Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) Nets 128, Suns 124:
— Brooklyn was down 24 at one point, trailed 75-54 at the half.
— Durant, Irving didn’t play; Harden scored 38 points.
— Loss snaps the Suns’ 6-game winning streak.

12) There has been lot of debate on social media about ballplayers quitting on their college teams, to get ready for the NBA Draft. Here is a quick summation of my thoughts on this:

— I firmly believe kids should be able to go straight to the NBA, from high school.
— The rule is the NBA’s, has little to do with the NCAA.
— Once you start a season with a team, you should finish the season with that team.

— The transfer epidemic is damaging college basketball; loyalty is obsolete.
— I’m not sure how Jalen Johnson quitting Duke now helps him; the season only has 3-4 weeks left. What will he do now, in those 3-4 weeks, that will be more productive than practicing and playing for Duke? (I’m not a Duke fan, not at all, but still…..)

— He could get hurt playing for Duke, he could get hurt working out or playing pickup.

Everyone wants to get rich quick; it ain’t that easy.

11) Trevor Lawrence had surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder, will be on the shelf for 4-6 weeks, which doesn’t really matter, seeing how training camp starts in July. Jacksonville is going to take him, then sell a lot of tickets, then we’ll see who Urban Meyer hires to coach the offense.

10) I rarely look at NFL Mock Drafts anymore; they’re busywork, once you get past the first one, plus I’m a Rams fan- they haven’t had a first round pick since 2016 and don’t have another one until 2024.

Every writer should only be allowed to do one mock draft, not just constantly change them to attract more clicks.

9) Miami Dolphins gave kicker Jason Sanders a 5-year contract extension, apparently for $22M, with $10M of that guaranteed.

8) St John’s 93, Xavier 84:
— Red Storm won seven of its last eight games.
— St John’s coach Anderson wins his 400th career game.

7) Arkansas 75, Florida 64:
— Razorbacks won four in row, seven of last eight games.
— Eric Musselman has coached two NBA teams (Warriors/Kings)

6) I enjoy watching Florida State play; Leonard Hamilton plays a lot of guys (they’re #24 in bench minutes) and he doesn’t have lot of hotshot recruits, so they pass the ball willingly and root for each other and look like they’re having fun playing. That isn’t always the case.

5) Purdue 75, Michigan State 65— Spartans lost their last four road games, six of last eight games overall; they’re #329 in country at forcing turnovers. Unusual season for them.

4) Rhode Island 91, Dayton 89, 2OT:
— Dayton led 58-40 with 9:44 left in the game.
— Teams combined to take 75 foul shots.
— Flyers lost despite shooting 61% inside the arc.
— Win snaps URI’s 4-game losing streak.

3) Toronto 124, Milwaukee 113:
— Bucks lost their 4th straight game, have slipped to 16-12, #3-seed in East.
— Toronto won six of its last nine games, has improved to 13-15, #7-seed.

2) A US District Court judge ruled that Citibank won’t be allowed to recover $500M or so it accidentally wired. Citibank filed a lawsuit in August seeking the return of its money, but so far, no luck.

How would you like to be the person responsible for that screw-up? They were supposed to send Revlon $8M, but sent them around $500M instead. Whoops.

Apparently, the law usually punishes people who spend money accidentally deposited in their accounts, but not so in this case, thanks to the judge’s ruling.

1) Spring training starts today, which seems odd, given all the ice in my driveway, but pitchers and catchers report today. Exhibition games start in 10 days; they’re oddly entertaining. Our fantasy draft has started, always a good thing, a sign that warmer weather is on the way. 

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