Wednesday’s Den, part II; Mid-week musings…….

13) Now that the Lions-Rams game is in the rear view mirror, here are some numbers:

Jared Goff’s record with Sean McVay as coach: 42-21 SU, 34-28-1 ATS
Jared Goff’s record with someone else as coach: 0-14 SU, 4-10 ATS

Don’t tell me Goff is a sub-par QB, he just needs good coaching to succeed. Goff is one of 14 QB’s in the last 55 years to start a Super Bowl in his first three years in the league.

In the NFL, play-callers are in the QB’s ear for 0:25 before every play, so who that voice is makes a huge difference. Not really sure how Detroit is 0-7; they’ve got good skill players around Goff. Lions lost to Baltimore/Minnesota on last-second FG’s, both longer than 50 yards.

Detroit had the ball on the Rams’ 12-yard line with 5:00 left Sunday; they could easily be 3-4. 

12) Braves 6, Astros 2:
— Morton got hit by line drive, broke his leg, is out for Series.
— Atlanta led 5-0 in third inning.
— Soler is first player EVER to lead off Game 1 of a World Series with a homer.

11) If you’re an NFL fan, there is a show Move the Sticks that is on NFL Network Mondays at 3:00. No BS, three guys just talk about football. Good chance to learn some stuff.

10) The overtime rules in college football:
— Each team gets one possession, starting at the other team’s 25.
— For second OT, teams have to go for two points after a TD.
— Starting with the third OT, teams simply alternate 2-point plays. 

Not sure why they just don’t play all the OT’s at the same end of the field, to save time and all.

9) New Orleans Saints have seven Ohio State Buckeyes on their roster, the most players from any college on any one team in the NFL this season.

8) Enough already with Eli Manning; the guy never said two words during his playing career, but now that he’s retired, he’s on TV more than Baker Mayfield, Jennifer Garner and the AT&T lady combined.

I’m guessing at least part of this is the Manning family keeping Eli in the public eye so he’ll get elected to the Hall of Fame the first year he is eligible. His 117-1117 regular season record says otherwise- he won two Super Bowls, so he’ll get in eventually, but he doesn’t deserve to be voted in the first year he is eligible. 

7) Ty-Ty Washington, a freshman basketball player at Kentucky, signed an NIL deal with a Porsche dealership in Louisville- the kid is driving a Porsche that is worth $80,000. He is thre 14th-rated player in this season’s freshman class.

6) Orlando Magic are off to a 1-3 start; they’re fifth team EVER to lose their first two games of an NBA season, both by 25+ points:
1971-72— Portland
1987-88— LA Clippers
1989-90— Golden State
2020-21— Golden State
2021-22— Orlando

5) Chicago Bulls are 4-0 for the first time since 1997.

4) College football trends:
— C-USA favorites are 15-7 ATS
— MAC favorites of 9+ points are 2-6 ATS.
— Mountain West favorites of 5 or less points: 2-6 ATS
— Sun Belt home teams are 14-4 ATS.

3) Southern Mississippi is moving from Conference USA to the Sun Belt; in couple of years, there will be no more Conference USA, and an automatic bid to the NCAA basketball tourney will go away, adding another at-large bid.

2) On August 1st, Braves lost 2-1 at home to Milwaukee; they were 52-55, and trailed the Mets by  five games in the NL East. Atlanta finished the regular season on a 36-18 run. 

1) Last weekend, Sotheby’s auctioned off 11 Picasso paintings, five of which used to hang in a Bellagio restaurant in Las Vegas. All in all, the auction raised $108M, that’s million, with an M.

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