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— ESPN got just about a half-hour out of the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night, and for some reason, the Westgate Superbook had the audio up the whole time.

I’m totally convinced that ESPN coaches its people to say “(insert name) is the greatest (insert position) ever”

They said Victor Wembanyama is the greatest draft prospect ever; any of those geniuses ever hear of a guy named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? 

Milwaukee Bucks went 27-55 in their first NBA season; they won a coin flip and drafted Kareem and for the next five seasons, they went:


Milwaukee made the Final Four of the NBA in its 2nd, 3rd, 4th year in existence; they won the NBA title in their third year of existence.

No doubt about it, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the best draft pick ever.

— San Antonio Spurs won the draft lottery; they’ll get Victor Wembanyama. Last time the Spurs had the #1 pick was 1997, when they took Tim Duncan- I felt old typing that.

— Over the last three seasons, NBA teams that have won the most games are the Bucks, the Suns and the 76ers. All three of them have fired their coach in the last few weeks. Go figure.

— By the way, talking about the NBA Draft, remember that nine years ago, the Denver Nuggets picked a guy from Europe with the 41st pick. No one at ESPN called him the greatest anything anywhere, but these days, they might. 

Nikola Jokic has turned into a huge star.

— Nuggets 132, Lakers 126

Denver led 74-56 at halftime.
At one point, Nuggets were outrebounding LA, 20-3.
Lakers’ three subs were a combined +18, Denver’s were minus-31.

— This is the 27th NBA season where the Celtics/Lakers are both in the Final Four:
They met in the Finals 12 times
Lakers won, Celtics lost 9 times.
Celtics won, Lakers lost 4 times
They both lost……..once.

— One more quick thing about ESPN’s NBA studio show: If you insist on four people on a panel, how about more than one of them being a former player? A former coach wouldn’t hurt, either.

— A’s 9, Arizona 8 (12)— Oakland trailed 8-4 in 7th inning; Ryan Noda tied the game with a grand slam, and their bullpen did a great job. Arizona didn’t score after the 7th inning. 

A’s finally got their 10th win this season; their starting pitchers still have only two wins, but they’ve been spunky, albeit not very talented.

— Marlins 5, Nationals 4— Both bullpens blew a late-inning lead; Jorge Soler walked it off with a 2-run homer in the ninth inning.

— Rays 8, Mets 5— Rays, with a payroll of $76,955,301, are now 32-11.
Mets, with a payroll of $358,404,946, are 20-23.

— Baltimore Orioles are 27-15, looking like a playoff team, but they’ve been shut out in Kyle Gibson’s last three starts.

— Quick NFL stat: The last 18 times there was a divisional home underdog in Week 1 of an NFL season, the home dog went 15-1-2 against the spread.

Another one; Jacksonville Jaguars are 13-2-1 ATS in their last 16 games against the Colts. 

— I’m enjoying my trip to Las Vegas, but I’m not going to miss hearing the person in the next room snore while this is being typed up. Every freakin’ night. 

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