Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……

13) Buffalo Bills’ QB Josh Allen is having a great season, which makes college football recruiting gurus look even dumber. Recruiting/drafting are fascinating, because no one KNOWS. They THINK they know, but no one knows for sure.

When Allen was coming out of Reedley College, a JC in California, he got two scholarship offers; Eastern Michigan and Wyoming. Now he’s an All-Pro quarterback; go figure. 

12) Washington told QB Dwayne Haskins to take a hike Monday, then he went unclaimed on the waiver wire. SOMEONE will take a chance on him; he was a first-round draft pick last year, so someone will take a shot at developing him as a QB of the future. Good luck there. 

— It is an underreported thing how many totally obscure guys are backup QBs in the NFL:

11) John Wolford is making his NFL debut when he starts for the Rams Sunday; he started for four years at Wake Forest, starting as a true freshman, which ain’t easy. He went 15-11 the last two years at a school that isn’t a football factory. Not a lot of QB’s are 4-year college starters.

Wolford also played for the Arizona Hotshots in the AAF in the spring of 2018; he was leading the AAF in touchdown passes when the league shut down. Rick Neuheisel was his coach, an old QB himself. Wolford is mobile; will be fascinating to see how he does Sunday. 

10) Rams have other issues; two of their three running backs have ankle injuries, WR Cooper Kupp is on the COVID list (status unknown). LA signed QB Blake Bortles to back up Wolford. 

9) Social media is funny; people are so damn fickle; everyone is either great or needs to be cut, no middle ground. The typical fan is like “We’re with you win or tie and we aren’t crazy about ties”

But when I woke up Tuesday morning, and I’m scrolling thru Instagram, someone had posted  these film packages on Wolford playing in the AAF— I probably saw 30-40 of his plays, which was interesting. 

8) Arizona Cardinals’ backup QB is Chris Streveler, who helped the Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup before coming to Arizona; he played college ball at Minnesota for two years, where he threw 11 passes, ran ball 40 times, before he transferred to I-AA South Dakota. Reading about him, he seems like the Taysom Hill of Canada; he played some WR for Winnipeg. 

7) Tennessee Titans’ backup QB is Logan Woodside, who was a 3-year starter at Toledo; he’s thrown three passes this season, landing with Tennessee after hanging around with the Bengals for a while in 2018. 

6) Seattle’s backup is Geno Smith, who went 12-19 as a starter in New Jersey. Smith had a great college career at West Virginia, where his WR’s were Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, both of whom wound up with the Rams (Austin is with Green Bay now). 

5) I’m going to do a whole thing pretty soon on how Ohio State quarterbacks have fared in the NFL; the results, up to now, have not been good. Justin Fields could turn the whole thing around, but so far, the best Buckeye to play QB in the NFL seems to be Joe Burrow, who transferred out of Columbus and starred at LSU. 

4) NFL stuff:
— Washington outscored its last ten opponents in 2nd half (total 152-44)
— Last three weeks, Buffalo outscored opponents 58-14 in second half.
— Last three weeks, New England was outscored 43-6 in second half.

3) Until couple days ago, I had no idea that Ron Reiner was the director of A Few Good Men, which is a great movie. I usually associate the Reiner family with comedies, but that movie is no comedy. The courtroom scene at the end with Jack Nicholson is a classic.

2) Oklahoma State 37, Miami 34:
— OSU stormed out to a 21-0 lead, had to hang on for dear life.
— WR Presley caught six passes for 118 yards, three TD’s for the Cowboys.
— Miami QB King (knee) got hurt in 2nd quarter, didn’t return.
— Backup QB Perry threw for 228 yards, two TD’s; Miami gained 512 yards. 

1) Alamo Bowl was in San Antonio last night; I was in San Antonio for a couple days, maybe in  2003, anyway it was a while ago, but San Antonio is a cool place. There is a river that goes right thru part of the city, and they have restaurants with patios where you can sit by the water on either side and watch boats go by while you eat.

The actual Alamo is very small; it looks like an old convenience store. People were nice enough, I enjoyed my brief time there. Should’ve gone during basketball season, I guess. 

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