Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings…….

13) Strange Stat of the Day: NFL quarterbacks who went to Notre Dame have lost their last 24 starts; last time a Notre Dame QB won an NFL game was Brady Quinn, in 2012. 

12) Miami Dolphins are first NFL team ever to win seven games in a row and also lose seven games in a row, both in the same season.

11) Saw a clip on Twitter this week that showed Steph Curry making 105 three-point shots in a row, which is freakin’ impressive. He might be the greatest shooter ever.

Curry’s success has done a lot to improve basketball, making it cool for kids to work on their shooting. Passing/shooting makes for attractive basketball; the Warriors do lot of that, and now teams all over the country have been doing more of that. 

10) Colts’ QB Carson Wentz isn’t vaccinated, now he has COVID and is likely to miss Sunday’s game against the Raiders. No bueno, unless you root for the Raiders.

Wentz is being paid $15.4M in base salary this year and also got a $10M signing bonus; as one of the most important people working for a franchise worth around $3B, you’d think he would get the vaccine, but no. 

Getting your vaccine shots is like wearing a seat belt; you might get in a car accident, but you’re way more likely to survive it. This isn’t a political issue, it is a medical one.

Sam Ehlinger will be the Colts’ QB if Wentz doesn’t play; he’s taken 18 snaps in three games of mop-up duty, but hasn’t thrown his first NFL pass yet. 

9) Boise State/Miami backed out of their bowl games, so Washington State-Central Michigan will face each other in the Sun Bowl in El Paso Saturday. 

8) Air Force 31, Louisville 28:
— Air Force had TD passes of 61-64 yards, which is unlike them.
— Falcons completed 9-10 passed, for 225 yards. Go figure.
— Louisville ran a kickoff back 100 yards for a TD.
— ACC teams slip to 4-14 SU, 5-13 ATS in their last 18 bowls.
— Flyboys finish a very successful season 10-3. 

7) San Diego State won its bowl game last week 38-24 over Texas-San Antonio; Aztecs’ QB Lucas Johnson threw threw for 333 yards and three TD’s. Aztecs finished the season 12-2, everyone is happy, right?

Not so much; Johnson entered the transfer portal Tuesday. Very curious where he will play his last year of college football. It just seems like teams are almost openly poaching players off of other rosters. 

6) Carolina Panthers gave coach Matt Rhule $62M for seven years? Why?

Rhule went 47-43 as a college coach (Temple/Baylor); going 28-23 at Temple was impressive- they don’t win a lot at Temple. He went 1-11 his first year at Baylor, 11-3 his third/final year.

If Carolina were to fire Rhule after this season, it would be an expensive buyout, but Panthers owner David Tepper is the NFL’s wealthiest owner ($13B) so he can afford it. 

5) Minnesota Vikings’ last 12 games were all decided by eight or less points. 

4) When the TV show Law and Order started in 1990, the District Attorney character’s name was Adam Schiff, played by Steven Hill. 

Still strikes me as weird how today, 31 years later, one of our most prominent Congressmen is also named Adam Schiff. Weird coincidence. 

3) Long time ago, 2004 or so, I got to watch a Chiefs-Giants preseason game from the press box at Giants Stadium. Good way to watch a game.

Before the game, they have a free buffet for the press (yes, this website is considered press) and I was on line to eat- the Chiefs radio crew was right behind me. 

I actually felt guilty that I was on line in front of Len Dawson, the Chiefs QB who led them to two of the first four Super Bowls. Not guilty enough to give up my spot on line, though.

That was a fun night; also met Dick Vermeil and Al Saunders that night; they were both coaches for the Rams when they won the Super Bowl a few years before that. All in all, a fun night.

2) If you have Showtime, Billions makes its season premiere January 23; the Ray Donovan movie premieres January 14.

1) RIP to coach John Madden, who passed away Tuesday at age 85.

Madden coached the Raiders for ten years, going 112-39-7. Oakland won Super Bowl XI over the Vikings. He was a Hall of Fame coach who became even bigger as a broadcaster and spokesman for the wildly popular video game bearing his name.

RIP, coach. 

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