Wednesday’s Den: Some mid-week football knowledge

13) Five NFL teams have new coaches this season, four in the NFC: Browns, Giants, Panthers have new coaches who have never been NFL head coaches before, though Carolina’s Matt Rhule was a very good college head coach.

12) NFL head coaches, in terms of seniority with their current team:
— Bill Belichick, 21st year with Patriots
— Sean Payton, 14th year with Saints
— Mike Tomlin, 14th year with Steelers
— John Harbaugh, 13th year with Ravens
— Pete Carroll, 11th year with Seahawks

Belichick, obviously has won six Super Bowls; the other four guys won one each.

11) Should be encouraging to head coaches that last year, Andy Reid won his first Super Bowl title in his 21st year as a head coach, 15 years after his first Super Bowl appearance.

10) Mike Zimmer (Vikings), Bill O’Brien (Texans) are both entering their 7th year with their ballclub, the most of any current head coach who hasn’t yet made a Super Bowl.

9) There are currently 62 coordinators in the NFL; Kyle Shanahan is his own OC with the 49ers, Tennessee doesn’t list a defensive coordinator. Of those 62 coordinators, 17 used to be a head coach, five offensive coordinators, 12 on defense.

8) 21 of the 62 coordinators are new in their job this season; Rams, Vikings, Texans all have two new coordinators, despite having the same head coach.

7) Last three years, under is 16-8 in New England road games.

6) Last three years, under is 15-3 in Raiders’ divisional games.

5) Falcons are 10-4 ATS in last 14 games vs teams coming off a bye.

4) Seahawks are 23-11 ATS in last 34 games vs teams coming off a bye.

3) Pittsburgh is 12-6 ATS in last 18 games vs teams coming off a bye.

2) Chiefs covered six of their last seven September games.

1) Mike Zimmer’s Vikings are 34-14 ATS in their home games.

TV highlights of the day: 2016 All-Star Game, 1971 All-Star Game, a season 1 episode of Ray Donovan and The Fabulous Baker Boys, an underrated movie.  

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