Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings………

— Phillies 10, Diamondbacks 0
Game was 2-0 after five innings; Arizona’s bullpen got hammered.
Kyle Schwarber homered twice for Philadelphia.
Phillies lead best-of-7 series, 2-0

— Fan in the stands in Philadelphia had a #21 Phillies jersey, a Bake McBride jersey; the guy last played for the Phillies in 1981. McBride was a very fast outfielder, a .299 lifetime hitter, but it is time for that fan to buy himself a new jersey.

— NFL Draft is a fascinating process:
Patrick Mahomes was the 10th pick of the 2017 Draft; he might be wind up being the best quarterback of all time.

QB Josh Rosen was the 10th pick of the 2018 Draft: he is one of the biggest busts in draft history, going 3-13 as a starter for Cardinals/Dolphins. He was out of the NFL at age 24.

NFL teams are worth $5B or so; how do you make a mistake like that?

— Only five of the 30 NFL teams who played last week scored more than 21 points; quality of NFL offenses is way down so far this season. Under was 12-2-1 in Week 6 games.

Young QB’s get rushed into the lineup, coaches are too conservative in close games. Defenses definitely have the upper hand so far this season.

— Texas A&M’s football team is 4-3 this season, after losing close games to Alabama, Tennessee the last two weeks. Last two years, Aggies are 0-6 in true road games; the natives are restless.

There are rumors that Texas A&M may tell Fisher to take a hike, but if they do that this year, they have to pay him $67.5M to go away. Imagine getting paid $67.5M to go away?

— Flag football is going to be a sport at the 2028 Summer Olympics, which will he held in Los Angeles. Curious how many different countries will field team for that event.

— Fairfield basketball coach Jay Young quit three weeks before the Stags are going to open the season at Boston College. Young was 50-73 in four years at Fairfield; assistant coach Chris Casey will serve as interim coach this season.

— Word of the Day: palaver— Empty nonsense or useless talk.

— Field position is important in the NFL; if your defense/special teams are doing really well, they will create opportunities for the offense to work on a short field, so they have to do less to score a touchdown.

So far this season, teams with most TD drives shorter than 60 yards:
8— Bills
7— Commanders
6— Lions, Jaguars, Chargers, Dolphins, 49ers

— So far this season, teams with most TD drives allowed shorter than 60 yards:
8— Panthers
7— Broncos, Raiders
6— Dolphins

— Not only has New England allowed five TD drives shorter than 60 yards, their offense has also given up four TD’s to opposing defenses.

— Offenses with most touchdown plays of 20+ yards:
10— Dolphins
8— Lions
6— Bears, Jaguars

— Defenses with most touchdown plays allowed of 20+ yards:
9— Broncos
7— Commanders
5— Colts, Buccaneers

— Brian Hoyer is a backup QB for the Raiders; he played the second half against New England Sunday, going 6-10/102 yards as Las Vegas held on for a 21-17 win.

Hoyer has been in the NFL for 15 years, starting 40 games (16-24). Last time Hoyer started a game his team won was in 2016, when his Chicago Bears beat Detroit 17-14.

— There are 11 unbeaten teams left in college football. 

— Michael Jordan’s teams played 30 games against teams with Sherman Douglas on them; Jordan’s teams went 30-0 in those games. That is the most wins without a loss by one player over another in NBA history.

— Chicago Bears’ QB Justin Fields dislocated his right thumb Sunday; he may be out for year, no one is really saying, but obviously that is a especially bad injury for a quarterback.

Bears’ backup QB is rookie Tyson Bagent, who played college football for Shepherd U in West Virginia, a D-II school. He is going to get a chance to show his stuff the rest of the season.

If the season ended right now, the Bears would have the top two picks in the 2024 NFL Draft; they have Carolina’s pick next year. Will they move on from Fields?

— Genius of the Day: South Carolina football coach Shane Beamer broke his foot Saturday, when he kicked something in frustration after his Gamecocks lost 41-39 to Florida, blowing a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. Not good. 

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