then beat Duke in the first round of the NCAA’s, before losing to Tennessee in the 2nd round. Mercer beat Duke as a 14-seed. In the last 20 years, #14-seeds are 8-72 in the first round of the NCAA tournament- Mercer’s win was a very big deal. 

The next year, Mercer moved up to the Southern Conference and in five years since then, Bears went 83-83, 46-46 in conference games. Thats a .500 record in a better league, but Monday, they fired coach Bob Hoffman, the same guy who coached the team when they beat Duke. 

Who made this decision? This isn’t UCLA or some other big-money school that expects to make the tournament every year to appease its big-money boosters. It is freakin’ Mercer. If you’re Mercer and the guy beats Duke, you give him a 10-year contract and pray he doesn’t bolt your school for green$r pa$ture$.

4) If you care about such things, you can wager on next year’s Super Bowl right now; AFC is favored by 2.5 points, with a total of 57.

3) Oakland Grizzlies basketball coach Greg Kampe played football in college at Bowling Green, graduating in 1978— one of his coaches was Don Nehlen, who went on to an excellent career coaching West Virginia. Kampe was a cornerback, who also kicked/punted. 

2) Chris Woodward is the new manager of the Texas Rangers; he went on live TV for a half-inning with the Rangers’ TV guys during an exhibition game the other night and he was great. Best one of those interviews I’ve seen. He talked about how a lot of players don’t know all the rules, and how the bench coach for the Dodgers (Bob Geren) “….is obsessed with rules.” Was interesting to listen to. 

1) A’s play Seattle over in Japan in games that count, starting at 5:30am here in New York on both March 20th and 21st; the NCAA tournament starts at noon on the 21st. When the hell am I supposed to sleep?

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