Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) If you live in the Embassy Gardens apartments in London, you have access to a swimming pool that is elevated 115 feet in the air. The 82-foot-long heated pool, which stretches across two flat roofs of the Embassy Gardens’ Legacy buildings, has a clear floor— there is no freakin’ way I could stay in there very long. Looks like it is going to crash to the street any second now.

The pool utilizes an eight-inch-thick acrylic frame with a nearly 12-inch-thick base that’s just shy of 10 feet deep and weighs a whopping 50 tons- it ain’t crashing to the street. 

And it looks really cool. Would still make me queasy though.

12) Denver 147, Portland 140, 2OT:
— Denver’s Jokic scored 38 points, had 9 assists, 11 rebounds.
— Portland’s Lillard was 12-17 on arc, scored 55 points in an amazing losing effort.
— Rest of the Trailblazers were 9-31 on the arc.
— Portland’s Powell was +11 in 51:00; they were minus-18 in 7:00 he sat out.
— Its not who starts, its who finishes: Denver’s Morris didn’t start, but scored 28 points in 41:00. 

11) Quote of the Day, part 2:
“They’re trying to play tough, push our guys around, talk shit, but we can do that too. We show them as soon as we came back here. We can push guys around too. ……..we can be physical, but we can win games as well. Now we’re coming to your home to win this game again. We’ll send you on vacation.”
Clint Capela, Atlanta Hawks, who lead the Knicks 3-1.

Memo to Clint Capela; don’t wake the sleeping bear. Series ain’t over. Its been five years since the Hawks won a playoff series. 

The great football coach Paul Brown once said: “When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” Sound advice.

10) Monday night in Arizona, not only did Jacob deGrom throw six shutout innings, he also knocked in a run with a single, after Arizona walked the batter ahead of him intentionally to load the bases.

Before that hit, deGrom was 8-18 batting this season; he played shortstop in college, the guy can hit. Sketchy strategy loading the bases to pitch to him.

9) Speaking of Mets-Diamondbacks series, Wednesday afternoon’s game isn’t on TV, it is on YouTube. Just put your phone/laptop on, and it is there for free.

8) Quote of the Day, part 3:
“It’s only cheating if you get caught.”
Bill Cowher, talking about the Patriots’ SpyGate debacle.

7) Padres’ SS Fernando Tatis left Tuesday’s game with an oblique issue; they say Tatis is day-to-day, but oblique injuries tend to linger.

6) Florida Gators football coach Dan Mullen has a new contract extension; he will now get paid an average of $7.6M per season through 2026.

In the SEC, only Alabama’s Nick Saban ($9.1M) and LSU’s Ed Orgeron ($8.7M) make more.

5) Phoenix 115, Lakers 85— Daytime talkshows will be buzzing after this beating; Lakers aren’t so good without Anthony Davis. Suns lead the series 3-2.

By the way, you can bet on almost anything; one prop bet was Lebron James’ total of points, rebounds and assists was 44.5 for this game.

James scored 24 points, had 5 rebounds, 7 assists— the under hit.

4) Baltimore 7, Minnesota 4:
— Orioles snap their 14-game losing streak.
— Orioles snap an 0-16 skid against Minnesota.

3) Colorado 3, Texas 2 (11):
— Winning run scored on a wild pitch.
— Texas has lost 13 consecutive road games.

2) Time flies; Roger Goodell has been the NFL commissioner for 15 years already. Guy banks about $40M a year, so he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1) Went to a Wendy’s drive-thru the other day, for first time in 20 months or so; prices have gone way up, like 30% up. Burgers were still good, but fast food is supposed to be relatively cheap, and this wasn’t. It also wasn’t very fast.

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