Wednesday’s List of 13: Happy birthday, America!!!!

13) This is the Webster’s definition of “compete”:

“strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.”

Maybe the NBA should make playoff series best-of-3, to give lesser teams at least a chance to pull an upset. The NBA playoffs, in their current format, are boring as hell; who can beat the Warriors best-of-7? Best-of-3 series would be a lot more fun to watch. 

12) In this year’s playoffs, only 4 of 15 playoff series went to seven games.

3 series were four-game sweeps, 6 series went five games, two went six. In other words, 9 of 15 playoff series ended in either four or five games. NBA needs shorter playoff series- more drama equals better TV ratings, which is very important. 

11) Colorado Rockies will almost undoubtedly trade OF Carlos Gonzalez by the All-Star break; CarGo becomes a 10-and-5 man on July 19, at which point he has veto rights on any trade Colorado tries to make involving him. 

10-and-5 means this: 10+ years in major leagues, last 5+ years with same club.

10) Dumbest baseball stat ever; Caleb Ferguson pitched the last three innings for the Dodgers in their 17-1 win Monday night- he got a save!!! If you pitch the last three innings, you get a save no matter what the score— a ridiculous rule. 

9) Pretty nasty brawl broke out in a basketball game between Australia and the Philippines over the weekend in a World Cup qualifying tournament; someone even got hit in the back with a chair. Luckily the crowd was set back away from the court a little bit so it didn’t spill over into the crowd, but it was a nasty fight.

8) Avery Bradley is returning to the LA Clippers for two-years, $25M; if playing hoops in LA is so freakin’ great, how come the Lakers are making all the noise and not the Clippers? They play in the same arena. 

Lakers have a way better history than the Clippers, but what history did the Warriors have before five years ago? 

7) Jay Cutler is 35 years old; he played QB for the Dolphins LY, but his NFL career may be over now, unless another starting QB gets hurt in training camp. Cutler is 74-79 in 12 years as an NFL starting QB; he split two playoff games with the 2010 Bears. 

Anyway, Cutler is married to actress Kristin Cavallari; the couple will be featured on a reality show on the E! Channel this fall, called “Very Cavallari.” Previews I read Tuesday said that Cutler has a dry wit and could steal some scenes. 

Remember, before his NFL comeback last summer, Cutler was supposed to be the new voice in the CBS TV booth next to Jim Nantz, not Tony Romo. 

6) Hitters who have come up with most men on base, and %age of those runners they knocked in:
Justin Upton 257 (10.5%)
Nick Markakis 251 (18.7%)
Scooter Gennett 248 (16.5%)
Joey Votto 246 (14.3%)

5) Hitters with minimum 150 PA who have knocked in worst %age of baserunners:
Austin Barnes LA (4 of 95)
Matt Joyce A’s (6 of 95)
Carlos Gomez TB (10 of 157)
Christian Vazquez Bos (9 of 132)

4) Hitters with 150+ PA who knocked in the highest %age of baserunners:
Gerardo Parra Colo 23.2%
Denard Span TB/Sea 22.9%
Daniel Descalso Ariz 21.9%
Evan Gattis Hst 21.4%

3) Highest WHIP of (regular) home plate umpires this season:
Mark Carlson 1.52 (over 10-4)
David Rackley 1.47 (over 9-3)
Chris Guccione 1.43 (over 10-4)
Jerry Layne 1.43 (over 10-5)

2) Lowest WHIP of (regular) home plate umpires this season:
Dan Bellino (under 12-1), Mike Dimuro (under 11-3), both 1.10
Adam Hamari 1.11 (under 11-4)
Ryan Blakney 1.14 (under 8-6)
Doug Eddings 1.16 (under 13-4)

1) Happy 142nd birthday to America; hopefully the next year will be a better one for our country than the last two have been. 

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