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13) With the trade deadline passing yesterday, I’m always reminded of August 1987, when Detroit, desperate for a starting pitcher in the midst of a pennant race, acquired Doyle Alexander from Atlanta for a young prospect. Alexander went 9-0, 1.53 in 11 starts for Detroit and was a huge factor in their making the playoffs.

Problem is, that was a terrible trade; remember the young prospect they traded when they acquired Alexander? A guy named John Smoltz, now in the Hall of Fame.

12) In the history of major league baseball, only two teams won a game after trailing by 10+ runs in the first two innings:

1990— Philadelphia Phillies
1876— Philadelphia A’s

Phillies were down 10-0 in 2nd inning Sunday night, got back within 12-10 but fell short.

11) Oakland A’s won’t play again until at least Friday, because of COVID issues; looks like they’re going to be pretty damn busy in a couple weeks:
— September 11-13, at Texas
— September 14, DH at Seattle
— September 15-16, at Colorado

10) Cardinals 16, Reds 2— Sonny Grey threw 38 pitches, didn’t finish the first inning for the Redlegs, who had a very tough night. Cincinnati lost four of its last five games, is 15-21.

9) Chicago White Sox are 11-0 vs lefty starters this season, 11-13 vs righties.

8) Braves 10, Red Sox 3:
— Marcell Ozuna hit three homers, knocked in six runs.
— Rookie Ian Anderson allowed two runs in six IP in his 2nd MLB start; he is the first rookie to beat Bronx, Boston in his first two MLB starts since Luis Tiant did it for Cleveland in 1964.

7) You win some, you lose some; In March 2019, Orioles traded Mike Yastzremski to the Giants for a minor league pitcher. Bad move; Yastzremski is a quality player now for San Francisco.

But the Orioles also got Anthony Santander as a Rule 5 player from Cleveland, and he is one of their best hitters now- he has 30 RBI this year.

6) Oklahoma’s starting QB this fall is a redshirt freshman with a great name: Spencer Rattler.

5) They had high school football on TV Saturday night; one of the games had Deion Sanders’ son as one of the QB’s, being coached by his famous father. The kid is a 4-star recruit, looked like he is an accurate passer.

4) When Tampa Bay’s Ji-Man Choi hot a home run to right field in the Bronx Monday, YES Network quoted StatCast, which said that home run would’ve been a homer in only 3 of the other 29 major league parks. Interesting knowledge.

When they built this new stadium, they put the RF fence way too close to home plate- lot of cheap home runs in games there, for both sides. Not a fun place to pitch.

3) Boston 102, Toronto 99 (Celtics lead 2-0)
— Celtics outscored Toronto 32-21 in 4th quarter.
— Jayson Tatum had 34 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists.
— A reminder that Brad Stevens had Butler in the Final Four two years in a row, and the Bulldogs weren’t in the Big East back then- they were in the freakin’ Horizon League. The guy is a great coach.

2) Denver 80, Utah 78 (Nuggets win 4-3)
— Average total in first six games of this series: 234.3. Game 7’s are tense, more like the NCAA tournament, win-or-go home. Which is why shorter playoff series would be way more fun.
— Nikola Jokic had 30 points, 14 rebounds for Denver.
— Denver advances to play the Clippers in the next round.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL East- Tampa Bay, New York
AL Central- Chicago, Cleveland
AL West- Oakland, Houston
AL Wild Cards- Minnesota, Toronto

NL East- Atlanta, Mia/Phil
NL Central- Chicago, St Louis
NL West- Los Angeles, San Diego
NL Wild Cards- Mia/Phil, San Francisco

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