Wednesday’s Den: Mid-week musings……..

13) UCLA 51, Michigan 49:
— UCLA lost their last four games before the NCAA’s; they were down 5 with 1:27 left in the play-in game, against Michigan State.
— Michigan was 6-11 on foul line in a 2-point loss.
— Bruins have played six OT games this year; two of them were in the NCAA’s.
— Here’s the thing: if Mick Cronin’s relatives filled out brackets, no way they picked the Bruins.

12) Baylor 81, Arkansas 72:
— Bears are 9-2 since their 21-day COVID pause in February.
— Baylor never trailed, led 29-11 right off the bat, made 8-15 on the arc.
— Bears are diverse; they force ton of turnovers, are best in country shooting on the arc.

11) Houston 67, Oregon State 61:
— Each region has teams seeds from #1-16: Houston beat seeds #15-10-11-12
— Cougars have won 11 games in a row.
— Houston shot only 32.3% from floor, but had 19 offensive rebounds.

10) Gonzaga 85, USC 66:
— Gonzaga is 30-0, with ONE WIN by less than 10 points.
— Zags never trailed in this game, led 49-30 at halftime.
— USC has #7 eFG% defense in country; Zags shot 57.8% inside arc.

9) Tip of the cap to Oral Roberts sophomore Max Abmas, who led ORU to a Summit League title, then two wins in the NCAA Tournament. Kid led the country in scoring, at 24.2 ppg.

In Oral Roberts’ six postseason games, the Summit/NCAAs, Abmas NEVER came out of the game, played the whole 245:00 (one game went OT). In those six games, Abmas:
— shot 32-57 inside arc
— shot 13-45 on the arc
— shot 40-46 on foul line
— also had 34 assists
— 23.8 ppg, 5-1 record on the biggest stage. Good for him.

Next question is, unfortunately, how many phone calls has the kid gotten about transferring to a higher-profile program? Come on, kids who are way worse than Abmas have bolted low or mid-majors to be role players for the $$$ teams. Loyalty is becoming obsolete.

We’ll see what happens.

8) Speaking of which, Kentucky poached grad transfer Kellen Grady away from Davidson; Grady 2,000 points+ in his Davidson career and is a career 36.6% 3-point shooter.

Three years ago, Grady scored 16 points against Kentucky in an NCAA tourney game.

7) NFL is upgrading its schedule to 17 games next season; AFC teams will all get the extra home game next year, then NFC teams get the extra home game in even-numbered years.

The extra game will pit division vs division; for 2021:
— NFC West vs AFC North
— NFC East vs AFC East
— NFC North vs AFC West
— NFC South vs AFC South

6) Here is how the length of NFL schedules have worked over the years:
1947-60— 12 games
1961-77— 14 games; from 1966-77, 14 games in 15 weeks
1978-89— 16 games/season
1990-2020— 16 games in 17 weeks.

5) Final Four is set:
— two #1-seeds, a #2-seed and a #11-seed
— 7th year in a row, a team seeded #5 or lower wins a region.
— Third time in five years a double-digit seed goes to the Final Four.

4) This year was first time since 2001 that the Pac-12 had three teams in Elite 8.

3) Pac-12 has done so well in the NCAA tournament that the Washington Huskies have moved up 43 spots in the rankings, since they played their last game.

2) I can’t help it, every time I see Dick Vitale’s GEICO commercial, I laugh/smile; the guy dumps a cooler of water over his head— he is 81 years old. The commercial has been on TV a lot, but it never stops being funny. Hope I live as long as Coach Vitale, and would love to have his energy.

1) Was watching Daily Wager on ESPN2; good program, but they’re talking about betting NFL futures already and it is freakin’ March 30. Too early.

— Haven’t had the draft yet.
— Trading may not be over yet.
— The freakin’ schedule hasn’t been released yet.
— How can you wager on things when so much is still unknown? 

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