Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

 13) Dodgers-Giants was ESPN’s Sunday night game, maybe the two best teams in baseball. For some unknown reason, both teams had day games on Labor Day, both on the road.

How stupid is this? MLB only had two night games Monday, in Houston/Anaheim; they couldn’t put Dodgers/Giants in Monday night games, then showcase them on TV?

You want to showcase your best teams. Weird thing is both teams won on Monday anyway. 

12) It has been 20 years since an AFC team got to the Super Bowl with preseason odds higher than 10-1; this year’s AFC teams that are 10-1 or lower:
5-2— Kansas City
5-1— Buffalo
6-1— Baltimore
8-1— Cleveland
10-1— New England

11) Angels 4, Padres 0:
— Blake Snell took another no-hitter into 7th inning, but only hit he gave up scored two runs as four Angel hurlers blanked the struggling Padres.
— In his last three starts, Snell has allowed 4 hits, 3 runs in 21.1 IP, but San Diego lost two of the three games. 
— San Diego is 7-16 in its last 23 games.

10) MLB needs to mike the umpires, so they can explain replay reviews to fans in the stands; Lord knows the NFL has done it for decades. It is good business. At least mike the crew chief, so he can clear up any confusion about unusual plays.

9) Going into Tuesday’s play, Dodgers/Rays led the two leagues in runs scored- both teams were hitting .241 for the season, the lowest batting average for league leaders in runs since the 1968 Detroit Tigers.

They lowered the mound after pitching-dominated 1968; hopefully there will be several changes to next year’s rules, to increase offense in the game.

8) Atlanta Braves signed P Charlie Morton to a one-year, $20M deal for next year; he will be 38 next year. Braves have a team option to sign for Morton for 2023.

7) Dallas Cowboys have 36 new players on their roster this year; that’s a lot.

6) Astros 5, Mariners 4:
— Alex Bregman tied the game with a 9th-inning homer.
— Carlos Correa walked it off with a 10th-inning double.

5) Toronto 5, New York 1:
— Gerrit Cole left his start Tuesday with a hamstring issue; Bronx is 2-8 in last ten games.
— Blue Jays are only two games out of the playoff picture.

4) NBA’s Detroit Pistons totally overhauled their roster; their longest-tenured player is Killian Hayes, who has played only 26 games for Detroit.

3) Kentucky Wildcats got a commitment from five-star recruit Shaedon Sharpe, the #1 recruit in country; it is first time in 10 years John Calipari signed the #1 recruit in America.

2) I can’t stand the Nick Saban AFLAC commercials that take over college football games during timeouts. Saban is always bland/standoffish when doing interviews on regular TV, but pay him to do an insurance commercial, and he is Mr Happy. Yeah, sure.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Braves, Brewers, Giants. Wild Card: SD/Cin @ Los Angeles
AL: Rays, White Sox, Astros. Wild Card: Boston @ New York

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