Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings about the baseball schedule

13) Major league teams will play division rivals 10 games each, but not necessarily 5 home, 5 away; their other 20 games will be against the like division in the other league.

AL East-NL East, Central-Central, West-West

12) Opening night is July 23:
Bronx-Washington, Giants-Dodgers

Everyone else plays the next day. Teams will have six days off over the 66-day season.

11) Colorado Rockies will help the Rangers open brand new Globe Life Field, which is a domed stadium.

10) ESPN’s Sunday night baseball schedule:
July 26: Braves-Mets, Giants-Dodgers
August 2: Red Sox-Bronx
August 9: Cubs-Cardinals
August 16: Red Sox-Bronx
August 23: Phillies-Braves
August 30: Braves-Phillies
September 6: Cardinals-Cubs

Not a lot of imagination here.

9) Additional Sunday Night Baseball thoughts:
— I’ve heard the Astros have a good team; Houston is the 4th-biggest city in the country
— Washington Nationals won the World Series last year.
— Mike Trout is the best player in baseball.

None of those teams are on a Sunday night ESPN game; Angels-Astros have to Sunday games that would’ve made for a good TV matchup.

8) Cubs play a total of 20 games against St Louis/Milwaukee; 14 of those games will be played at Wrigley Field.

7) Listening to pundits on MLB Network. I’m convinced that the Cincinnati Reds are now the 2001 Mariners, who went 116-46. Reds, White Sox are fashionable choices to contend for a playoff spot they haven’t had in a while.

Cincinnati plays six of its first nine games against lowly Detroit; lot of pressure to win those.

6) Teams who play the “easiest” schedule (based on 2019 records):
— Twins, Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox

Teams who play the “hardest” schedule (based on 2019 records):
— Marlins, Angels, Orioles, Mariners

5) San Diego Padres only leave California once in September, for three days.

4) Bronx OF Aaron Hicks figures to be the first major leaguer not to miss any game action after having Tommy John Surgery.

3) Teams that fly the most miles: Texas 14,706, Houston 13,954
Teams that fly the fewest miles: Brewers 3,962, Cubs 4,071, Tigers 4,615

2) Mets first 11 games, four series are against the Braves/Red Sox.

1) Season ends on September 27; all the games that day start at 3:00 ET. Cubs-White Sox, Angels-Dodgers match up on the last weekend of the season.

TV highlight of the day: MLB Network ran a Milwaukee-St Louis game from 2014, when the great Bob Uecker was in the booth for the last six innings. Good stuff. 

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