Wednesday’s Den: NFL Facts and Figures……

13) Dallas Cowboys scored 77 points in two home games (2-0), scoring 10 TD’s on 21 drives; they’re 4-0 ATS overall. Dallas is already +7 in turnovers. 

12) Kansas City Chiefs split first four games, despite scoring 17 TD’s on 33 drives- they’ve converted 25 of 39 third down plays. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, KC opponents have scored 16 TD’s on 34 drives.

11) Best teams in the red zone so far:
Seattle 6.60 points/drive, Saints 6.42, Bengals 6.00.

Worst teams in the red zone so far:
Giants 3.50, Colts 4.00, Patriots 4.18

10) Best teams on drives that start 75+ yards from goal line:
Chiefs 3.95 points/drive, Rams 3.72, Washington 3.27

Worst teams on drives that start 75+ yards from goal line:
Jets 0.84, Falcons 0.86, Patriots 0.90

9) Most plays of 20+ yards:
Raiders 27, Ravens 26, Buccaneers 24

Fewest plays of 20+ yards:
Saints 5, Bears/Miami 11 each

8) Green Bay Packers won last three games, scoring 30.7 ppg- they scored 11 TD’s on 28 drives in those games. Packers have converted 19-35 on 3rd down; they’re +6 in turnovers in their last six games.

7) Arizona is the NFL’s only unbeaten team, scoring 35 ppg; they’ve scored 16 TD’s on 43 drives, have a +5 turnover ratio. Cardinals have outscored opponents 61-30 in second half of games.

6) Buffalo scored 14 TD’s on its last 43 drives, scoring 39.3 ppg in last three games. Bills have converted 29-58 third down plays. 8 of their last 14 TD drives were shorter than 60 yards.

5) Home side won/covered all four of Chicago’s games; Bears’ offense has only three TD’s on its last 27 drives. Last two games, Chicago converted 2-19 third down plays.

4) Cleveland Browns have outscored opponents 25-0 in last 2:00 of each half; Browns’ defense has allowed only one TD on last 20 drives.

3) Atlanta Falcons allowed 32+ points in three of four games this season; their last two games were decided by total of 7 points. Surprisingly, Atlanta has outscored opponents 30-12 in last 2:00 of each half.

2) Detroit Lions have been outscored 69-27 in first half of games, 24-0 in last two; home side covered all four of their games.

1) Rookie quarterbacks are 5-11 ATS this season; first-time head coaches are 10-18. 

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