Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) Baltimore 34, Cowboys 17
— Cowboys lost six of their last seven games.
— Last ten games, Dallas is minus-14 in turnovers.
— Cowboys are 2-10 ATS this year; their three wins by total of 7 points.
— Cowboys are 0-3 on natural grass, losing by combined score of 82-29.
— Dallas is 5-9-1 ATS in last 15 games as a road underdog, 1-4 TY.

— Baltimore ran ball for 294 yards (7.9 yards/carry)
— Lamar Jackson threw for only 107 yards, ran for 94 more.
— When Troy Aikman questions the effort of Dallas’ defense, you know it
was bad.
— Ravens allowed 17 or fewer points in six of seven wins, 26.8 ppg in losses.

12) Michigan-Ohio State football game was cancelled, supposedly because there is lot of COVID in the Michigan football program. If Ohio State doesn’t come up with another game this week, they can’t play in the Big 14 title game- you have to play six games to be eligible. 

In other news, NC State cancelled their basketball game with Michigan, but the Wolverines quickly added Toledo to replace the Wolfpack. Guess Michigan’s basketball team is healthier than the football team, or Michigan just didn’t want to lose to Ohio State by 40 on national TV. 

11) Kansas 73, Creighton 72:
— Down 73-70, kid on Creighton got fouled shooting a 3, but missed third foul shot.
— Kansas made 10-22 on arc; they’ve won five games in a row.
— Jayhawks have wins over Kentucky/Creighton since losing to Gonzaga. 

10) Illinois 83, Duke 68:
— Illinois shot 58% from floor, Duke 40.3%.
— Big 14 leads 6-1 in their challenge with the ACC.
— Next Wednesday, Duke finally plays a road game, at Notre Dame. 

9) Miami 58, Purdue 54:
— Purdue led this game 32-14 at halftime; Miami looked TERRIBLE.
— Miami held the Boilers to 22 points in second half.
— Teams combined to make 5-42 3-point shots. Oy. 

8) Philadelphia Eagles made a QB switch; rookie Jalen Hurts will start for Philly Sunday when they visit the Saints in the Superdome. It will be Hurts’ first NFL start. 

7) Buffalo Bills’ coach Sean McDermott came to Buffalo after being an assistant for the Carolina Panthers from 2011-16; Bills now have ten former Panthers on their roster. 

6) Baseball signings:
— Royals signed 1B Carlos Santana for two years, $17M
— White Sox signed OF Adam Eaton for one year, $7M

5) White Sox also acquired P Lance Lynn from Texas, for prospect Dane Dunning and a younger minor leaguer. Lynn was 6-3, 3.32 in 13 starts for Texas LY. 

4) College football trend: Last 14 Army-Navy games stayed under the total. 

3) 49ers are 22-8 in Jimmy Garoppolo’s last 30 starts; they’re 5-14 in last 19 games he missed. 

2) If we’re going to discuss all-time QB rankings, it has to be said that its a hell of a lot easier to play quarterback now than it was 20-30, 40 years ago. All the rules now favor the offense; if  you hit a QB hard now, you’re probably getting a penalty, even if its a legal hit.

Back in the day, guys got pummeled and no one said a word; I remember Terry Bradshaw getting body-slammed by Joe (Turkey) Jones in Cleveland- lot of violent hits back then, which resulted in careers being a lot shorter. 

1) NBA preseason games start Friday; apparently ESPN will be showing some of these games. Sacramento-Portland is on the docket for Friday night. 

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